WWF Survivor Series 1998



It's a deadly gaaaame. That song is so bad.

Vince (with Stooges and Boss Man) starts the show and guarantees us a new WWF Champion tonight. He personally does the ring announcing for the tournament match.

Mankind vs DWAYNE GILL

Gillberg's entrance theme is AMAZING. Mankind wins in about 30 seconds and advances. All while being clean shaven and wearing a tux.

EARLIER TONIGHT. Jackie attacked Sable on Heat. Marc Mero was happy about it.

TO THE HERMIE. Sable is pissed.

Jeff Jarrett vs Al Snow

The match starts on the floor. All has a sideways ponytail. Al wins in another very short nothing match after giving Jeff Head. I feel like that's going to be the theme of the show. Short bullshit all night.

Big Boss Man vs Steve Austin

The match starts on the floor with Austin knocking the shit out of Bubber. Vince is watching this in the back. THESZ PRESS THESZ PRESS RIGHT HAND RIGHT HAND. A low blow puts Bubber in control. Austin wins via DQ after Boss Man uses his night stick. Vince loved it and loved it more when Boss Man continued to knock the shit out of Austin.

TO THE COLE. Cole asks Vince if he's worried about Austin advancing. Cole just doesn't get it.

X-Pac vs Steven Regal

HE'S A MAN. SUCH A GOD DAMN MAN. I can't understand why Regal was hired and his gimmick was changed to about as far opposite as it could be without him being suddenly American. I don't think it is any surprise that they used the Lord Steven gimmick almost wholesale when they hired him the second time. There is actual wrestling in here. Holds and strikes and suplexes. It's a solid Saturday Night match. X-Pac appears to hurt his frequently injured neck after a butterfly superplex. He didn't land on it, but his head did get jarred hitting the mat. The match ends in a double count out. At 8:10, this match was longer than the previous 3 matches combined. Vince sends Sarge to announce an over time. The match never actually restarts, which means Austin will get a bye in the next round.

Goldust vs Ken Shamrock

Shamrock dominates the first minute or two, which is likely 60% of the match. Short and nothing. Ankle lock for the win.

TO THE COLE. Cole lets us know that Austin had refused medical attention.

The Rock vs Triple H

HHH doesn't come out. The Stooges do. Boss Man replaces HHH and loses to an immediate small package. Rock advances. 4 seconds.

The Undertaker vs Kane

Fuck. AGAIN? Also, this is edited hardcore. All bad words are bleeped, Austin's fingers blurred out, and "WWF" is muted. It's like they didn't even bother. Almost all of the 1998 PPVs up on the Network are the home video versions and not the live PPV versions. Sick to shit of this match. They had ONE good match together and that was at WM14. I guess the difference is now they're both fully heel. Great. Because there have been so many great heel vs heel matches on PPV in 1998. This show. Christ. Taker wins with one tombstone. It took three at WM and Kane kind of kicked out after the third one. Even though Paul was holding down Kane's foot, Kane didn't even make an attempt to kick out.

Mankind vs Al Snow

Al comes in with quite a vicious streak, apparently sick of all those jokes Mick keeps saying about him. Mankind wins with the double arm DDT and mandible claw. He advances to the quarter finals.

The Rock vs Ken Shamrock

Okay, I think this is the 7th time they've been in the ring against each other in 1998. Then you have all the Kane/Taker matches in 1998. Austin vs Foley in the next round. Repeats fucking everywhere. I don't need to see these matches over and over. The law of diminishing returns is in FULL effect for all of them, too. The first match in all of those was by far the best. Boss Man comes to ringside and stalks around. Shamrock kicks out of the the People's Elbow, which makes him one of the all time greats. Bubber tries to throw his night stick to Ken. Rock intercepts and blasts Ken for the win.

Sable vs Jacqueline WWF Women's Championship

Not like I want this to be long or anything, considering Sable has no idea how to wrestle, but this was another three minute match. Sable powerbombed Mero on the floor. She gets the win. New champion.

Steve Austin vs Mankind

Austin walks in the ring and immediately starts knocking the shit out of Foley. Then pulls his suit apart and takes his shoes off. A chorus of boos start up when McMahon and the Stooges roll out. THESZ PRESS THESZ PRESS RIGHT HAND RIGHT HAND AUSTIN AUSTIN. Mick runs all the way to the entrance to avoid a stunner. The Stooges have to convince him to get back in the ring. On the floor, Foley is able to get in control by sending Austin into the steps. It doesn't last long. OR DOES IT? It does. This is a condensed version of the Austin/Dude matches. Except this time Foley isn't wearing shoes and Vince/Sarge prevent the ref from counting the falls. It's also half as long. A second stunner. Shane McMahon runs down to count. He stops at two and flips the double bird at Austin. It's blurred so fuck that. Brisco hits Austin with a chair. That puts him down for 3. Mankind is in the finals! The whole group runs to the back. Austin follows. Austin steals someone's SUV and chases after Vince's limo.


The Undertaker vs The Rock

Battle for the rightful usage of "The". This match heads to the floor and into the crowd. But the real story of the match is that this is 95% punches and stomps. Just like this whole show. Boss Man is back out AGAIN. Fuck. The only highlight was Rock mocking Taker's sit up. Boss Man and Kane got involved. Kane chokeslammed Rock, which got Taker disqualified. Rock advances to the finals. Kane and Taker then fight some more.

TO THE COLE. Mankind has one more rock to climb if you smell what the sock is cooking.

New Age Outlaws vs D'Lo Brown/Mark Henry vs Headbangers WWF Tag Team Championships

Oh cool, a change of pace from all the singles matches. Wait. The Headbangers? FUCK. Outlaws win. Titles retained.

The Rock vs Mankind WWF Championship

The match starts with more boring and tired brawling. Shane and Vince stroll out. The match heads out into the crowd, where Rock has some issues with a trash can. Foley is definitely gassed. Rock seems pretty slow as well. Chairs and stairs come into play. Foley takes a dive from the second rope through the Spanish announce table. I am not into this. This is the 18th match of the show. It has taken me almost 9 hours to get to the end of this show. Rock puts Foley in the sharpshooter. Vince says to RING THE FUCKING BELL. The Rock is the WWF Champion! The CORPORATE WWF CHAMPION! Vince and Shane do a lot of gloating after the match, explaining their master plan. Rock beats down Mankind after the match. Austin comes out and fights with Rock as the McMahons run away.



Of those fourteen (EIGHTEEN if you count the dark/Heat matches) matches, only eight went over five minutes. Two DQs, one count out. Two matches were under a minute. Only three made it to ten minutes, and two of those were just barely at ten minutes. This is the WM4 of the Attitude Era. EIGHTEEN FUCKING MATCHES. Christ. Terrible show. TERRIBLE. Other stats:

  • 10th televised match of the year with Taker and Kane on opposing sides
  • 14th televised match match of the year with Rock and Shamrock on opposing sides
  • 7th televised match of the year with Foley and Austin on opposing sides
  • If Rock/HHH had happened, it would have been their 9th televised match of the year on opposing sides
  • 90 minutes, 25 seconds of in ring action over 14 matches
  • Average match length was just under 6 1/2 minutes

Match wise, nothing is good on this show. Regal/X-Pac is the match of the night. It's a fucking mess. Bordering on Spring Stampede 2000 levels of terrible. I can't believe anyone has nostalgia for Deadly Games. Of course it ends with a big SWERVE and reenactment of the Montreal Screwjob. This might be the worst major show Russo ever booked. Truly horrible. Tournaments were just not his thing at all.