WWF No Way Out 2/27/00

Mick Foley's last match. OR IS IT? We will find out tonight.

Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho WWF Intercontinental Championship

Now, Kurt is the European Champion, but his title is not on the line. Both guys are finally given someone to work with, at least. Not Meat. Not Chyna. A lot of fast and furious action to start out. Angle was taking his crazy back drop over the top this early? There is definitely a marked improvement in Kurt. At everything. He's clearly multitudes better than he was at Survivor Series. Kurt gets in firm control after a belly to belly superplex. Kurt no sells a butterfly back breaker to hit a German suplex. There's not really a story here. Speak of the devil, Kurt starts focusing on Jericho's arm. Well, it doesn't appear to matter, so I take it back. Angle tries a rana. Jericho countered into a powerbomb and then holds on to do another. Now he's selling the arm again. Angle turns a pin into a cross armbreaker. Angle Slam OUTTA NOWHERE! Jericho kicks out. Lol, Kurt already letting his finishers get devalued 4 months into his career. Kurt is able to make it to the ropes while in the Walls of Jericho. He's then able to counter a Lionsault with a belt shot while the ref was checking on Chyna. New champion! Eurocontinental champion! Earl Hebner tries to argue with Tim White over the finish, which is rich considering all the terrible calls Earl Hebner made in his career.


TO THE COLE. Cole gets all up in some Dudley shit. They don't appreciate it.

Dudley Boys vs New Age Outlaws WWF Tag Team Championships

Billy is obviously injured. He can't even move his left arm. Maybe do an injury angle or something. Instead, he's out there clearly unable to do much of anything without being in extreme pain. They end up having a 5 minute match with a ref bump, and Bubba hits Billy in the shoulder with a pipe at the end of the match even though it was clear that Billy was injured before the match. 3D on Road Dogg. New champions! My thinking is why not do that pipe thing on Smackdown, work the same match as a handicap match, same result. Or do it at the start of the match instead of making Billy try to take bumps with a torn rotator cuff. 


TO THE BACK. Kurt celebrates his wins with the fans in the pavillion.

Viscera vs Mark Henry

Viscera did a splash on the pregnant 700 year old Mae Young on Raw. So now, we're here. Very short "HOSS" match. JR mentions that Mick Foley is only 34. Damn. 34 and he was in that bad of shape? Mae Young gets into the ring. Viscera throws her down and attempts to splash her. Mark cuts him off and wins with a body slam.


TO THE VIVIAN. She speaks with Jericho, who makes it clear that Chyna had nothing to do with his loss. She totally did. But now they're buddy buddy and have RESPECT for each other. 2 months ago, Chris kidnapped her, tied her to a chair, and repeatedly smashed her hand with a hammer.

TO THE BACK. Billy Gunn's arm is being checked on. 

Edge & Christian vs Hardy Boys Number One Contendership

Terri has returned after the Dudleys put her through a table. She has hired the APA to stand guard at ringside. Edge and Jeff begin the match. JR has said, "Damn Dudleys" about 5 times in the first 30 seconds of the match. What's the point of that see-through shirt, Christian? Why not just...not wear a shirt. The Hardys control Christian for a while. This feels very step-for-step planned out. The tide turns and Jeff becomes the FIP for a while. JR calls the groin the, "growing". Multiple times. Even the gestures and trash talk seems super planned out. These guys probably spent a week planning this out. You can definitely tell. This doesn't feel organic at all. Very much a "We have to have a great match" kind of match. But since it is so obvious, it definitely isn't great. The illusion is broken. There isn't even a coherent story. Just a bunch of movez. "You do this, this, and this to Jeff for 4 minutes, then you do this, this, and this to Edge for 4 minutes, and then..." Terri shoves Jeff off the top rope and slapped Matt. Christian wins with the Unprettier. JR still can't tell Matt and Jeff apart. Matt tried to attack Terri after the match. The APA beat the Hardy Boys down for it. Faarooq tries to kill Jeff with a Dominator.


TO THE COLE. E&C talk about their win. Christian seems conflicted about how they won it. Edge doesn't give a fuck.

TO THE LILLIAN. Big Show talks about how he got fucked over at the Rumble, which he totally did. CSI ENHANCE footage of Rock's feet hitting the floor.

Big Boss Man vs Tazz

IT'S TAZZ! Too bad his debut in the company got completely blown out by the Radicalz jumping ship a month later. Taz wins by DQ in about a minute when Albert interfered. Tazz then get his ass kicked after the match. Boss Man broke his night stick over Tazz's head. But scrappy Tazz wouldn't stop trying to fight.


TO THE BACK. Kurt is still celebrating with fans.

Kane vs X-Pac

No Holds Barred

Did this feud not end at Armageddon? Where the face decisively destroyed the heel in a cage? That match? X-Pac stole Tori from Kane, Kane was institutionalized again, and now he has returned with Paul Bearer. This quickly heads to the entrance ramp, which is a mini cage and has trash cans and whatnot around. "A lot of Kane fans around this world, King." Besides Paul chasing Teri around, there is really nothing to mention here. X-Pac gets WAY too much offense on Kane. X-Pac is almost a full foot shorter and well over 100 pounds smaller than Kane. And the heel. He shouldn't get any offense, really. Tori got one of those awful "head is a foot away from the mat" kind of tombstones. X-Pac dropkicked the ring steps back into Kane's face and pinned him.


TO THE COLE. Cole speaks with the Radicalz about their first WWF PPV. 

Too Cool/Rikishi Phatu vs Radicals

The Z must have come later. Eddie is injured and can't compete. Rikishi's left ankle is heavily taped. Eddie tries to get involved and gets hit in his bad elbow with the pipe he brought to the ring. Saturn and Brian Christopher officially begin the match. If only the Saturn of 1997/1998 had jumped. Benoit doesn't want to play this shit with Scotty, but dancing is just in the air, man. Sometimes, you just have to dance. Stink Face to Benoit. Welcome to the company, pal. Dean has the foresight to attack Fatu's injured leg. That tape doesn't look like it's doing anything. Worm DENIED. TMF indeed. Dean showed a lot more personality just on the apron in this match than he did for almost all of his WCW run. Super decapitation knee drop! Radicalz making an impressive PPV debut. Certainly a much better one than Jericho made. I suppose it helps to have a better dude than Road Dogg. Scotty is getting REKT. There is a hot tag, but the ref allows all 6 men in the ring for much longer than 5 seconds. Scotty finally gets to hit the worm on Saturn. Sexay hit the Tennessee Jam on Saturn. The ref was distracted. Benoit hits the diving headbutt to break the pin. Everyone goes to the floor and now Dean and Rikishi are the legal men. Even though they've been the legal men this whole time. For like 3 minutes. Rikishi pins Dean with the Bonzai Drop. Solid match. Very good showing from the WCW guys in their first WWF PPV. Pants off dance off after the match.


TO THE BACK. Kurt is still celebrating with fans.

The Rock vs Big Show Number One Contendership

Big Show apparently steps in the spot Foley is going to fall through later. Or he's very concerned about it and tip toes around it. Whatever he was doing, it's obvious it has something to do with the main event once you know what happens there. SPOILERS. This quickly heads into the crowd. It's a pretty short match that Show mostly dominates. Show gets a chair, which makes no sense. He brings it in the ring and swats at Rock with the ref right there. Luckily he missed or he'd have been disqualified. Then there is a ref bump. A second ref comes out to make a pin and Earl pulls Tim White out of the ring. They argue about shit from the opening match. Shane McMahon comes out and hits a flying chair shot while Rock is doing the People's Elbow. Tim White crawls off of beating the shit out of Earl to count the pin. Big Show is going to Wrestlemania!


TO THE BACK. Kurt is still celebrating. Chris Jericho and Chyna attack him and lock him in the trunk of his car.

Triple H vs Cactus Jack WWF Championship

Hell In A Cell

If Mick Foley loses, his career is over. Foley had promised to climb to the top of the cell, but he found that the door was locked shut with multiple padlocks. They brawl around kind of aimlessly for a while. Cactus gets sent off the apron into the cell, and then flying over the steps. Then HHH just chucks them at Mick's face. Then a baseball swing chair shot to the face. This chair gets used in every spot for the next few minutes. HHH gets busted open from a slingshot into the cell wall. Second rope Cactus Elbow. With a chair. I guess if you think this is going to be your last match, you might as well go all out. A hole is busted in the cell after Foley throws the stairs at HHH. Maybe that son of a gun will get to climb to the top after all. Foley had a barbed wire board hidden behind the time keeper's area. I find it hard to believe no one sitting over there noticed for the whole show. HHH climbs to the roof of the cell to get away from Cactus. Seems like a bad idea. Cactus takes the HBK cell bump. He doesn't give a shit. He gets up and tries to throw a chair to the roof. He can't do it. Lol. I will never understand why they use real barbed wire. It's a work, dudes. You don't have to use real weapons that will shred your body. After brawling around on the top of the cell for a while, Foley lights the barbed wire board on fire. CZFW! Cactus then attempts a piledriver on it. HHH reverses with a back drop. GOOD GOD HE FELL THROUGH THE RING! STOP THE DAMN MATCH! A few moments later, Cactus crawls out of the hole. But then he goes down to the pedigree. Title retained. Goodbye, Cactus. 


Definitely a step up in ring wise. The Radicals, Kurt Angle's meteoric improvement, Jericho getting to work with guys he can actually have good matches with, HHH beginning what might be his best year ever. A lot better than Harris Brothers/Headbangers/Tiger Ali Sigh/Savio Vega shit.