WWF Over The Edge 5/23/99

This show was never made available for home viewing due to the death of Owen Hart taking place during the show. With the WWE Network, this is the first time the show has ever been made available to view since the original PPV broadcast.

X-Pac/Kane vs D'Lo Brown/Mark Henry WWF Tag Team Championships

Why is Mark wrestling in dress clothes? The last time D'Lo/Mark were on a PPV together, they were faces. Now they're heels again. I will say that Mark press slamming Kane and Kane throwing dropkicks was pretty impressive. Mark at some point busted his face or head or mouth or nose open. Something. Working with the Kid must have motivated Kane, because in addition to the dropkick, he did moves like a reverse suplex and a plancha. Kane pinned Mark with the chokeslam. Titles retained.


TO THE COLE. An update on Vince: His injury from Heat may prevent him from being the second ref in the main event tonight.

TO THE HERMIE. Hardcore Holly talks about his childhood imaginary friend, Little Joe.

Hardcore Holly vs Al Snow WWF Hardcore Championship

The match starts with a botch, with Al getting his head stuck under the top rope somehow. Off to a great start. Bob tries to use a fire extinguisher. He doesn't know how to use it. Al does. Things quickly head to the crowd, the concessions, and even the lady's restroom for a moment. HE'S GOTTA FUNNEL CAKE! Back to the ring. Al won with a powerbomb through a table. Title retained. Not interesting in the least, even for a hardcore match.


TO THE COLE. The Stooges give another update on Vince. An ambulance is on the way.

Jeff Jarret/Debra vs Val Venis/Nicole Bass

Val botches his promo, saying Kansas is the show me state. That's Missouri, pal. I'm not sure this match is fair. Nicole is bigger than Jeff. This is the first match for both women. Debra actually takes it to Bass, despite wearing big heels for some reason. Owen's fall happened before this match. The pre-match promo and immediate aftermath have been cut out of this, but King and JR sound awfully distracted and the crowd is subdued. Until the tits come out. Savages. They just watched a dude die and they're popping for tits. Val pinned Jeff with the Money Shot. Nicole forced herself on Val after the match. Val liked it.


TO THE BACK. Vince is being carted out. Shane shit talks. Maybe cut that angle after someone really just got taken out in an ambluance and died.

Billy Gunn vs Road Dogg

Both got pre-match promos. Billy compared Roadie to a bad case of the clap. This is weird. For obvious reasons. No heat from anyone. I'm pretty sure Road Dogg said something about Owen in his promo, but it was cut out. Billy won with the Fameasser, but this was nothing. Pretty obvious both guys were more worried about their friend than this match.

TO THE COLE. Cole is with Shane, who is going to be the sole special ref for the main event now. He'll call it down the middle.

Corporate Ministry vs The UNION

Elimination Tag Match

God damn, Test is BRUTAL. Holy fuck was he bad. He's eliminated with the Clothesline from Hell. Bradshaw taps out to the ankle lock. King is basically silent for the first 5 minutes of the match. Crowd isn't into this. The wrestlers definitely aren't. Boss Man in particular. Ken belly to bellied the ref like a dip shit and got disqualified. Chokeslam eliminates Faarooq. Boss Man leaves after a shoulder block from Show. Show follows him and brings him back. This is bad, but again, understandably so. Show and Viscera fight to the back and are counted out apparently. Foley beats Boss Man with Mr. Socko. Yikes.


TO THE HERMIE. Rock cuts his promo on HHH when HHH and Chyna attack him. They try to cut Rock's cast off. Foley saves Rock. HHH then beats Foley down with a pipe.

Triple H vs The Rock

Lol at HHH's "mean guy" voice. This quickly goes to the floor and into the crowd for a bit. HHH gets the cast off of Rock's arm and uses it as a weapon. HHH spends the rest of the match working on the arm, but it isn't good. Again, for the obvious reason. HHH gets disqualified for straight up punching Earl Hebner in the face. HHH brought a chair into the ring and got blasted with it. Earl then tried to raise Rock's hand and got hit again. HHH was busted open. They brawl around for a few minutes until Mankind returns to save Rock.


Steve Austin vs The Undertaker WWF Championship  

Special Guest Referees: Shane McMahon and Pat Patterson

Pat is replacing the injured Vince. And he gets chokeslammed before the match even begins. This starts as the traditional unfocused brawl, but then Austin grounds it and stays working on Taker's knee for a long stretch. This match...also isn't good. There were 3 ref bumps. Vince returned. Shane bumped Vince into Austin. Taker rolled him up and Shane gave a fast count. Taker wins. New champion.


There is no reason to watch this show. Unless you want to see a bunch of people sad their friend just died and they had to keep working. Everything regarding Owen is cut out. The only mention is the tribute graphic at the top of the show.