WCCW 11/2/82

Raul Castro The Samoan vs Great Kabuki

A quick double squash for Kabuki, especially lol since Samu is twice as big as him.

Great Kabuki superkick to Samu.gif

Gran Markus II/Destroyer 1 vs Fabulous Freebirds

Before the match could start, King King Bundy and Bill Irwin attacked the Freebirds even before the TV feed came back on. In the end, a giant brawl broke out that needed the cops to clean it up. The brawl lasted longer than the whole handicap match. The Freebirds easily won with a spike piledriver.

Terry Gordy lariat to King Kong Bundy.gif
Freebirds spike piledriver to Gran Markus.gif

TO THE BILL. Bill did a sit down interview with Kerry Von Erich, who is 100% healed and mentally ready to challenge Ric Flair. Kerry is a weird looking dude, and weird sounding dude. 

Al Madril/Bugsy McGraw vs Checkmate/Magic Dragon

It's a good thing Bugsy and Hayes are both faces right now so I won't have to get my nightmare match of them in a singles match. Al won with a flying cross body on Magic Dragon.

Woman screams.gif
Al Madril chops Magic Dragon.gif
Al Madril cross body block to Magic Dragon.gif

Bill Irwin vs Kevin Von Erich

I really don't understand how Kevin is so much more athletic  than all of his brothers. Shit is weird. After a ref bump, Irwin through Kevin over the top rope. Kevin got back into the ring and Bill bailed, then the ref declared Kevin the winner. For what, I don't know. 

Kevin Von Erich head scissors to Bill Irwin.gif
Kevin Von Erich stinger splash to Bill Irwin.gif