WWF MSG 4/6/81

I'd like to point out how fucking cool it is that Vlad The Super Fan is priminently featured in the Old School intros on WWE Network. 

Pedro Morales vs Moondog Rex WWF Intercontinental Championship

At the last show, Pedro faced Moondog King. Captain Lou is escorted away from ringside before the match. By the way, fuck the Moondogs. Boy do I hate them wherever they showed up. For a wild brawler, Rex seems to grab an awful lot of holds. And limb work. He's focusing on Pedro's arm. I was definitely not expecting a methodical match with plenty of psychology. Pedro makes his come back with...eye rakes and closed fists, proving WWE faces have always been pricks. Pedro wins with a small package OUTTA NOWHERE. Title retained. Lol, a cheating face and roll up outta nowhere. Time is a flat circle.

Sgt. Slaughter vs Pat Patterson

Pat tries to attack before Sarge can get in the ring, then during introductions, and then when the bell rings. I would say he really wants to get a piece of Sarge's ass. Metaphorically, I assume. Sarge doesn't seem quite like Pat's type to me. Doughy, balding guys seem iffy in my eyes, but what do I know. Sarge runs all around trying to avoid Pat, diving out of the ring and shit. Pat lures him in to try a sneak attack, and Sarge takes the bait. Then a lot of fists. Sarge corner bump! Sarge is just getting dominated here. Pat fucking hates this dude. When Sarge gets his hand accidentally twisted in the ropes, Pat starts biting it. Sarge finally gets into the match after Pat takes a hard fall through the ropes. He just goes out and kicks Pat every time Pat tries to get into the ring, then rams him into the post. Once Pat finally gets back into the ring (after probably 3 minutes or more out there), Sarge his a dope back breaker and proceeds to be a real prick. Sarge goes up top, and just that it's 1981 and he's a heel, I'm pretty positive he's going to miss. And he does. Pat tries to break Sarge's leg, including hitting it with a chair right in front of the ref, who let it go. Then he threw the ref twice in the ring, and the ref let the match continue. Sarge is busted open, and he also throws the ref down, but the match continues. Finally, the BOTH throw him out of the ring, and the match STILL CONTINUES. This ref is no fucking joke. He finally calls for the bell when Sarge kicks him in the gut for trying to break up the fight. It didn't work, though. Pat angrily argues with the ref, and storms out of the ref very loudly yelling BULLSHIT. 

Bob Backlund vs Stan Hansen WWF Championship Steel Cage Match

"SUCK IT UP!" Lol, Stan. For a brief shot, you can see Monsoon and Vince Sr. together at Gorilla, looking like smokey mob bosses. Bob is off to a hot start, ramming Stan into the cage. It doesn't last long, though. In 1981, Stan Hansen was arguably in his prime, which is crazy to think because he was still having great matches over a decade later. Now, I've seen these dudes in a few matches against each other around this time in the US and Japan, and Bob really loved to see how close he could come to murdering Stan with piledrivers. After getting so used to modern cage matches that barely use the cage, it's nice to see one where it is used frequently and cutting people open. And low blows from both. At least Stan hit one first. After they've had enough of knocking the shit out of each other, they both fight over escaping. Stan gets pulled off the top rope, hitting the turnbuckle on the way down. Backlund triumphantly walks out of the cage. Title retained.

Larry Sharpe/Johnny Rodz vs Tony Garea/Rick Martel

It's always weird to me how shows never ended with the main event, but it makes sense that you'd have stand by matches in case the main event doesn't go the full time limit. In a way, that lends itself to being more like a real sport. Really nothing to speak of here. Martel gets the pin. He was clearly too good, too big, and too good looking to stay in that tag team for long.

I don't know what the rest of the card was, but those MSG fans definitely got their money's worth with Patterson/Sarge and Backlund/Hansen. Hot matches.