WCCW 10/15/82

Michael Hayes will be on the show, at the request of David Von Erich. Who the fuck would ever REQUEST Michael Hayes on their show? Shit. Fuck you, David.

Cap. Frank Dusek vs David Von Erich

Frank fucking sucks. Also LMAO at the finish of Frank pushing the ref and throwing a punch at him, the ref ducking and SLAPPING HIM IN THE FACE, and David winning with a small package from that. Earl could never.

Ref slaps Frank Dusek.gif

Jose Lothario/Al Madril vs Checkmate/Magic Dragon

Checkmate is an interesting dude. He's a British wrestler, but his whole thing is that he does all styles, even using the "Man of 1000 Holds" moniker, so he goes from WoS to lucha to American to power to rudo and back every other spot. Fucking Bugsy is hanging out in the crowd during this, hugging kids. A TIME LIMIT DRAW. Of course.

Al Madril Magic Dragon collide.gif
Jose Lothario back body drop to Checkmate.gif

TO THE NATURE BOY. Ric Flair did a sit down interview before a few ferns talking about Kerry Von Erich's injury at the hands of H&H Limited. An injury that many claim happened at the behest of a bounty placed on Kerry's head by Ric himself. Of course, he denies such claims. I've never seen a Flair promo where he sounded so hungover.

Gran Markus II vs The Samoan

Samu is again destroyed by a random white guy in a mask.

Gran Markus lariat to Samu.gif

Michael Hayes vs Roberto Ernesto

Again, Hayes was REQUESTED to work WCCW shows by David himself. The heck? SPOILERS: Michael Hayes always fucking sucked. He won with a shitty piledriver in a match where everything he did looked like shit. He also got to cut a promo after the match where he promised that Terry Gordy would be with him the next time he was in the Sportatorium. 

Michael Hayes elbow drop to Roberto Ernesto.gif
Lady number 1.gif

TO THE BILL. To end the show, Bill Irwin said he's going to put Michael Hayes down.