WCCW 12/28/82

Kerry Von Erich vs Ric Flair NWA Championship Steel Cage Match

In addition to the cage stipulation, Michael Hayes is the special referee. He brought Terry Gordy with him to make sure no one can escape the cage. This smells like COLLUSION to me. You could say it isn't being fair to Flair, even. I mean, it's Ric Flair in a cage match. What are you expecting beyond lots of chops and blood? Michael Hayes was frequently getting physically involved in the action, and Flair kept trying to fight both him and the standard ref. Flair would start working Kerry's leg about half way through the match, but Kerry pinned Flair with the claw. However, Michael Hayes saw that Flair's foot had bounced off the bottom rope, so he called the pin off. Kerry refused to break the hold, so Michael Hayes physically pulled Kerry off of Ric, which Kerry did not appreciate. As they were arguing, Flair ran into Kerry, who bumped into Hayes. Hayes and Flair then got into it, with Hayes decking Ric. That cunt. He screams at Kerry to pin Flair, but Kerry doesn't want to win that way. As they're arguing, Flair again knocks Kerry into Michael, this time sending Hayes out of the cage. In response, Terry Gordy slams the door on Kerry's head. Hayes would then reenter the ring and count a three count for Flair when Kerry wasn't even on his back for one of the counts. The other ref says it didn't count and the match continues. So much fuckery. Just as Kerry had momentum back on his side and hit the discus punch, Kerry appears to pass out. The ref called a medical stoppage. Ric Flair retains his title. World Class out here running dangers of concussion angles in 1982.

Kerry Von Erich dropkick to Ric Flair
Kerry Von Erich rakes Ric Flair's head on cage.gif
Michael Hayes punches Ric Flair.gif
Terry Gordy slams cage door on Kerry Von Erich
Kerry Von Erich discus punch to Ric Flair.gif

And so began the Von Erichs vs Freebirds feud. Which, when you think about it, is entirely based around Michael Hayes being a cunt. It all makes sense now.

WCCW 12/27/82

Covering Christmas Star Wars. There's a new 6 man tag championship in the company, and the Von Erichs would have been in the tournament, if not for the fact that they just had TOO MANY CHAMPIONSHIPS ALREADY. Lol.

Kevin Von Erich is high.gif

Fabulous Freebirds vs Iron Sharp/Mike Sharp/Tom Steele

Michael Hayes cut a promo before the match talking about, due to weather conditions, Buddy Roberts could not make it to the show, but they'll still take the match. But then, DAVID VON ERICH comes out and fills in. They have a long match where Hayes plays FIP for a good 10 minutes, so you can imagine how good it was. David pinned Mike with a high knee. New champions! After the match, David relinquishes his title to Buddy so the Freebirds can be a brother team of brother champions, brother.

Terry Gordy powerslam to Sharp.gif
Michael Hayes elbow drop to Ben Sharp.gif

$10,000 Battle Royal

Not just a battle royal, but a battle royal...ON A POLE match! The $10K is suspended above the ring on a pole. When there are 3 men remaining, the money will be placed at the top of the pole.The final 3 came down to Mike Sharp, Brian Adidas, and Ken Mantell. Sharp eliminated Adidas, and then Mantell climbed the pole.

Mike Sharp eliminates Brian Adidas.gif
Ken Mantell knocks Mike Sharp from pole.gif
WCCW 12/15/82

Brian Adidas vs Killer Brooks

Brooks used the ol' hold the ropes while making a pin trick. High success rate on that one. But then another ref came out and the decision was reversed. SWERVE!

Killer Brooks throws Brian Adidas.gif
Old Man is pissed.gif

H&H cut a promo about the last time Kabuki and David has a title match, in regards to Arman's alleged interference. You see, David's sleeper was actually a choke hold, and Arman couldn't let that stand.

David responded saying everyone knows his sleeper is a sleeper.

Bugsy McGraw/Al Madril vs Checkmate/Magic Dragon

H&H needs some new members, god damn. Bugsy did a really shitty sunset flip to Dragon, but neither were legal men. And then Al did a top rope sunset flip to Checkmate to get the win.

Bugsy McGraw sunset flip to Magic Dragon.gif

Various wrestlers are asked on their thoughts about Kerry vs Flair in a cage. The Flair/Fritz promo is then reaired.

Great Kabuki vs David Von Erich All Asian Championship

Claws and nerve holds. Can't ask for more. Ref bump fuckery! After which Arman grabbed David but accidentally got hit with the mist. The match is thrown out after this.  

Arman Hussein lol.gif
David Von Erich high knee to Great Kabuki.gif
Great Kabuki mist to Arman Hussein.gif