WCW SuperBrawl 1991

JR and Dusty! One of the best teams.

Fabulous Freebirds vs Young Pistols WCW US Tag Team Championships

Literally the worst way to open a PPV. Why would the Freebirds need two managers? Why was Oliver Humperdink used at all in WWF/WCW during this period when he couldn't even talk? The worst news of all is that there are no chapters so I can't freely skip ahead and know where I'm going. I have no idea why the Birds went with 80s hair metal band looks after GNR and then grunge were breaking at the time. The only thing of note here is that Brad Armstrong came out at the beginning of the match to run Big Daddy Dink off, then came back at the end of the match dressed up like a black bird in pink pants to help the Freebirds win the match. New champions.

Ricky Morton vs Dan Spivey

Dan Spivey looks like a legitimately crazy person. I don't know why he never made it in the US. He was doing a lot of shit that no one else was doing in the US at the time, he was big, and he wasn't just a big stiff in the ring. Morton tries to use his speed, but Spivey is too much for him. He hits a killer DDT and a Razor's Edge. Fall away slam. Big leg drop. Spivey wins with a powerbomb in basically a 3 minute squash.

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Tony and Missy Hyatt speak with the Z-Man, who has been out with an injury. Tony's yoyo dieting makes me concerned for his health in 2014. It seems like he gains or loses 15-20 pounds between every PPV. We're then shown clips of Stan Hansen running Missy from the locker room at WrestleWar.

Tommy Rich vs Nikita Koloff

Another more or less Saturday Night style squash match. Russian Sickle for the easy win.

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Tony speaks with Johnny B. Badd! By the way JR and Dusty are talking, I believe this is Johnny's on screen debut. "I'm so pretty I should have been born a little girrrrrl."

Dustin Rhodes vs Terrance Taylor

Dustin is undefeated so far in WCW. The Big Cat has become Mr. Hughes and is the bodyguard for Marlena and her computer. Dustin out wrestles Taylor. Taylor goes to the computer/calculator thing for advice. Dustin looks like he's in much better shape than at WrestleWar. Great recovery of Dustin going for an elbow while Terry went for a crossbody, and Dustin turning it into a side headlock. Smooth beyond his years. An early version of Dustin's missed crossbody bump. Didn't have quite the impact when he rolls out to the ramp instead of the floor. Knee drop from Taylor. Dustin fires up. Lariatoooo. Bulldog! Marlena shows Nick Patrick some text based porn I think, which distracts him long enough for Taylor to recover. Mr. Hughes grabbed Dustin and then accidentally hit Taylor. Dustin wins.

Black Bart vs Big Josh

Before he was Doink, he was Big Josh. And he came out with upright walking bears. One of which was pissing as it walked. Very short. Doink wins.

TO THE DANGER ZONE. Paul E. claims to be the only cowboy in New York. Which means he's dressed in a pink probably Hugo Boss shirt tucked into white Bermuda shorts and wearing a cowboy hat. He brings out Stan Hansen. Stan doesn't believe Paul to be a real cowboy. He came to the show because he wants to fight someone. The mic keeps cutting out so Paul quits the job. "He should have brought Missy Hyatt out. She would have straightened him right up." Oh, JR.

Oz vs Tim Parker

Fuck. This has a wizard, a castle, a tin man, a lion, a scarecrow, and a Dorthy. And a monkey in a diaper. This might be the dumbest shit I've ever seen in wrestling. It's all in green lighting and Kevin Nash is wearing I believe the same wizard mask as the Wizard and Kevin Sullivan keeps screaming WELCOME TO OZ. Nash wins with the whirly bird in about 30 seconds. Dusty goes on and on out how awesome this was and how it knocked his socks off. It was probably his idea. And it was garbage. And right before it, a lumberjack came out with bears.

TO THE BACK. Missy again tries to get an interview in the locker room. She gets to chat with Terry Taylor. She's looking for the Z-Man because she wants to fuck him bad. She goes to the shower and instead finds Stan Hansen in his boxers. He chases her out again.

Brian Pillman vs Barry Windham Taped Fist Match

Poor Barry. He had to get the Sting hair cut for ONE NIGHT and now is trying to grow it back out and it looks so stupid. Brian gets off to an early start, knocking Barry on his ass multiple times and throwing fists. Barry gets a rope break in the corner and starts throwing heavy shots to the body. Barry gets dropkicked off the top rope and falls all the way to the floor. Pillman comes out with a punch to the floor. It busted Barry open. A leverage move sends Brian face first into the ring post, and it appears he is also busted open. Back to the ring and then to the ramp. Barry drops Brian face first onto the railing from the ramp. Brian comes back with a spinning heel kick. A thumb to the eye stops all that and Barry tries to further open the cut. Great back suplex. Both men collide heads in the center of the ring. Pillman goes up top. Barry hits a low blow and superplex for the win.

TO THE DIAMOND MINE. What the fuck. TWO talk show segments on a PPV? It's no wonder no one thought DDP could ever draw any money. GOOD GAWD. He throws to a Sting/Lex promo. He then brings out his new guy, the Diamond Stud AKA Scott Hall. Terrible.

El Gigante vs Sid Stretcher Match

Who the fuck booked this show? Why in the fuck would you book these two against each other? Why would you book two talk show segments on a PPV? Why would you have a lumberjack come out with bears? Why would you have a Wizard of Oz character, complete with Dorothy/Tin Man/Lion/Scarecrow and a dude in a wizard mask, which is the same mask Oz wears? It's crazy seeing Sid look like a small person. Gigante wins with a claw pin in like 90 seconds. In a stretcher match. Kevin Sullivan and the One Man Gang hit the ring after the match and get beaten up. OMG gets put on the stretcher. Sullivan throws powder in Gigante's face. Then they run off when he recovers.

Butch Reed vs Ron Simmons Steel Cage Match

In addition, Teddy Long is in a shark cage. Why they gotta put all these black men in cages? Shit is racist as fuck. Very boring. Ron got busted open. Butch Reed was just not good at all in the WWF or WCW. I've seen some stuff of him in Mid South and thought he was pretty good, but he never showed it in the big time. Ron won with a spinebuster.

Steiner Brothers vs Sting/Lex Luger WCW World Tag Team Championships

The two top face tag teams. Should be fun. The belts are still the NWA titles, but all the titles were changed over to WCW sometime in the last 6 months. Rick and Lex start the match. Even exchange. Rick bounces off a shoulder block and is caught in a powerslam for a near fall. Rick comes back with a German suplex and Steinerline. Lex comes firing back with a big ass lariatooo. Press slam and a tag to Sting. Sting sends Rick to the floor with a lariatoo and follows with an awesome plancha. Big bulldog. Inverted Oklahoma stampede. Rick dodges the Stinger Splash and makes the tag. Tiger Driver. Tiltawhirl slam. Sting comes back with a hot shot. Tag to Lex. Vertical suplex. Scott doesn't give a shit. Sting is back in and hit with a belly to belly superplex. He sits Sting on the ropes and tries to lariato him off, only for Sting to move and Scott to slam on the announce table. Lex is back with another vertical suplex. Amateur throw. Another Lex powerslam. He's calling for the torture rack. Instead, he does the worst Russian leg sweep I've seen in a long time. Scott landed on him. JR tried to say it was countered, but I think Lex just fucked it up. Blind tag to Rick. As Lex taunts, he's hit with the top rope bulldog. As Rick taunts, Sting comes in with a missile dropkick. Rick attacks Sting from behind. Lex and Rick collide in the center of the ring. Tags are made. Huge suplex/slam thing from Sting. Tombstone! Rick breaks the pin. Lex tackles Rick and the ref out of the ring. Stinger Splash. Nikita Koloff comes out. He tries to hit Lex with the chain. Sting shoved Lex out of the way and took the blow. Scott got the pin. Titles retained. Man, this was fun as fuck. Top two face teams just throwing bombs the entire time. I would say this was definitely the best match Lex has been in and one of the best from Sting and the Steiners as well.

TO THE BACK. Sting runs to the back and attacks Nikita as he's talking with Tony. They fight all the way outside.

Bobby Eaton vs Arn Anderson WCW TV Championship

Fans are solidly behind Bobby. This is the first solo championship match for Eaton. At least in NWA/WCW. They go to chain wrestling right away, trading head scissors and headlocks only for Bobby to stop it with a big right hand. Arn can't believe that punch. Stiff lariatooo from Bobby. Arn takes a cheap shot and gets Bobby on the apron and does a Rocket Launcher to the ramp. He then goes for a piledriver, which is countered with a back drop. Arn is back dropped back in. Double ax handle. Another cheap shot. Arn wraps Bobby's leg around the ring post multiple times. Arn continues to focus on the knee. Bobby shoves him off and sends Arn into all three levels of turnbuckles. Arn just punches the knee to stop any momentum. Big punches are all Bobby can do right now. Arn is tearing the leg up. Desperation suplex from Eaton. Vader Bomb is countered as it always is. Spinebuster! Bobby kicks out! He fires up and hits a neckbreaker. He goes up for the Alabama Jam. Barry Windham runs out to shove him off the ropes only for Brian PIllman to stop him. New champion! It's a shame that the camera completely missed the pin as it was focused on Pillman chasing Barry away. Eaton wins his first singles title. Really liked this match.

TO THE BACK. Tony stands outside of Tatsumi Fujinami's locker room as he gets warmed up for his match. He gets a brief statement from Hiro Matsuda.

Ric Flair vs Tatsumi Fujinami WCW and NWA Championships

At the WCW/NJPW show, Fujinami defeated Flair. The NWA recognized their title changing hands, but WCW did not as Flair was back dropped over the top rope, which was a violation of WCW rules. And this all came about because WCW started recognizing their own titles instead of NWA ones in late 1990 or early 1991. NWA still recognized Flair as the NWA Champion. Wrestling is weird. Flair comes out with a butler, chef, driver, and maid and puts his Rolex on a silver tray because he's rich and shit. There are two refs for this. NJPW's senior referee Tiger Hattori and Bill Alfonzo. Oh, and Fujinami was announced as the IWGP Champion and there were no mentions of the NWA Championship being on the line even though the NWA said it was. I don't get any of it. Wrestling is serious business. Flair gets Fujinami in the corner and unloads chops. Fuji responds with some of his own and a back drop. Bow and arrow from Fujinami. Boston crab. Deathlock. Flair gets out and hits a slam/suplex thing. Flying burrito! I wonder what Jesse would have called Fujinami doing a flying forearm. Another one. Kind of. Looked like it mostly missed. He does another one that sends Flair over the top rope. On the floor, the Dragon gets crotched on the guard rail. Flair beings the leg work back in the ring. Figure four. It's reversed. What the fuck, Fonzie pushes Flair off the ropes. Chop battle. Scorpion Deathlock. Belly to black suplex. Flair hits one of his own. Fujinami has trouble doing a bridge spot. They eventually just give up on it. It goes back to the floor. Flair is sent into the railing and post and is busted open. Flair hit a chop to the back. Fucked up Flair Flip. Lol, Flair totally fucks up an Oklahoma roll and then tries to sell it like he fucked up because he was dizzy. He then rolls to the floor and Flops. Then he's slammed off the top. Octopus! There is a pool of blood puddling under Flair. Gross. Flair gets out of the hold with a hip toss. Tiger gets bumped and Fonzie jumps in to count the roll up Flair had. Title retained/regained. And to make things even more confusing, the NWA and WCW were using the same physical belt to represent their titles. This comes into play in the next WCW PPV.

What a tale of two companies. The last three matches were really good to awesome, while the first part of the show had 2 talk show segments, everything with Oz, a bunch of squash matches, Michael Hayes, and general stupid bullshit.

Lex/Sting vs Steiners is rad and everyone should watch it.

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