WCCW 4/3/82

Man, the WCCW intro theme is funky as hell. Love it. I wonder if it's dubbed or the original. It's great.

Blackie Gordman vs Al Madril

Being that this is early 80s wrestling, I'm very relieved that Blackie Gordman isn't a black man. He is pretty cunty, though. Whole lot of thumbs to the throat and eyes. This went to a time limit draw.    

Blackie Gordman punches Al Madril
Blackie Gordman DDT to Al Madril.gif

TO THE MARK. Bugsy McGraw. FUCK. Fuck Bugsy. 

Tom Shaft vs Great Kabuki

Kabuki has a wrapped up hand, which Shaft focuses on right away and for most of the match. Lmao at Kabuki's back of the neck nerve hold. Literally just grabbed Shaft by the nape of his neck and that was a nerve hold. Shaft threw a headbutt at Gary, and then Gary threw in some nunchucks, which got Kabuki the win.

Shaft stomps on Great Kabuki's hand.gif
Shaft headbutt to Gary Hart.gif
Great Kabuki hits Shaft with nunchucks.gif

Kerry Von Erich vs Carlos Zapata

Cuban heels. T'was the 80s. All you had to do is have a beard and vaguely look like you could be Castro's 3rd cousin and you too could get paid in wrestling. Kerry easily won with the discus punch. 

Kerry Von Erich discus punch to Carlos Zapata.gif

The Spoiler vs Bill Irwin

Spoiler is best known for being Undertaker's trainer at this point. This was JIP with both men on the floor having a chair duel. This also went to a time limit draw. 

Spoiler neckbreaker to Bill Irwin.gif