WWF Over The Edge: In Your House 5/31/98


The opening video starts with footage of dictators. This is also the first appearance of the Brawl For All riff. A little slower and in a lower key, but it's there. So much pyro, god damn.

LOD 2000 vs Disciples of Apocalypse

Fuck my life. DOA are now heels. Droz is with LOD, but has yet to gain his paint and spikes. LOD win in a terrible match.

The Rock comes to the ring and shits on beers and brats, but he understands why everyone in Milwaukee drinks after seeing their women. Faarooq doesn't even wait for his entrance as the match was scheduled for later in the show.  But it's going to happen right now. Faarooq tried a piledriver on a chair, but accidentally moved the chair. It was still a dope piledriver. The Nation runs Faarooq off and wait around for medical staff to attend to Rock. They don't even do shit. Owen has to put the neck brace on Rock.

TO THE COLE. Cole talks with Austin. Austin doesn't trust anybody and it doesn't mean a god damn dick to him who is out there trying to fuck him over.

Jeff Jarrett vs Steve Blackman

Blackman gets off to a quick start, but it doesn't last long. Blackman looks like such a bad mother fucker, but he wasn't a good wrestler. Even most of his strikes didn't look very good. Al Snow and Head join the Spanish Announce Team. JJ wins in an uninteresting match after Blackman was knocked off the top rope by Col. Parker.

Marc Mero vs Sable

Mero lays down for Sable, but then SWERVES her with a small package.  Mero wins!  Due to the stipulation, Sable must now leave the WWF.

TO THE COLE. Michael talks with Sable, who holds back tears and says goodbye.

TO THE CUNT. Dok is with the Nation. Rock is in a neck brace. Dok lets Rock know that Sarge declared Rock must defend his title tonight or he will forfeit it.


Taka Michinoku/Bradshaw vs Kaientai

The match starts with Bradshaw using Taka like a javelin. Funaki don't want none of JBL. Neither does anyone else. It's going to be ugly when he gets a hold of one of them. JR admits that the light heavyweight division isn't shit and still needs to be formulated. Maybe they should have formulated it before crowning a champion. Taka does a moonsault to the floor on Funaki and appears to bounce sternum first off the corner of the guard rails in the process. Teioh hit a DOPE tossing butterfly suplex right after he hit a dope big boot. Then Togo hit a dope snap powerslam. Snap Shot! "Bradshaw's a horse!" Kaientai is dope. They've been beating the breaks off of Taka. That hot tag is going to be monstrous when JBL powerbombs a 180 pounds dude and tries to clotheslines a dude 8 inches shorter than him. Hot tag! Big boots for everyone. Powerbomb to Funaki. But Dick Togo hit JBL in the Dick Togo. Funaki eats a lariato, Togo gets booted, and Teioh gets crushed with a release tiger suplex. In the confusion of Yamaguchi coming out, Togo pins Taka with the top rope senton. This was definitely the most fun match of the show so far.

TO THE BACK. Sable slowly walks out of the building, still in her ring gear.

Faarooq vs The Rock WWF Intercontinental Championship

Rock's music plays twice. He doesn't come out. Sarge comes out and gives Rock 10 seconds to make it out or Faarooq would be handed the title. Sarge stopped his count at 1 when Rock's music started, but Rock didn't come out for another 5 or 6 seconds, so Rock should definitely be stripped of the title. They have a short (5 minutes) and uneventful match. Faarooq thought he won the match, but Rock had his foot on the ropes. Rock then won with a roll up with his feet on the ropes. Faarooq does two piledrivers after the match.  The Nation hit the ring and hit Faarooq. DX hit the ring to brawl with the Nation. Kind of weird to do the "in ring confrontation earlier in the show" twice on a PPV.


Kane vs Vader Máscara contra Máscara

Vader has been taking his mask off in the ring frequently for 8 years at this point. His mask doesn't even cover 50% of his face. What a stupid stipulation. All because his face is now extra gross after that wrench attack back in February, despite the complete lack of scars or deformities from said wrench attack. Vader has slightly different gear after his 3 months off. Didn't lose any weight in that time, that's for sure. This match has none of the heat or stiffness from the No Way Out match. Vader leaves the ring to get a giant wrench. He hits Kane a few times with it, although not once in the head. Seems like that'd be the first place you'd hit someone with a giant wrench that hit you in the head with a giant wrench not too long ago. Moonsault misses. Tombstone for the win. Vader is forced to unmask the face that he has been unmasking since his pro debut. His face has absolutely zero of these "hideous" scars from the reconstructive surgery. Paul got to wear Vader's mask after the match and dance around. Cole spoke with Vader after the match. Vader cries, says maybe Vader Time is over, and calls himself a big fat piece of shit.

Michael Cole brings out DA CRUSHER and Mad Dog Vachon. Crusher was still over as fuck in Milwaukee. They're presented the same type of plaques that the St. Louis guys got at Ground Zero. King talks all over their speeches, bitching about how old and stupid they are, and how boring this is. He then leaves the table to interrupt. He heels on humans and animals missing legs. Crusher hits King with the bolo punch and King runs away. King then goes back to the ring, takes his jacket off, and steals Mad Dog's leg. He gets punched again, chased around the ring by a shirtless Crusher, throws the leg, and bails again. Then he came back AGAIN and got hit with the leg.


D-Generation X vs Nation of Domination

Is this a war of attrition match as well?  It's amazing how much mass Billy has put on since February. D'Lo and Road Dogg begin. X-Pac has yet to been cleared to wrestle, although that it allegedly coming within the next 30 days. Within the last month, DX has turned face and Owen turned heel, joining the Nation in the process. Wrestling is weird like that. Not much of interest here. It's fine, but unremarkable in every way. There are even a few scattered boring chants. "JR, were your parents siblings?" "X-Pac is cool." Road Dogg plays FIP for most of the match. Spike piledriver to D'Lo on the tag title. In the chaos of everyone brawling on the outside, Owen gives HHH a pedigree on the same title to get the win for his team. D'Lo is definitely the highlight of the match, and really just about every Nation match unless Rock is really on one that night.

TO THE CUNT. Dok is with Vince and The Stooges. Vince is the special ref for the main event. Patterson and Brisco will be ring announcer and time keeper as well. "By my hand only will this match end." If Austin touches him, he will strip Austin of the title and award it to Dude Love.

Steve Austin vs Dude Love WWF Championship Special Guest Referee: Vince McMahon

Vince, The Stooges, and Dude Love get the longest entrances. Like 5 minutes each. There ends up being over 20 minutes of pre-match stuff. Right before Vince rings the bell, Taker comes out to make sure there are no shenanigans during the match.

Very loud VINCE IS GAY chant starts up.  Dude's false teeth fall out and Austin stomps them. "Dude has lost his smile." JR came back to that to shit on King for it. THESZ PRESS RIGHT HAND RIGHT HAND. Things head to the floor momentarily where Austin gets sent hip/ribs first into the steps. Dude sticks on focusing on those in the ring. Things head back to the floor and Austin is thrown over the Spanish announce table. Patterson announces this is now a NO DQ match!  Austin throws Dude into Brisco. Mick gets lariatoed over the railing while sitting on it. Vince now makes it a falls count anywhere match. Things head up to the stage area, which is full of junked cars. Austin gets back dropped on the hood of one. Foley takes the Stun Gun on one. Lol Dude does a sunset flip from the hood of a car. So goofy. Austin has been busted open at some point. Cactus Elbow off a car! It misses. Foley uncharacteristically landed feet first to break his fall. Things get back to the ring and Dude is still in control. Austin has had some flurries of offense, but nothing sustained. Austin kicks out of a double arm DDT on a chair. The then grabs the chair and slams it on the ropes. The chair ricocheted and hit him in the face. That ended up being a spot both Rock and DDP would use in 1999. He then baseball swings and crushes Foley's head. Vince won't count the pin! THAT SON OF A BITCH As he's arguing with Vince, Dude grabbed a chair and tried to hit Austin. Austin ducked and down goes Vince. Stunner! Mike Chioda hits the ring. Patterson pulls him out and decks him. Mandible claw! Patterson jumps in the ring to count the pin. Taker pulls him out and chokeslams him through the announce table. Brisco tries the same thing and gets his own chokeslam. Another stunner in the ring. Austin counts the pin with Vince's own hand. Austin wins! Title retained. What an over booked cluster fuck. Taker and Austin have a stare down after the match. So much fuckery

 As usual, the midcard brings little to nothing to the table, and the main event, while fun, was noticeably less good than the Austin/Dude match at Unforgiven. It was fun for all the Vince/Stooges shenanigans, but the match itself was a big step down. The highlight of the show was Bradshaw annihilating Kaientai. That match in general was probably the most fun of the night, although Vince's shenanigans are always FnP.