WCCW 3/13/82

Capt. Frank Dusek vs Jesse Relampago Leon

I like to think Captain Frank is a grump, but straight laced police officer who wrestles as a side job. Kevin Von Erich helps with commentary, which is terrible since you can't understand a word those marble mouthed Von Erichs say. This is a pretty dull match, although Leon does bring some lucha fuckery once in a while. The captain won with a superplex. 

Frank Dusek flapjack to Leon.gif
Leon flying chop to Frank Dusek.gif

TO THE MARK. Mark Lowrance chats with NWA Champion Ric Flair. He's in town to scout Kerry Von Erich. 

Ric Flair vs Richard Blood

Now, when they said Flair would be facing Richard Blood, I was like, holy shit Steamboat vs Flair? But it's a different guy named Richard Blood. Kerry came out with Dick Blood, and Flair egged him on until Kerry KO'd him with a punch and pinned him. Of course, Ric was pretty hot after this and quickly ran through Mr. Blood.

Kerry Von Erich punches Ric Flair.gif

TO THE MARK. Kerry and Fritz Von Erich spoke about Ric Flair. No way Kerry wasn't high as fuck during this. 

Al Madril/Tom Shaft vs Great Kabuki/King Kong Bundy

Bundy with a head full of hair is trippy. This is really bad whenever Shaft or Bundy are in the ring. It's passable when Madril and Kabuki are going at it. Kabuki pinned Shaft after a karate kick while Bundy had Shaft held.

Great Kabuki kicks Al Madril.gif
Great Kabuki Al Madril collide.gif

Carlos Zapata vs Kevin Von Erich

Kevin is wearing boots. What the heck? Zapata fucking sucks. Kevin has done approximately 12 dropkicks. Kevin wins with a standing leg scissors. That's a pretty unique looking move.  

Kevin Von Erich leg scissors to Zapata.gif