WCW World War 3 11/22/98

TO THE BACK.  A limo arrives.  It's GOLDBERG!  BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!?!  Why is he even here?  He has no match.  Showing up at the start of the show is very out of character for him.

Glacier vs Wrath


Fuck.  That's not a good start to the show at all.  How does Glacier get a singles match on PPV?  Especially one with zero build to a guy who destroyed him with ease a few shows ago.  Glacier does a lot of stalling, then gets sent to the floor a few times.  He gets thrown over the railing and they brawl in the crowd briefly.  This is just a long, boring squash.  Cryonic kick to the shoulder area.  That was the only offense Glacier got in a 10 minute match.  He attempted the Asiatic spike, which was blocked and countered into the Meltdown.

Stevie Ray vs Konnan

Ugh.  Konnan wouldn't stop punching Stevie, so the ref disqualified him.   Booker came out and politely asked him to stop.  He helped his brother up.  Stevie was mad about it.  He shoved Book off and left with Virgil.

Sonny Onoo/The Cat vs Saturn/Kaz Hayashi

I swore there was only one "o" at the end of Onoo, but I guess not.  Sonny is wearing a gi and has a cut man with him.  Cat does his 5 count for Kaz only to turn around into Saturn.  Kaz gets back in and is dominated by Cat.  Sonny gets tagged in.  He hits some kicks.  They piss Kaz off.  Sonny pulls out a wad of cash, gets kicked, then scurries to make the tag.  Saturn tags in.  After taking Saturn down, Cat forces Sonny in.  He isn't very excited about it.  His first kick gets caught and turned into an STF.  Cat gets back in to get things under control.  Sonny hits a series of kicks on Kaz in the corner.  Kaz catches the last one.  Cat kicks Kaz in the back of the head (allegedly).  Saturn attempted to suplex Sonny.  Cat kicks him in the face.  He falls on Saturn and wins.  Shouldn't Sonny have pinned Kaz, since this feud is actually about those two?

Kidman vs Juventud Guerrera WCW Cruiserweight Championship

God damn it.  This PPV is awful.  Rey should be getting a title shot anyway.  Gene ran up to Juvi before the match.  It is revealed that Juvi has joined the LWO.  Rey came out to argue with Eddie.  Not even switching rings could make the 12th match between these two interesting to me.  Rey held Kidman in place while Juvi went for a super rana.  SSP for the win.  New champion.  Again.  The LWO come out.  Rey throws his shirt and runs away.

Scott Steiner vs Rick Steiner

TO THE BACK.  The nWo were beating on Rick.  Giant brought him to the ring.

I'm not even sure if this is a real match.  Rick's right arm looks dead.   He punches the nWo ref.  Goldberg runs in.  Scott initially just brushes him off.  Spear.  Buff tried to hit Goldberg with a chair, mostly missed, and bailed.  The nWo ref got thrown into another ring.  No contest, I guess.

Scott Hall vs Kevin Nash

All of the B-Team came out with Hall.  Bischoff came out moments later. He has the B-Team attack Hall.  Nash came out for the save.  The crowd chanted "Outsiders".  Hall offered the hand sign.  Nash left.  No contest, I guess. 

Bobby Duncum Jr. vs Chris Jericho WCW TV Championship

Jericho gets a slap in the mouth.  He bails to the protection and warm embrace of Ralphus.  I thought Ralphus was funny at the time, but now I feel like it was really mean spirited and I'm not sure he was even in on it.  It got worse when he was with Norman.  Duncum hits a lariatoo and settles into a chin lock.  Big boot.  It goes to the floor.  Jericho gets thrown into everything.  Duncum tries to take a shirt from a fan and can't.  Jericho does a lariatoo off the railing.  It gets back in the ring and he hits a missile dropkick.  Duncum comes back with a shoulder breaker.  Stun gun and a triangle dropkick sends it back to the floor.  Duncum comes out of the corner with another lariatoo.  Chokebomb from Duncum.  Lionsault.  Superplex.  Ralphus tried to interfere.  Didn't really work.  However, Duncum going after him was a distraction to the ref and allowed Jericho to use the title for the win.

World War 3

Winner gets a title shot against Goldberg at Starrcade.  Benoit got a big pop.  Barry Darsow debuted his golf outfit.  Buddy Lee Parker was the only guy in the match who hadn't been on Nitro or Thunder this year.   That's disappointing.  I was hoping for some completely bottom of the barrel jobbers or random territory guys.  Bam Bam hopped the railing near the end.  Everyone stopped to fight him.  Goldberg ran out and security pulled them apart on the floor.  Nash won by eliminating Hall and Luger at the same time.  A 20 minute battle royal for 60 men.  The Royal Rumble has 30 people and goes at least an hour.  It took about 10 minutes just for intros.

Bret Hart vs DDP WCW US Championship

A year after Survivor Series, this is Bret's first WCW PPV main event.  Unless you count War Games, which you shouldn't.  DDP starts the match with a pescado.  He unleashed an ass kicking in the ring and floor until Bret slows it down.  DDT.  Bret slips out of a Kanyon Cutter.  It goes to the floor again for a bit.  Bret weirdly tries a tombstone just so it can be reversed.  I bet he'd try to powerbomb Kidman, too.  Bret pretty much no sells it and continues his 5MOD.  DDP comes back with a belly to belly.  Discuss this lariatoo.  Pancake Norton.  Back to the floor again.  DDP locks on probably the worst Sharpshooter of all time.  Worse than Rock's and Trish's combined.  Bret hits a low blow right in front of the ref.  There is no way he didn't see it.  This allows Bret to start working over the legs.  Ring post figure four.  But the Sharpshooter works the back, not the legs.  It always bothered me when he'd do matches to work over the legs to set up the Sharpshooter.  It goes to the floor AGAIN.  DDP does the ring post figure four.  He gets a chair in the ring.  The ref won't allow him to use it, but Bret bumped them into each other.  He got an international object.  He decked DDP.  The nWo ref called for the bell.  It rang and they gave him the belt.  New champion!  A second ref says no fucking way.  DDP gets up and hits a Kanyon Cutter.  BANG!  Same champion!

What a shitty show.  This has to be up there for one of the worst PPVs of any era.  Road Wild was awful, but this was pathetic.  You expect Road Wild to be a waste of a show with at least an interesting visual presentation.  This was just bad.  Wrath vs Glacier, Stevie Ray vs Konnan, Sonny Onoo in a match and winning, a 22 minute battle royal for 60 men, the 11th Kidman vs Juvi match, two matches that didn't even start.  Not even an 18 minute DDP/Bret match could save the show, since it wasn't that good, either.  Just shamelessly bad. This is an event that had 2 run ins in a battle royal. Get the fuck outta here.

WCW World War 3 1997

I love how out of date the poster is. Piper (who wasn't on the show), DDP, Giant, and Sting promo pics from 1996 (maybe 1995 for Giant), Jeff Jarrett (out of the company for over a month now), Benoit and Mongo together despite the Horsemen being disbanded. No nWo members.

Glacier/Ernest Miller vs Faces of Fear

It's amazing how random the Glacier/Cat bookings are. Glacier goes on his big winning streak, loses, doesn't get booked for weeks, shows back up like nothing happened and continues winning. Cat shows up as his partner, has a few matches with him, vanishes for months, comes back for a PPV match out of the blue. The game plan should obviously be to just keep Meng in the ring. You can't beat Meng. Karate fucks actually control the early going by mixing up karate with wrestling. Cat springboards off of Meng to dive on Barb, which was pretty cool. I mean, he mostly missed, but the idea was cool. Jimmy Hart's interference turns the momentum of the match. Not that I want to hear Jimmy explain it, but I wonder why he was off TV for so many months and why he came back and resumed like nothing happened. Glacier plays the FIP, but this crowd pops for all of the FoF spots. Because the Faces of Fear are awesome. Cat gets the hot tag that about 1000 out of 12000 people popped for. Another 500 booed. The rest were silent. He throws a bunch of kicks before getting caught in the Tongan Death Grip. 


Disco Inferno vs Perry Saturn WCW TV Championship

Lodi is now a part of The Flock. Ravne grabs a mic. "Let the stretchings begin." Disco is much more serious than normal tonight. Saturn isn't taking him seriously, though. Disco thought he had the respect of the locker room when he won the TV title, but then he spent a month and a half not actually winning any matches and losing to a woman. I'm not sure Michigan even got ECW in 1997, because they don't seem to have any reaction to Saturn. Saturn bails when Disco gets momentum. This match is paced so slowly. Much too slowly for an undercard title match. There's also a lot of little miscommunications that, on their own aren't a big deal, but when you have as many as they've had, they add up. Disco goes to brawl with The Flock. Saturn rolls through a cross body to lock on the Rings of Saturn for the win. Title retained.


TO THE MEAN GENE. Giant, the winner of last year's event, is coming in with a broken bone in his hand. He's going to throw anyone in his way out of the ring. He's intense to the gills, or something.

Yuji Nagata vs Ultimo Dragon

If Dragon wins, he'll get 5 minutes with Sonny. Ultimo had some bone chips in his elbow after their match at Havoc. Due to his win, Yuji will face Tenzan at the 1/4 Dome show. I'm not sure beating a cruiserweight in WCW is why Yuji is facing Tenzan in NJPW. Anyway, Ultimo keeps getting distracted by Sonny, which seems like it is going to be his undoing. Ultimo works a whole lot of headlocks with his bad arm for some reason. Yuji gets sick of it and dumps him on his head. Man, listen to how Mike Tenay pronounced "Tour". "On Tuer." The fuck, Mike. After the backdrop, Yuji focuses on the head and neck. Nagata lights him up with some of those kicks. Ultimo certainly pays him back for those. Face washes! There's some really, really bad camera work while they're on the outside. One camera goes black, then the cuts on Ultimo's dive end up seeing the impact blocked by a sign. Ultimo has a big flurry and locks on the dragon sleeper. Yuji gave up, but Sonny had the ref distracted during it. He also had it won with a Dragonrana, but Sonny again interfered. Then Ultimo picks Yuji up for a suplex, bounces into Sonny, and Yuji makes a super awkward 69 pin. It all looked terrible. Yuji is 2-0! 


Blue Bloods vs Steiner Brothers WCW Tag Team Championships

I feel like there were probably 3-4 teams that deserve a shot before the Blue Bloods. This is not a good pairing. Although Regal does look to be in slightly better shape/mental state. You know the Steiners aren't losing to the Blue Bloods in Michigan, so what little tension there would be even if this was on Nitro is gone. This was a very "towards the end of the Steiners" match. Steiner Bulldog on Regal ended the match. Titles retained. That 9 month storyline all for the Steiners to be just random champs in random matches.


TO THE MEAN GENE. JJ Dillon is out to talk about Raven. Raven has a match, but this might be his last with WCW, because Raven has yet to sign a contract after 7 months of negotiation. He has 24 hours to sign a contract, or he won't be allowed to get any more time on WCW television.

Raven vs Scotty Riggs

Riggs starts the match diving on the Flock and beating Raven's ass around the various ringsides. Raven pulls him face first into the buckles, which allows him to go on the offense. Briefly. Riggs does the chair drop toe hold, but Raven kept his eyes. Bulldog on a chair! Raven hits multiple DDTs, screaming at Riggs, wondering why he wouldn't listen to him. The ref gives Riggs the 10 count, which is not answered. The Flock takes Riggs with them as they leave.


Steve McMichael vs Bill Goldberg

Mongo came out with a pipe. He attacked Goldberg backstage with it, so this match won't happen. Instead, Debra drags Alex Wright out. Alex does NOT want to be in this match. No one else wants this match to happen either, Alex, don't worry. Mongo easily wins with the tombstone.

Eddie Guerrero Rey Mysterio Jr. WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Save the show, brehs. Please. Man, you can't keep putting these guys together after having such a classic match. The expectations are going to be too high for quite a while. Give them a break for a couple of months. Eddie hits a fucking gross German suplex to start his heat segment. Sadly, this has a LOT of communication issues. They were already having issues before Eddie's boots hit Rey in the head and knocked him a bit loopy. This is a mess, and both guys are clearly frustrated with how the match is going. Eddie does a SUPER hot shot, which looked so brutal with the camera angle. Frog splash gets the win. Title retained. I wonder what the point was in having Rey win the title just to drop the title right back to Eddie and then decisively lose his rematch.


Curt Hennig vs Ric Flair WCW US Championship

No Disqualification

Perfect tries to stall by switching rings, and Flair takes things out into the crowd. This is a very boring brawl. Their previous match had far more hate and heat. Flair does a top rope to the floor ax handle and hurts his old brittle bones in the process. Flair does a weird standing variant of the Pillmanizer. Perfect hits Flair in the head with the belt while he's in the figure four to win. Title retained. Why was this 20 minutes when it had about 8 minutes of action in it? Just make it a heated 10 minute brawl.


World War 3

DDP, Ray Traylor, Alex Wright, Disco Inferno, Meng, Villano V, Villano IV, Chris Benoit, Fit Finlay, La Parka, Steven Regal, Public Enemy, Dave Taylor, Ultimo Dragon, Norman Smiley, Louie Spicolli, Lizmark Jr., Giant, Hector Garza, Chris Adams, GREG VALENTINE, Yuji Nataga, Chris Jericho, Juventud Guerrero, Wrath, Harlem Heat, Steiner Brothers, Jim Duggan, Hugh Morrus, Lex Luger, The Cat, Brad Armstrong, Silver King, Mortis, Barbarian, Eddie Guerrero, Daimen 666, Dean Malenko, TAFKATAFKAPI, Barry Darrsow, John Nord, Kendall Windham, EL DANDY, Rey Mysterio Jr., Mongo, Ciclope, The Renegade, Super Calo, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Glacier, Bobby Blaze, plus the nWo: Buff/Hall/Hennig/Savage/Virgil. Nash was scheduled to be 60, but he's not out there, so this is a 59 man battle royal.

This is terrible like all of these matches. The last guys left are the nWo, Giant, Lex, DDP, Rick Steiner, and Booker. What a big push for Booker here. It gets down to Hall, Giant, and DDP. Then the nWo music hits. It's gotta be Kevin Nash. HOLY SMOKES, IT'S HOLLYWOOD HOGAN!  Fucking lol at Hogan coming in and immediately slamming Giant. STING HAS ARRIVED. He's only 6 inches taller and now has blonde streaks in his hair. Hogan jumps to the floor, which is an elimination this year. Stang hits Giant with the bat. Giant goes over the ropes. SCOTT HALL HAS WON WORLD WAR 3. Sting reveals himself to be Kevin Nash. The nWo celebrates and Hogan hits DDP with a Kanyon Cutter to end the show. BANG!


All the WW3 shows are terrible, so it is not a surprise that this show sucked, but the level of which it sucked was pretty shocking. Even Eddie and Rey had a shitty match on this show. This is another in a string of disappointing PPVs, and a lot of the issues that will be haunting WCW in the next two years are on display.

1. Not delivering on PPVs

The worst sin. This is the 5th PPV in a row that left a bad taste in the mouths of fans. At some point, fans are going to stop buying shows if they know you're going to shit the bed every month.

2. Relying too much on established stars

DDP is the only new star pushed up the card this year. The rest of the year has seen PPV main events focused on Hogan, Savage, Flair, Piper, Hennig, Luger, or various other ex-WWF guys. On any given Nitro, Virgil gets more screen time than at least half the roster.

3. Rematches and replays of angles

How many times have we seen someone in a Sting mask swerve everyone? Including Sting himself? How many times have the shows ended with the nWo beating up all the faces and spray painting people? How many times have you seen Macho/DDP, or Hall/Luger, or Eddie/Rey just in the past 3 months? WCW has this insanely diverse and large roster, yet it seems like they're content with throwing out the same 5-10 matches over and over.


WCW World War 3 1996

I think it is really weird they didn't mention Bischoff joining the nWo at all at the start of the show.

Rey Mysterio Jr vs Ultimo Dragon J-Crown Championship

NOW they're talking about Bischoff.  Ultimo gets Rey on the mat and does some mean arm work.  They do some full lucha fuckery into INDIE RESPEK.  Triangle dropkick sends Rey to the floor.  Rey comes back into the ring just to get German suplexed.  Japanese dude who made his name in Mexico doing a German suplex to a Mexican in America.  Flapjack Norton!  Dragon drops a powerbomb, holds on, and drops Rey into a reverse powerbomb hot shot.  Giant swing!  It even got Ultimo all tipsy topsy.  Fisherman buster.  Do you think lucha dudes fish in their wrestling gear?  Would that scare the fishie wishies?  Brainbustaaaaa.  Jumping tombstone.  Poor Rey's Spiderman bedazzled head is taking a beating.  Little guy is getting REKT.  Tombstone on the floor!  Then a plancha to a downed Rey.  Spinning super rana.  Rey has had almost no offense.  Running Liger bomb.  But Rey won't stay down.  A spin kick puts Dragon down and allows Rey to start flying around.  A brutal dragon suplex puts all that shit to a stop.  Rey goes for the West Coast Pop.  Ultimo catches him and does a sling shot sit out powerbomb for the win.  Titles retained.  Dragon looked like a WORLD BEATER here.  Rey has been the top cruiser for the past 6 months or so and Ultimo dominated him.   This was almost an extended squash.  A far cry from their previous 2 matches.

TO THE MEAN GENE.  DDP is the guest.  DDP doesn't give a shit what's going on with the nWo or Eric Bischoff.  It doesn't matter that they are neighbors.  DDP is focused on a winning WW3.  

Nick Patrick vs Chris Jericho

Jericho has one arm tied behind his back.  Teddy Long is with him.  Nick Patrick's music is 1000% cooler than Jericho's.  Nick's wrestling gear is a sleeveless ref shirt, with black cargo pants tucked into wrestling boots.  And a neck brace.  Nick Patrick is a better shitbag 80s heel than DDP is.  DDP is corny as shit doing that stuff.  Nick Patrick is hilarious doing that stuff.  He can wrestle and bump around, as his dad was The Assassin and Nick was a wrestler before he was a ref.  When you see his terrible bumps as a ref, you'd imagine he had no idea how to bump, but that's not the case at all.  That means he does those ridiculous bumps on purpose, which is incredible.  Jericho has few issues even with one arm until he accidentally clotheslines the ring post with his free arm.  Nick Patrick has pretty good punches.  This isn't good for Jericho.  To have ANY problems with a ref, even a ref that was a wrestler first and you have your arm tied behind your back, is not good for an up and coming wrestler.  Especially with that shitty music.  Jericho gets the win with a superkick.  

TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE.  Tonight isn't WW3, it's WCW on tour.  Isn't EVERY show WCW on tour?  

Jeff Jarrett vs The Giant

These two had a shockingly fun match at Havoc.  Jeff comes to the ring ready to fight.  This isn't that match.  The highlight was Tony name dropping Jingle All The Way.  Sting walks around on the catwalk.  It appears he's coming down.  He's coming to the ring!  He drops Sting.  He MUST be with the nWo!  Giant hits the chokeslam for the win.

TO THE CONTRACT SIGNING.  Rowdy Rodney The Piper comes to the ring with a contract for Hogan.  The table has a plaid skirt, just like Piper.  Bischoff, Ted, and Virgil come out instead of Hogan.  Bischoff is already 100% better as a smarmy shit head than the past year of lead face announcer.  Piper brings up his angle with Virgil and then shits all over Bischoff.  Among the things he calls him: Little flake and gay.  Eric points to the kilt and Piper says he's tough enough to wear that.  Piper seems to be implying the match with Hogan will be no DQ.  Piper calls Hogan out.  The nWo music starts up and the rest of the nWo comes out.  It's staggering how much cooler Hall is than everyone else in the nWo.  Nash is the second coolest and he's a distant second to Hall.  It goes Hall >>>> Nash >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Syxx >>>>>>>>>>>>Everyone else.  Hulk's black stubble has a lot of white in it.  Hogan points out Piper's fake hip, and how Piper wasn't even his equal 10 years ago.  Boy, this is making both dudes look and sound old as shit.  Hulk calls Piper a gimp, and Piper tries to fight the whole group.  Hulk hits Piper in the hip with a chair.  He then spray paints the bad leg and spits in Piper's face.  Piper pulls himself up and throws the table.  The nWo leaves.

Harlem Heat vs Amazing French Canadians

If HH wins, Sherri gets a match with Col. Parker.  I don't think the Mounties are actually singing the national anthem.  It sounds like they just say "Caaaaaaaaaaaaanadaaa Canadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" over and over.  Bringing in the Mounties was a weird choice for WCW.  They wouldn't run Canada for another couple of years.  Mountie was way past his prime, which wasn't even that good to begin with unless he was in a tag team.  CARL was coming off a pretty stupid and weak run as a pirate.  It's pretty clear WCW had no real plans for them or anything.  Just another in the long line of "we should hire these ex WWF guys".  WWF hiring them back after their WCW run was even weirder.  I liked the Quebecers, though.  Not as much as the Fabulous Rougeaus, but pretty close.  I don't know if there is another guy that I hate so much as a singles wrestler, but enjoy so much in a tag team as the Mountie.  Ref bump!  The Mounties bring a table and the ring steps into the ring.  The table is over the ropes.  One set of steps on the table, one under.  CARL climbs to the top, while Mountie stands on the bottom set for the ultra cannon ball.  Which misses.  Harlem Hangover for the win.

Sister Sherri vs Col. Rob Parker

Dusty loses his mind over Sherri throwing clotheslines.  "Oh man thith ith crathy!  Thith ith crathy!"  Parker runs away about a minute in.  

TO THE MEAN GENE.  Gene hints that another SUPERSTAR is heading to WCW.  HBK?  Bret?  Owen?  Bulldog? Undertaker?  Lex is the guest.  Lex doesn't want to believe that Sting is with the nWo.  He doesn't know what the message Sting was trying to send on Nitro was.  

Psychosis vs That Motherfucker Dean Malenko WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Dope.  Hypno really didn't do anything to deserve a title shot, but whatever.  Almost no one really deserves title shots in WCW, especially in the tag/TV/cruiser levels.  Tony explains some of the weird booking on the weekend shows.  Regal went to the time limit defending the TV title against Hypno, and said that Hypno would beat TMF.  The next week, Regal beat Dean to retain the title.  I think that does less to make Hypno look good and more to make the cruiser title look inferior.  ARM DRAGS.  Hypno's gear is SO 90s.  It's awesome.  Two different shades of purple, yellow, silver, and black, all wrapped into what wouldn't be out of place in a Mortal Kombat game, space movie, or a laser tag building.  TMF keeps Hypno grounded as much as he can.  Hypno knocks Dean to the floor and then slips off the top rope trying a dive.  TMF keeps it grounded.  Liontamer style half crab.  Tiger bomb into the cloverleaf.  Rope break.  THis isn't very interesting, sadly.  Corkscrew moonsault to the floor.  A multi-reversal tombstone spot ends with TMF hitting it.  TMF wins with a leaping prawn hold.  Title retained.

The Outsiders vs Faces of Fear vs Nasty Boys WCW Tag Team Championships

Dusty thinks it is shitty for Tony to get up and leave during a broadcast, however, he also says he wouldn't help Tony if the Outsiders pick on him because that isn't his job.  Tony and Brain are on the same side and will bail if need be.  I hope this match is Outsiders and FoF taking turns beating the shit out of the Nastys.  The Outsiders are knocked out of the ring twice.  Then the WCW teams start clubbering each other.  FoF clubber away on Knobs. At least one punch hit HARD in the face.  Barb pulls no punches with Hall.  Knocking the shit out of chico.  CLUBBERIN EVERYWHERE.  Nash and Sags seem to have some personal issues going on.  Lariatooooooooooooo from Nash takes Barb down.  "How can you be in a neutral position when someone has his fingers in your eyeballs?"  FoF and Outsiders FIGHT.  Barb pops Hall in the face a number of times.  Every time they mix it up, Barb sneaks in at least one punch to the face.  I've never seen Hall and Nash so winded.  FoF are making them work.  Meng pops Knobs in the gut so hard it sounded like a pumpkin being dropped off a building.  The Outsiders are both tagged in at the same time.  Tony brings up that they could just pin each other and retained their titles.  That's what they try.  Nash was the one to lay down, too.  Hall hits Knobs with the megaphone.  Nash hits the jackknife for the win.  Titles retained.  

World War 3

Wait a minute, all of those Benoit/Sullivan promos were actually to hype a house show match?  Tony the Tiger said the match wasn't televised.  I assumed it was going to be on Saturday Night.  It happened on a Saturday night, but not on Saturday Night.  How weird.  Using that many weeks of TV time to build up a house show in 1996 is such a weird and outdated concept.

The roster:  Arn Anderson, Marcus Bagwell, The Barbarian, Chris Benoit, Big Bubba, Jack Boot, Bunkhouse Buck, Ciclope, Disco Inferno, Jim Duggan, Bobby Eaton, Mike Enos, Galaxy, Joe Gomez, Jimmy Del Ray, Johnny Grunge, Juventud Guerrera, Eddy Guerrero, Scott Hall, Prince Iaukea, Ice Train, Mr. JL, Jeff Jarrett, Chris Jericho, Kenny Kaos, Konnan, Lex Luger, Dean Malenko, Steve McMichael, Meng, Rey Mysterio, Jr., Hugh Morrus, Kevin Nash, Scott Norton, Carl Ouellet, Diamond Dallas Page, La Parka, Sgt. Craig Pittman, Jim Powers, Robbie Rage, Stevie Ray, Lord Steven Regal, The Renegade, Scotty Riggs, Roadblock, Jacques Rougeau, Tony Rumble, Mark Starr, Rick Steiner, Ron Studd, The Taskmaster, Syxx, Booker T, Squire David Taylor, Último Dragón, Villano IV, Michael Wallstreet, Pez Whatley and Alex Wright.

The DoD and Horsemen fight on the floor immediately.  Benoit and Sullivan head into the crowd.  Triple split screen!  They find their way back to ringside with flags and chairs and tables.  Too bad it is on such a tiny little screen.  Lol, Barb started beating up Lee Marshal for no reason.  All members of the DoD and Horsemen are eliminated.  Lee gets all up in Larry's ass for not helping him.  Well, Larry is a giant pussy.  This is well known.  He was a coward as a wrestler and a coward as an announcer.

We're finally down to one ring.  The nWo, Lex, DDP, Rey, JJ, Eddie, Regal.  Stupidly, the WCW guys fight each other instead of banding together to fight the nWo, who has spent the whole match only fighting as a pack.  Giant eliminates Rey by chucking him from the ring with one hand.  All four members of the nWo get Regal out.  Now Lex is the only WCW guy left.  Lex gets Giant up in a reverse torture rack momentarily.  Hall is eliminated by Lex back dropping out of the Outsider's Edge.  Syxx is press slammed over the ropes.  Nash is in the rack!  Giant pushes BOTH of them over.  Giant has won World War 3!  What does this mean for WCW?  What does it mean for the nWo?  

Pretty so-so show.  WW3 is always stupid, but at least this year had the nWo only fighting as a group and Lex's run on them at the end.  Ultimo/Rey was fun in the sense that it was pretty much like a video game jobber match.  Ultimo has all the moves everyone used for their CAWs in the No Mercy.  Powerbomb.  Running powerbomb.  Brainbuster.  Dragon suplex.  Tombstone.  Dean/Hypno was pretty boring, sadly.  I don't know what it was.  Dean actually has been on a string of not too interesting matches.   The contact signing did a great job of making Piper and Hogan both look and sound old as shit.  Hulk's bald and beard is half white.  Piper is coming off a hip replacement.  Talking about 10 years ago in their primes.  Terrible way to build that match.

















WCW World War 3 1995

A revolutionary concept: A three ring battle royal! Bobby and Tony hold down the show. Tony picks Hulk to win it all. Bobby picks Macho, and then changes to the Giant. Then to Ric Flair. Talk tonight on CompusServe!


TO THE MEAN BROTHERJACKDUDE. Gene is with Sting, Hogan, and Macho Man.  Hulk seems to have made up with Savage and Sting and reveals the red and yellow under his black clothing! The Darkside is over! Apparently they put a bomb in the trash can to burn the black gear. God damn. Thing fucking exploded and is now starting to catch the stage on fire. Hulk then says they've been laughing in the back about people saying Macho had a legitimate injury. He's 100%! OBSERVE THIS, BROTHER! Hulk has a DIRT RAG that says Giant is going to win it all, but they SHEETS are dinosaurs compared to the internet, brothers, and the Hulkamaniacs are going to steal the title tonight. Is he...is he shooting?



DDP vs Johnny B. Badd WCW Television Championship

Kim has put herself on the line for this match. DDP stole the Badd Blaster, but now Johnny has Roman candle sparklers on his robe. DDP has confidence in wrestling without a top. Idk, bro. We got us a donnybrook, fans. They brawl around on the floor for a bit. Samoan drop from Badd. A half botched headlock takedown. DDP goes to work on the arm. The left arm, which is Johnny's big punch arm. DDP misses a wild punch and goes over the top rope. Tope. DDP uses Kim as a shield, then throws her into Johnny and takes a cheap shot. Back back suplex in the ring. DDP counters a spinning head scissors with a tombstone/pancake thing. God damn, people shit on Mero for marking for his own moves, but DDP takes it to a whole new level. The pre-connected diamond sign was fucking lame. DDP runs into the ring post, then takes a prat fall missing a kick. DDP was SUCH an 80s wrestler before mid-late 1996. If Michael Hayes and the Honky Tonk Man wrote a book on how to be a wrestler, DDP of 1991-1996 would have read it every day. Badd gets a flurry of offense, including a big Bateaster Bomb. It doesn't last long and DDP hits a tilt a whirl slam. The third head scissors attempt works. Johnny hits a tombstone of his own for 2. At this point in his WCW run, Badd was fine, did everything well, his matches were laid out well, but they just weren't interesting. He doesn't feel like a real wrestler. There is just something missing. He wins after a tope and leg drop back in the ring. Title retained. And Kim won, I guess. For someone that put herself in this situation and seemed really happy when Johnny was winning, she seems conflicted about going with him.


TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene hypes the WWF steroid scandal, which you can hear about on the WCW Hotline. Gene talks with Kim and Johnny. Johnny gives her the opportunity to manage the TV Champion, but he doesn't want her to make a decision tonight. He wants her to think about her dreams and what she wants to do most in her life. Believe and achieve and all that. BOLIEVE!


Big Bubba Rogers vs Jim DOOGUN Taped Fist Match

The only ways to win are via pinfall or knock out. Duggan attacks during Bubba's entrance. He has his board on a rope. Apparently this angle has been going on since before Halloween Havoc. Zero of it happening on Nitro. It takes 3 lariatoos to put Bubba down. They bounce around to ring 2 and Bubba has had almost no offense. His head gets shoved between two posts and then he's punched out of them. The match could be all over. It isn't.  I wish it was. Duggan comes off the apron right into the guard rail. I'm not sure what he was trying. Boss Man continues rib work in the ring. More ring switching. Enzuigiri. Doogun is down. The ref should have started counting 6 seconds sooner. Bubba tapes his hand up even more and continues to throw punches. Tony wonders if the ref can count the men out for using other rings. No, Tony. Only pinfalls and knock outs can end this match. Doogun gets tied to the ropes and punched a bunch. This is probably the greatest match in the history of this great sport. Boss Man literally runs into a punch. Then gets dumped over the top rope and probably gave him the back injury that would plague him for the rest of his career. Hacksaw is HACKING UP. VK Wallstreet comes out with a chain. Duggan knocks him off the apron with his board. Boss Man got the chain and hit an uppercut, which put Duggan out. Boss Man wins via KO.


TO THE MEAN BY GOD GENE. Ric is going to get his revenge on Sting AND win the title tonight. You see, this was all part of his master plan. WHAT. His master planned included a 60 man, 3 ring battle royal? How do you get something like that planned? There is a lot of money involved in that.

Cutie Suzuki/Mayumi Ozaki vs Akira Hokuto/Bull Nakano

Oh my god. What a mean ass tag team. Those Father Fuckers. Mike Tenay joins color to provide the details on these women. Of course the heels attack before the bell. Akira is being a cunt not even 2 minutes in. Good. This show needs it. Brain says some questionable things, like saying these women are full time wrestlers, not people who take weekends off from the laundry mat. These dames will not stop making noise. Ozaki is getting ruined in here. Bull gives no fucks. Ozaki gets a big DDT and makes the hot tag to Cutie. The faces both have half crabs on. Doesn't last long. Bull hits a powerbomb and misses a moonsault. Then we get a series of double stomps. Brain is saying a lot of stupid shit in this. Hirohito and Hiroshima references. There is definitely not story to this. Just an exhibition. Ozaki hits a big tiger/dragon hybrid suplex on Akira for 2. Akira comes back with a German that puts Ozaki right on her head. Akira hits a double missile dropkick, then a tope from the top to the floor on both gals. Doomsday Device! Cutie breaks the pin. Guillotine leg drop gets the win for the heels. Gimme Bull vs Rey Jr.


TO THE MEAN GENE. More comings and goings in the world of pro wrestling. BUT WE CAN'T TALK ABOUT IT HERE, SO CALL THE HOTLINE! Lex and Jimmy Hart are the guests. Lex will face Macho again tonight. 3rd time in a month. Lex looks like he's reading off a cue card, or at least looking at himself in the monitor.

Chris Benoit vs Kensuke Sasaki WCW US Championship

Benoit is a Horseman now, yet he's still not had any interaction on Nitro with them. Sasaki beat Sting for the title on a NJPW show, but Benoit beat Sasaki a few weeks ago on Nitro.  No footage of Sasaki winning the title was shown on Nitro or this PPV. Apparently Brain somehow sold half of WCW to Sonny Onoo, but that was deemed not valid. Sasaki throws the first few chops. I'm sure Benoit will pay him back. Brain gets completely tongue tied in a way I've never heard. He completely lost what he was trying to say right in the middle of a sentence. And then couldn't think of something to keep it going. Benoit gets a straight jacket bow and arrow on in the center of the ring. Sasaki hits a crazy stiff slam. And another. Huge press slam as well. Benoit twists out of a Boston crab, which sends Sasaki to the floor. Suicide dive! Yes it's awkward. I don't care. I think Benoit hit the guardrail on the dive. Snap suplex back in the ring. Sonny joins commentary to say that a deal at Starrcade has been worked out to make up for Brain's bad deal. Rolling Reich! Lariatooooo. Benoit recovers with a tombstone. Flying Iron Eagle! He can't make the pin right away and it cost him. Super frankensteiner. I'm ready for the Steiners to come back and start dumping dudes on their heads. Fans have no idea how to react. They don't know who Sasaki is. Benoit is a heel, but also kind of the face because he's closer to American than Sasaki is. Sasaki wins with the Northern Lights Bomb.  Title retained.


TO THE MEAN GENE. The Giant, Sullivan, and Jimmy Hart are the guests. MORE Jimmy Hart? Gross. Gene tells Giant that his dad would be ashamed. Why? Andre was a heel in a big stable with a loud mouth manager as well. He's just following in his father's footsteps. “Roses are red, violets are blue. I'm going to kick our butt to Kalamazoo!” You know what makes me not take giants seriously? When they start speaking in rhymes.


Fairly long Lex/Savage hype video. A lot of talk about Macho's injured arm, but that was made before Hulk/Bischoff got pissed at Meltzerz leaking the results and now Macho's injury was just a work.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene talks with Macho. “Are you jittery?” “I'm always jittery.” Gene brings up the injury. Macho says he's 100,000,000%, which is better than 100%.


Randy Savage vs Lex Luger

They had a match on Nitro, then a match at Halloween Havoc, and now here at WW3. Macho attacks right away and his arm is in fact still heavily taped. So, when Hulk was shooting earlier, was he working the shoot? Did he shoot a work? I'm so confused. I think he was shooting, though. It heads to the floor. All Macho so far. The elbow connects. Jimmy has the ref distracted. Macho tries to throw Lex into him. Jimmy moved. Lex gets the torture rack on the floor for some reason. Lex brings Macho back into the ring and puts him in an arm bar. The ref stops the match as Macho is unconscious. He won't let go until Sting comes out and convinces him to release the hold. The bigger news is that Lex and Sting will be in a tag match together tomorrow on Nitro.


Sting vs Ric Flair

I believe this is the 4th match between these guys since Nitro started. At least the 3rd, but I think the 4th. Flair puts his finger in Sting's face. Sting tries to bite it off. He throws some shots and Flair immediately bails to ring 2. Press slam. Eye poke! Flair still has discoloration on his chest from Pillman chops from over a month ago. Some rocking chops. Flair is missing a knee pad. Why was he only wearing one knee pad for a while? After another Sting flurry, Flair bails to ring 3. Col. Parker and Sherri come down to ringside. Sting follows and stays in control. Brain says the whole course of wrestling is going to change in 1996. How right he was. Sting gets baited into a Stinger Splash against the guard rail. It didn't work. Of course not. It never does. Sting gets chopped and immediately grabs Ric by the throat. Ric hits a low blow in response. It went from fun and playful to mean and dirty. Knee drop connects. That low blow has Sting out of it. He's still feeling it in his stomach. The knee work begins. Sting has had an interesting set of opponents over the past few weeks. Dean Malenko on Nitro, Kensuke Sasaki in Japan, Hogan on Nitro, and Flair on the PPV. All very different styles and wrestlers. Figure four is on. The slaps fire Sting up. The hold is reversed! And now broken. Flair gets bumped by Nick Patrick after shoving him for an alleged fast count. Chops fire Sting up again, so Flair switches rings one more time. You know, it doesn't really make much sense to keep switching rings and not stomp Sting as he enters the new ring. Oh hey, Flair just got thrown off the top rope! Flair Flopish. Ugly as shit. Superplex. Scorpion Deathlock! Flair gives up! This is the second time in a few weeks that Sting has cleanly and decisively defeated Flair with the deathlock in the center of the ring. Typical Sting/Flair match, but the ring hopping kept it a little more interesting, fun, and playful.


We get a video package showing us all the wackiness that got us to World War 3. “The Giant, the son of Andre!” Really surprised they pushed that so hard for so long.

TO THE MEAN BROTHERJACKDUDE. Again? I guess it is different this time because he's in all red and yellow from the start of the promo. He's going to rip Savage and Sting apart if he has to. “This crowd absolutely loves him!” This is the loudest chorus of boos I've heard for Hogan yet. 3 broadcast teams! Bischoff and Dusty! Chris Cruise and Larry Zbyszko!


World War 3

Competitors: Arn Anderson, Alex Wright, Brian Knobs, Ricky Rio, Dave Taylor, Scott Armstrong, Sting, Joey Mags, Pez Whatley, Disco Inferno, Meng, Stevie Ray, Mark Starr, Buddy Lee Parker, James Earl, Lex Luger, Eddie Guerrero, Cobra, Giant, MR. WONDERFUL, KANYON!!!, Bobby Walker, Bobby Eaton, Chris Benoit, Randy Savage, Marcus Bagwell, The Yetaaaay (who now looks like Scorpion), Kurasawa, Hugh Morrus, Zodiac, VK Wallstreet, DDP, Scott Norton, Brian Pillman, Craig Pittman, One Man Gang, Super Assassin 2, JL, Bunkhouse Buck, Kensuke Sasaki, Shark, Mark Winner, Steve Armstrong, Hawk, Dave Sullivan, Scotty Riggs, Johnny B. Badd, Big Train Bart, Steven Regal, Dick Slater, Maxx Muscle, Assassin 1, Fidel Mario(?), Taskmaster, Jerry Sags, Jimmy Duggan, Booker T, Big Bubba, Ric Flair, and Hulk Hogan.


God damn the speed up in announce about 20 men in was crazy. Of COURSE Hogan is the last man out. “Three rings. 60 men. Three rings. Almost a ...quarter..million pounds.” Where is THAT MOTHERFUCKER? Where is Sabu? LOL the Yeti is the first man eliminated. What a bust that was. He made 2 appearances as a frozen mummy, then isn't around for a month, returns as a Scorpion knock off and is the first eliminated in a battle royal despite being the biggest man in the match. Why hasn't Dusty been on PPVs? God damn it. The shows really miss him. Maybe this was a cool idea in theory. In practice, it is a complete mess where you can't tell anything that is going on since the match is all in 3 screens and just mindless brawling stuff anyway. Not a lot to do with 20 men in a ring. Once a ring gets down to 10 men, they join another ring. So now 30 men are in one ring. No room to do ANYTHING. 21 men left. DDP and Badd eliminate each other. Pittman takes a hard elimination. This is boring as fuck. Kind of a cool moment where Hawk tries to save Kensuke Sasaki. Eddie gets crushed with Stinger Splash while on the top rope. He also gets hit with a spinebuster, which Tony calls a powerbomb. Arn accidentally eliminates Flair, and Hogan eliminates Arn. No Horsemen left. 6 men left. As Luger and Sting eliminate Giant, Hulk eliminates Lex and Sting. Giant pulls Hogan out from under the ring. Savage eliminates OMG. The ref thinks Hulk was eliminated. Randy Savage is the new WCW Champion! Hogan being Hogan, throws a fit over this. Gene comes to the ring and tries to give Randy Anderson his glasses. BECAUSE HE'S BLIND! The decision stands. And there are a lot of boos. I can't imagine they're booing Macho Man. Maybe they're booing Hulk being a sore fucking loser. But the reactions are not positive for anything in this. Hulk more or less says that Macho's win isn't legitimate and will show the film tomorrow on Nitro, before saying it is HIS belt. Hulk Hogan is an asshole.


Another pretty iffy WCW PPV.  I can't figure out why Eddie is getting such a big push on Nitro, but they haven't thrown him on a PPV to fill 10-15 minutes yet.  No idea where Dean was.  Everything about Hogan on this show was amazing.  First the SHOOT on the Observer, which is about as ridiculous as it gets.  I have no idea why Bischoff and Hogan gave a shit about a tiny publication that maybe 5% (at most) of their viewing audience read knowing the plans to their finishes.  If you're reading the Observer, you know shit isn't on the up and up to begin with and those people are watching regardless.  To take time out of your PPV to shit on them and openly state they are wrong about the planned finish and change it on the spot just to spite them is Russo as fuck.  And Russo hadn't even booked a single show yet.  Then you have him at the end of the show, throwing a hissy fit because he lost, shitting on his best friend's win, still saying the belt belonged to him and he's going to try to get the decision reversed on Nitro.  Like god damn man, can't you be happy for your friend ONE TIME in your life?  Such a dick head.  Flair/Sting was fun.  Nothing crazy, but their normal match with the ring hopping changing it up a bit.  The joshi tag got fun in the last few minutes.  Kensuke/Benoit was decent enough.  Main event was dog shit.