WWF Monday Night Raw 6/28/93

Shawn Michaels vs Kamala WWF Intercontinental Championship

Boy would I like to see Nash powerbomb Kamala. Remember, Kamala turned faced because...he went bowling with Slick. Kamala is leery of HBK's offer of a handshake. He was right to question it, because it was all a RUSE! Why you would want to make a dude alleged to have eaten people angry is beyond me. HBK pinballs around, only getting offense when his speed advantage comes into play. Kamala could have won the match, but after 10 years in the game, he still didn't know how to pin someone. HBK won with a superkick to the shoulder blades. Diesel beat Kamala up after the match.

TO THE MCMAHON. Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji are the guests. The stars and stripes challenge is coming up. Hulk Hogan couldn't slam Yoko. Jim Duggan couldn't slam Yoko. Will someone be able to slam him on America's birthday? Fuji is challenging ANY American athlete to try to slam Yoko. An obvious attempt to demean American athletes. Vince points out that, without fail, America always finds a way to win when backed into a corner. Someone, somewhere, steps up to the plate. Someone takes a swing. And SOMEONE hits a home run! Vince is igniting my patriotism right now. USA USA USA! What the hell, Yoko is cutting a promo. Why don't I remember him cutting any promos until he turned face? 

Athletes such as George Martin, Jim Campen, and Tatanka take their shots at Yoko.

Mike Sharpe/Barry Horrowitz vs Smoking Gunns

God damn, Mike/Barry is the ultimate WWF jobber team. This was weirdly competitive for some reason. The Gunns pinned Barry with a very ugly Sidewinder variant.

TO THE MCMAHON. Money Inc. are the guests. Vince immediately antagonizes them by rubbing it in that the Steiners have their titles. They have a return bout coming up. They make fun of Razor JABRONE for being a stupid loser who lost his money. In fact, they're going to find Razor a job: As a maid.

Adam Bomb vs PJ Walker

That's not just the best. That's not just the greatest. Something something something. Adam dominates and quickly wins with a powerbomb. 

Crush vs Bastion Booger

Fuck. FUCK. Get this shit out of here, Vince. I love that they're hyping Crush up to be the one who slams Yoko, but he legit can't big up Bastion. "That's...kind of a back body drop." "And kind of not." "Yeah." This is the worst thing you've ever seen. He does finally slam the booger man, which ends the match. "He's flattened his hump!" I vote this for worst match of the every year. 

TO GIANTS STADIUM. Randy Savage is hanging out iwth Joe Morris. Joe is going to slam "Yokozumo". I find it incredible how many ways there are for people to say Yoko's incorrectly. Even Fuji says it wrong 9 out of 10 times. 

Next week, 123 Kid, Bam Bam, and Mr. Perfect will be in action. Plus, we'll find out who, if anyone, was able to slam Yokozuna.