WCW Superbrawl 2 (1992)

Tony Schiavone and Eric Bischoff welcome us to the show. Eric believes that the Steiners are going to eat Eaton/Arn's lunches tonight. As they run down the card, it sounds pretty dope.

TO THE BACK. Missy Hyatt tells everyone she's going to be doing interviews tonight. No shit. You do that every PPV.

JR is in the ring and brings out the newest member of the WCW announce team...JESSE VENTURA! Fuck yeah. He comes out on a motorcycle, actually driving it himself instead of riding bitch like LOD. Jesse suggests that JR should wear a cowboy hat.

Brian Pillman vs Jushin Liger WCW Light Heavyweight Championship

Sweet way to open the show. Much better than Michael fucking Hayes. Jesse is stoked to be able to see Liger in person. Indie respek stand off. At least it was a new thing in the US in 1992. Pillman's game plan tonight is to keep things on the mat and try to keep Liger from using his aerial offense. Liger reminds Jesse of the Predator. He was in that movie, you know. Pillman hits a head scissors out of the corner and follows up with a baseball slide. When Liger gets back in the ring, he takes Brian to the mat. Pillman has somewhat of a cheap break to it. Big chop. Standing moonsault off the top from Liger. Pillman bails and Liger does a fake out dive. Fans are into him. So is Jesse. Pillman goes back to the mat. Liger makes a few attempts at the Romero Special. Dropkick in the corner. Pillman fires back with a crucifix. Fuuuuuck. Brian hits a back drop drivaaah that was shown during a wide shot, but looked rough. Pillman misses a knee in the corner and Liger goes after the damaged wheel. Figure four! They trade slaps while in the hold. It's reversed and then they roll to the ropes. Back to the knee. Brian stands up out of a half crab and hits an enziguri. Spinning head scissors. Pillman is back dropped to the floor. Liger follows up with a top rope tope, which JR calls a moonsault. They struggle for a suplex on the apron. Pillman ends up hitting Air Pillman, dumping Liger out on the other side, and hitting a dive of his own. Brian attempts Air Pillman off the apron, only to hit the guard rail. In the ring, he catches a crossbody with a drop kick. Then he attempts a missile dropkick, which is also met with a dropkick. Both go for spin wheel kicks at the same time. Powerslam from Pillman. Great German suplex from Liger. Brian counters a superplex and hits the top rope crossbody for a near fall. Ligerbomb! 2 count! Man, I really want a stiff koppo kick right about now. A second Ligerbomb is countered into a rana for another near fall. DDT from Pillman. Rope break. Mid ring collision. Liger gets the superplex. Nearest of near falls. Diving headbutt misses. Pillman scores a wacky roll up. New champion! Standing ovation.


TO THE HYATT. Missy is speaking with Terrance Taylor, who is wearing a shameless Million Dollar Man tux rip off. Shameful shit, WCW.

Terrance Taylor vs Marcus Alexander Bagwell

There was a special ring announcer. It's some college guy who won a contest. It looks like he's wearing a a tux...until you see he's wearing shorts and orange wrestling shoes. Taylor had offered to be Buff's mentor, but Buff wasn't down for it. The "Taylor Made Man" doesn't like Buff out wrestling him. A big right hand puts the Rooster on his ass. The fight goes to the ramp, where Taylor is dumped back in. Top rope cross body. It's kind of weird that the last PPV was only 2 months ago and had a match where Taylor was put over as being one of the most underrated guys in wrestling and someone who could not only hang, but nearly beat the champ on multiple occasions and even got the fans on his side for a match, and then he went right back to total mid card stuff like this. It seemed like they were going to try to elevate him a bit, but I guess it was a one night thing. Rooster is trying to give Buff a wrasslin lesson. Dr. Bomb. Fans seem to be on his side, too. Superfly Splash nearly gets the win. I don't think Jesse cares too much for young Buff, as the nicest thing he can say is that Buff's hair stays in place even on the mat. Perfect neck snap. Roll up OUTTA NOWHERE gives Buff the win! Taylor laid him out with a DDT after the match.

TO THE HYATT. Missy is outside of Lex Luger's locker room. She gets a few words with Harley Race. Harley says Lex is in the best shape of his life and will still be the champion tomorrow night.

Cactus Jack vs Ron Simmons

Cactus reminds Jesse of Pat Buchanan. About a minute in, Cactus hangs himself in the ropes. It heads to the floor and Cactus gets his ass kicked. Cactus gets back into it with a back elbow and lariato. JYD is hanging out in the crowd in a white tux with a red bow tie. Double arm DDT. Back to the floor. I imagine the Mick Foley of 1992 would absolutely take a Ron Simmons spinebuster on the floor. Let's see if that happens. Cactus Elbow from the second rope. Ron misses and then hits a dropkick. Ron misses a football tackle and goes flying to the ramp. Spinebuster on the ramp! Close enough. He recovers quickly, though. He was in control when they got back to the ring. Simmons wins by catching Cactus with a powerslam. Abby came out after the match and continued his head hunting ways by smashing the fuck out of Ron's head with his stick. JYD hops the railing, takes out some security guards, and saves Simmons.


Van Hammer/Z-Man vs Vinnie Vegas/Richard Morton

Jesse thinks Hammer looks like a fucking idiot, but the fans are getting a We Will Rock You stomp going. Hammer and Morton start the match. Vegas tags in. Nash went from whatever the fuck Oz was supposed to be to a Vegas lounge comedian. He tried for a leap frog and Hammer did a flying headbutt to the junk at the same time. From Liger/Pillman to Nash vs Hammer. Nash counters 10 count punches by just picking Hammer up and running him into the other corner. It didn't matter as Nash got hit with a lariato and then a missile dropkick from Zenk. Morton is in and the pace picks up a bit. Morton is knocked to the floor. Pescado. Hip toss on the floor. The big men come back in. Back drop drivaah from Nash. Short arm lariato. Big face buster. Wish Nash would have followed that up with the worm. BIG fucking boot. I can't believe that this match is going so long. And that it isn't that bad. And that I have so many Nash gifs. I can't believe WCW did so little with Nash. He was huge, young, good looking, athletic for his size, and could talk. I guess JCP/NWA/WCW never really pushed the big guys like Vince, so I suppose it was natural that they didn't know what the fuck to do with the guy. Despite being in great shape and very athletic, Zenk is just not coordinated at all. He pins Morton with a sunset flip out of the corner.


Dustin Rhodes/Barry Windham vs Steve Austin/Larry Zbyszko

Jesse immediately starts talking about Madusa's tits. Jesse the King Ventura. The match starts with all four brawling. It looks like Austin and Rhodes will officially start. Dustin gets thrown off of a monkey flip. Austin goes up top and is caught with a lariato. Tag to Barry. Dropkick. I wish Barry wasn't such a flake. He would have been the GOAT. Larry is tagged in and a spin kick knocks Barry to the ramp. He attempts a piledriver and is reversed, then hit with a lariato and thrown back in. Another lariato in the ring. DDT. I love Barry's DDT. Everything he does looks so natural and effortless. Dustin is tagged in and tries to break Larry's arm, just like he and Arn did to Barry. Dope gut wrench suplex from Barry. Barry goes for a Gotch-style piledriver only for Austin to blast him with a lariato. They get Barry out to the floor and give his balls a working over on the railing. Big short arm lariato from Austin. Dustin/Austin matches always have a ton of lairatooos. I love it. Barry misses one and goes flying to the floor. Larry throws him nose first into the guard rail. I bet that fucking hurt. Getting hit in the nose is the worst. I'd rather get kicked in the balls. Neck breaker from Larry. Good back suplex from Austin. Those trunks. That hair. Stunning is the right adjective. LOL at Jesse ragging on Oklahoma football by saying it is the only college where their players take a pay cut to go to the NFL. JR's response was along the lines of, "Well....Minnesota sucks at football". Barry is trying to fight back. As he's starting to get some momentum, he and Larry collide in the center of the ring. Hot tag to Dustin. Lariatoooo. Austin came right back with one that hit Dustin right in the mouth. I believe Barry hit Larry with a DDT on the ramp. Larry hit one of his own on Dustin in the ring. Madusa gives Goldy a slap, so he goes after her. Austin followed him and drilled him with another lariato in the face. Tea bag to the back of the neck. Double heat in this one. More lariatos. It's like Austin and Dustin want to see who cna throw more at each other. Larry's goofy ass jumping up is so funny. You know he thought that made him look super athletic. Ref of course misses the pin. Dustin hits Austin with the Stun Gun. That's Austin's move! Hot tag to Barry. Lariatoooo. Larry shoves off a superplex. Dustin shoves Larry off the ropes. Flying lariatooo from Barry gets the win. Man, I love well executed Southern tag wrasslin.


Eric is such a suck up. He's now wearing a Michigan letterman's jacket and hyping up the Steiners, but he's impartial. Fuck you, Eric.

TO THE HYATT. Missy gets a word with a ninja, who takes her to Ricky Steamboat's locker room. Ricky was doing some stuff with a candle and flash paper when Madusa walked by. She wants to see Steamboat. The ninja isn't having any of that shit. She even offered him sushi. She slapped the ninja and the ninja chased her away.

Steiner Brothers vs Arn Anderson/Bobby Eaton WCW Tag Team Championships

The new boss in WCW, Kip Frye, has decided that Paul E. will be banned from ringside. Even from the beginning, WCW had some weird thing about mentioning their real bosses and when they changed for some reason. No one cares who the executive VP is. Bobby and Scotty begin. I can feel Jesse's annoyance at JR not giving him anything to work with. He says stuff and JR ignores it or just brushes it off. So Jesse ends up having to keep the conversation going with himself. Scott starts out with a series of amateur take downs. Bobby gets tired of that shit and hits a neck breaker. He goes up top only to get caught in a belly to belly when he comes down. "Hey, these guys can wrestler, but what I'm saying is these guys are real stupid, though." That was after JR wouldn't play along with JR. Arn gets tagged in and taunts Rick. Rick gets the tag. He some how gets Arn to back himself balls first into the ring post. Powerslam. Arn takes a powder. Scott is back in. Dude bridges out of a top wrist lock. Rick hits a double Steinerline to send the heels to the floor. Cheap shot gets Scott to the floor, but he out smarts the heels anyway. Jesse is really pissed at Kip Frye being a dictator, so we get a brief politics talk. Dragon sleeper from Scotty. He gets backed into the corner and then out to the ramp. Tiltawhirl slam on the ramp! Too bad the camera man was in the way for most of it. Tags are made. Bobby was briefly in control until he got hit with a Doomsday Device. A top rope Steinerline by Rick is countered with an atomic drop. Looks like they're going to work Rick's arm for a while. They should work the one he uses to throw Steinerlines. Rick hits a belly to belly as Scott hits a vertical suplex. Another vertical. Arn gets so desperate that he throws Scotty headfirst into Bobby's head. Anything to slow him down. It works and Bobby is able to follow up with a top rope knee drop. DDT from Arn. Scotty is firmly in FIP role here. Rocket launcher on the ramp. The ramp has seen a whole lot of action tonight. Hot tag to Rick. Steinerlines everywhere. They try the "Rick catches a guy in a powerslam out of a Doomsday Device" spot, but kind of messed it up. Fans didn't realize it was a counter until Rick made the pin. Top rope bulldog to Arn. Eaton breaks the pin with a stomp to the head. Madusa gets some cocaine, which is thrown in Rick's eyes. This makes him accidentally throw Randy Anderson. He then throws Arn over the top rope. A second ref comes out in time to count the pin off a Frankensteiner. New champions! Nick Patrick comes out and all three refs talk. The decision is over turned due to disqualification. Same champions! Dusty Finish!


TO THE HYATT. She lets us know the ninja is back and walks Ricky Steamboat out of his locker room.

Rick Rude vs Ricky Steamboat WCW US Championship

Fans are all over Rude. He can't even get his spiel out. Aggressive lock up has them rolling all over the ropes. Rude tries a dirty break in the corner and gets decked for it. Arm drag! Double handed choke. Face buster. Rude is caught off guard. Ricky keeps the arm bar on for a while. He uses the ring post. Jesse makes JR say it was a cheap shot, which JR does admit, but then tries to bring up something that happened in the past, which Jesse shuts down immediately. The tide turns and Rude just lays some forearms in. Ricky kicks the arm and goes back to an arm bar. Hammerlock bodyslam. Drop down/leap frog spot ends in a cross body and Ricky going back to the arm bar. They botch a crossbody over the ropes spot. It actually looked like it probably hurt worse that way than both falling over the ropes. They head out anyway. Stun gun on the guard rail. Rude is unable to do much with his left arm now. Outside in suplex. Almost turned into a brainbuster. He instinctively throws a lariatoo with the bad arm and instantly regrets it. Ricky telegraphs a back drop and gets kicked and hit with another lariato. Another stun gun. Spinning neckbreaker. Not quite the Rude Awakening. Piledriver. Belly to back suplex. Dragon barely kicks out. Ricky gets out of a side headlock with a knee breaker and quickly applies a figure four. It's broken. Rude shoves off the second attempt and hits a Northern lariatoo. Top rope punch. Rude can't even properly do a double bicep. LOL "There's no money in body building." JR with the ice cold WBF burn. Camel clutch. Steamer stands up into an electric chair. Rude locks on a sleeper. Come on ref, that's clearly a choke. Steamboat gets out and locks on one of his own. Jaw breaker. Rude gets caught going up top. Superplex. Rude barely kicks out. Lariatos from Steamer. Enziguri...ish. It was to the back. Ricky does the hip swivel! That's how NXT got Richie Steamboat. Seated lariato. Flapjack Norton. Top rope chop. Steamboat is feeling it. He's on the verge of winning the title. The ninja hits Steamboat with a cell phone. MY GOODNESS WHATTA SWERVE! Title retained.


TO THE HYATT. Missy tries to get a word with Rude. When she opens the locker room door, she sees Paul E. under the ninja costume. Well, no shit.

Sting vs Lex Luger WCW Championship

Lex's contract was up and he would be joining the WBF as a way to get around his no-compete clause. For about the last month, Lex had barely been on TV. The first 2 minutes or so are just them standing in the center of the ring and talking. It's awkward. Definitely a strange atmosphere. I'm not sure if the fans knew Lex was leaving or what. He doesn't seem happy to be there, that's for sure. Lex finally shoves Sting and they have to be separated in the corner. Stinger Splash early. Lex no sells it and runs through Sting. Powerslam. Sting blocks the torture rack, hits a German suplex, and puts Lex in the rack. Huge jumping DDT from Sting. Lex gets to the ropes before the Scorpion get be locked in. Lex is back in control and he's gassed. Probably because he hasn't been wrestling for a month and put on some weight on top of it. Sting gets pissed and just starts choking Lex. As the ref is trying to break it up, Lex hits a low blow like a dick head. Inverted atomic drop. Press slam. Piledriver. God, Lex fucking sucks at the piledriver. Why the fuck didn't someone pull him aside to either tell him to knock it off or teach him how to do it? It's as shitty or worse than Crush's terrible piledriver. Sting tries to fight back, but he's out on his feet. He gets a second win and starts throwing a series of discus punches. Sting tries...something and goes over the top rope. Old man Harley tries piledriver on the floor and gets back dropped. Sting wins with a top rope cross body. New champion! This was a weird match. Lex looked like he really didn't want to be there, they spent a long time just standing there talking to each other, and then there was the same awkward standing around after the match. Lex got up and left pretty much immediately and Sting just stood there.

This was a good show. Dustin/Barry vs Austin/Larry was my favorite match, but Steamboat/Rude was really good, Pillman/Liger was fun, Steiners vs Arn/Bobby was good but not as good as you'd expect. Z-Man/Hammer vs Nash/Morton was weirdly enjoyable and the fans were really into it for some reason. Taylor/Buff was decent. Everything was decent. The strongest WCW PPV since GAB 1989.