WCCW 9/21/82

Al Madril/Jose Lothario vs King Kong Bundy/Bill Irwin

That fucking whistle. Not a whole lot going on in this. Obviously, Al works most of the match. A time limit draw. What a surprise.  

Jose Lothario punches King Kong Bundy.gif

Kevin Von Erich vs Magic Dragon

Kevin cut a promo with Bill before the match. I wish these dudes would wear some fucking boots. Nasty ass feet on a nasty ass mat. Disgusting. Imagine the athlete's foot both got. Fucking gross. God damn it, the pec hold is even worse than the shoulder nerve hold. FRICK. Kevin won with a running splash OUTTA NOWHERE.

Kevin Von Erich elbow drop to Magic Dragon.gif

Kerry Von Erich vs Arman Hussein

Arman takes it right to Kerry. Then Kerry hits the discus punch and wins. That's his only offense.

Arman Hussein flexes.gif

TO THE BILL. Bill gets some words with  Bundy, Irwin, and Hussein. Next week, Bill will face Kevin, and Bundy will face Bugsy.

Bugsy McGraw vs Great Kabuki

This ASSHOLE Bugsy. I have no clue how he went from hated heel to beloved face over night. Especially since he fucking sucks. And it's not like Kabuki is particularly great himself. It's a bad match with bad work and the best parts are shots of the crowd or Gary Hart. There's a ref bump, Gary Hart interference, and then Kabuki won with a second rope fist drop/chop thing. After the match, ya understand, Bugsy cut a promo, ya understand. Ya understand? Bugsy wants a rematch with Gary Hart handcuffed to the top rope.  

Fan number one.gif
Woman with whistle.gif