WWF Monday Night Raw 6/21/93

6 WEEKS AGO. The Lightning Kid scored a massive upset when he defeated Razor Ramon. Tonight, SIX WEEKS LATER, Razor gets his rematch. This time with $10,000 on the line.

Also tonight, we'll see Marty Jannetty face off with Doink, this time in a 2/3 falls match.

Steiner Brothers vs Barry Hardy/Reno Riggins

The Steiners are the new tag champs, having won the title back from Money Inc. after having lost the titles a few days prior. Scott kills Reno with a t-bone. Bary Hardy's two tone mullet is tremendous. Scott pins Reno after a hilariously ugly frankensteiner. Reno actually landed head first Scott's back.


Marty Jannetty vs Doink

2/3 Falls

Doink is all weird in the opening of the first fall, both stalling and giving clean breaks. Then not giving a clean break. Hard to get a read on this guy. Brain calls him the Michael Jordan of the WWF. Doink tries to get Marty to throw a closed fist, I guess to get a DQ win. Kind of a weird tactic. How many people were getting disqualified for closed fists even in the early 90s? Very slow opening fall that ends with Doink hitting the whoopee cushion. 

Doink whoopie cushion to Marty Jannetty.gif

Fall two continues with Doink in control and shit talking. Marty hit a huge superkick that seemed like the finish, but Doink was already in the ropes when the pin was made. Earl keeps trying to stop Marty from coming off the ropes, but a super fist drop evens the score.


The decisive fall is centered around Marty's leg. Long figure four spots, that lazy ass STF from Doink. Fans alert Marty to a second Doink under the ring. He stupidly goes to look. There's a double fake out, but the fake Doink won with a piledriver. Macho Man tried to tell Earl about it, then attacked the fake Doink, THEN pulled the real Doink from under the ring. Earl reverses his decision. Marty wins!


Mr. Hughes vs Bobby Who

As you'd imagine, Bobby Who's name was just a set up for Brain and Vince to do the Abbott and Costello routine. Hughes just demolishes Bobby. He even threw a dropkick. 


THIS SUNDAY AT NOON: USA vs Yokozuna: The Stars and Stripes Challenge. 

Razor Ramon vs 123 Kid 

Can you imagine waiting 6 weeks for the continuation of this angle? Razor had wanted a rematch this whole time, but Kid wouldn't do it because he was afraid he'd get hurt. So Razor offered him $10K for the match. Kid is very tentative entering the ring, but then tries to quickly win with some roll ups. Razor then beats his ass. Just fucking destroys him. Then Kid gets his hope spot and falls off the top rope, bounching his fucking face off the exposed floor. Kid just takes the money and runs away into a waiting car. IT WAS A SCAM! Hopefully he spent that ten grand on MRIs for his serious concussion. After the match, Razor says he's after the Kid.   


Fascinating that there were SIX WEEKS between Kid upsetting Razor and then the continuation of the angle.