WCCW 12/27/82

Covering Christmas Star Wars. There's a new 6 man tag championship in the company, and the Von Erichs would have been in the tournament, if not for the fact that they just had TOO MANY CHAMPIONSHIPS ALREADY. Lol.

Kevin Von Erich is high.gif

Fabulous Freebirds vs Iron Sharp/Mike Sharp/Tom Steele

Michael Hayes cut a promo before the match talking about, due to weather conditions, Buddy Roberts could not make it to the show, but they'll still take the match. But then, DAVID VON ERICH comes out and fills in. They have a long match where Hayes plays FIP for a good 10 minutes, so you can imagine how good it was. David pinned Mike with a high knee. New champions! After the match, David relinquishes his title to Buddy so the Freebirds can be a brother team of brother champions, brother.

Terry Gordy powerslam to Sharp.gif
Michael Hayes elbow drop to Ben Sharp.gif

$10,000 Battle Royal

Not just a battle royal, but a battle royal...ON A POLE match! The $10K is suspended above the ring on a pole. When there are 3 men remaining, the money will be placed at the top of the pole.The final 3 came down to Mike Sharp, Brian Adidas, and Ken Mantell. Sharp eliminated Adidas, and then Mantell climbed the pole.

Mike Sharp eliminates Brian Adidas.gif
Ken Mantell knocks Mike Sharp from pole.gif