WCCW 10/22/82

Great Kabuki vs Al Madril

A time limit draw. After the match, Bugsy came out of the crowd wearing tights or sweat pants with suspenders and no shirt to save Al after Kabuki tried to break Al's leg. He was sitting next to children like that. What a creep.

Great Kabuki pulls sword.gif
Old Fans.gif
Fan GIT IM.gif
Great Kabuki leg breaker to Al Madril.gif

Checkmate vs Ken Mantell

Checkmate did a bunch of wacky British stuff and turned a roll up into a roll up out of a roll through into a rolled on.

Fan NO.gif

TO THE HOSPITAL. Bill Mercer went to the hospital where Kerry Von Erich is recovering from an emergency knee surgery. We get to hear from Dr. John Anderson, who explained the surgery and extent of Kerry's injury. Bill then spoke to Kerry, who again seemed high as hell.

Bill Irwin vs Michael Hayes

Man, seeing Hayes trying to do shit that actually requires athleticism and agility is hilarious. He can barely even bump, let alone trying to do Jack Brisco style sunset flips in the corner.  Irwin got disqualified for backdropping Hayes over the top rope.

Michael Hayes sunset flip to Bill Irwin.gif

Roberto Ernesto vs David Von Erich

Ernesto attacked David during introductions, so David immediately put him in the claw and pinned him without even taking his ring jacket off.  

David Von Erich tips his hat.gif

The show ends with Michael Hayes again promising Terry Gordy to be with him soon and that the Freebirds like to party and fuuuuuuuuuuck.