WCCW 12/2/82

TO THE BILL. The Spoiler is back and he might be a heel, face, or tweener, but his winning edge still remains.

The Spoiler vs Roberto Renesto

Spoiler easily won with a rope walk elbow smash. I could have sworn Roberto used to be Roberto ERNESTO.

Spoiler elbow drop to Roberto Renesto.gif

Hillbilly Pete vs Little Coco

Midgets! "They're kind of like those little mini cars that are very finely tuned. You know, the cars kids love to have." Coco won with a second rope headbutt.

Ref shoves Hillbilly Pete.gif
Little Coco headbutt to Hillbilly Pete.gif

TO THE WOODS. The Von Erichs went hunting ducks. Bill Mercer joined them. You see, the Von Erichs are good ol' country boys who don't get off on disco dancing or city life. In the end, they caught quite a few ducks. 

Kevin Von Erich shoots.gif

Al Madril vs Great Kabuki

While this wasn't non-stop nerve holds, it still wasn't very entertaining. Kabuki hit the leg smasher, which made Al roll to the floor and get counted out.

Al Madril kicks Great Kabuki.gif
Al Madril dive on Great Kabuki.gif

Kerry Von Erich/Brian Adidas vs Magic Dragon/Checkmate

Promos from both teams before the match. I still can't believe Checkmate is literally wearing a bootleg Tiger Mask mask. King Kong Bundy came out, despite not being a member of H&H any longer. He said he was now legally free from H&H and has formed his own corporation: Devastation Incorporated. If you get Kerry in the ring with a guy who isn't high level, he seems like a terrible wrestler. Adidas got pinned after a double slam and knee drop to the throat. 

Lady with cup.gif
Checkmate Magic Dragon double slam to Brian Adidas.gif