WCCW 4/27/82

Bill Irwin vs Tom Shaft

The Texas Heavyweight Champion GOON won with a running knee drop.

Bill Irwin kneedrop to Shaft.gif

TO THE MARK. H & H Limited, Gary Hart and Arman Hussein, who have combined their managerial powers and money to bring down the Von Erichs.

Carlos Zapata vs Ken Mantel

The Cold War continues in the Sportatorium. Mantel won with, ironically, a Russian leg sweep.

Carlos Zapata
Woman looks for better view.gif

TO THE MARK. Fritz Von Erich responds to H & H. Next week has Kevin vs Kabuki, and Fritz will be in Kevin's corner. 

Great Kabuki vs Mike Vaughn

Kabuki won with a second rope  HEART PUNCH. The heck?

Gary Hart stares.gif
Great Kabuki heart punch to Mike Vaugn.gif

Bugsy McGraw/King Kong Bundy vs Al Madril/The Spoiler

Fuckin' Bugsy. FRICK! A time limit draw. Al has great babyface fire. Spoiler uses the ropes in nearly every single move. Bugsy fucking sucks, Bundy is not much better, if at all. Al asked for 5 more minutes and instead got a punch in the head from Armand. Spoiler got tied up in the ropes while Al got a beat down until he got free and ran the heels off.

Bugsy McGraw.gif
The Spoiler old school to King Kong Bundy.gif