WWF Survivor Series 1997 (Gifs Only)



New Age Outlaws/Godwinns vs Headbangers/New Blackjacks

Terrible. Billy and Road Dogg are survivors. Billy COMPLETELY misses Thrasher on the finish.


Truth Commission vs Disciples of Apocalypse

Awful. Truth Commission wins. Kurrgan is the sole survivor. When the manager is the best dude in the match, you know you're in for dog shit.  

TO THE HERMIE. Kevin hyped the AOL stuff while Austin checked his Twitter. @steveaustinbsr. For the workin' man.

Team USA vs Team Canada

Better, but still skippable. Team Canada has 2 Americans, a Brit, and one French Canadian who doesn't even get promo time IN Montreal. Bulldog is the sole survivor.


Kane vs Mankind

Not even a real match.  Foley's body destroying bumps were wasted due to Sin Cara lighting making them almost impossible to see. The Damon wins.

TO THE COLE.  Cole speaks with Vince and Sarge. They talk about the weird tension in the back and in the arena. Cole asks Vince who is going to win.  "......I don't know *smirk*." Montreal was an inside job!

Nation of Domination vs Legion of Doom/Ken Shamrock/Ahmed Johnson

Trash. HOLY SHIT Ahmed was terrible in this. The only things of note is that Rock was super over and King took some shots at Kevin Dunn. Shamrock is the sole survivor.


Steve Austin vs Owen Hart WWF Intercontinental Championship

Barely even a match. 4 minutes. Austin clearly hadn't been able to get much gym time in since Summerslam and didn't take a single back bump.  Austin wins.  New champion.  Furnas, LaFon, and Anvil also got stunners.


Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels WWF Championship

Bret screws Bret. HBK wins.  New champion.



A completely forgettable and skippable show if the Screwjob hadn't happened.  And watching the show, it sure seems like a work.  JR mentions multiple times through out the show that it is likely Bret's last night in the company.  Tons of signs to the same effect.  The show STARTS with JR basically saying something controversial is going to happen in the main event.  Vince and Sarge are asked early in the show about the match for some reason.  At the start of the match, all the refs, agents, and Vince are out there. It seems pretty Russoy.  The ultimate worked shoot that turned into a shooted worked shoot work, brother.  Whatever.  Everyone won.  Bret got to go to WCW and make wonderful faces for a lot of money.  Shawn got to do a lot of drugs. Vince and the WWF made a ton of money. Seems like a win win win situation to me.