WWF European Rampage 1992

Something of a "lost" PPV. As the name would suggest, it was a European exclusive and was never released in the US, although a couple of matches from the tour did end up on TV/videos at some point. From 1989-1993, WWE would end their post-WM tour by recording the last show in the UK, airing it live on various SKY networks. 

Tatanka vs Skinner

Gorilla does not like Skinner because Skinner is an "uncouth pig". Can't argue. He looks pretty fucking gross. Tatanka's gear has not improved since WM. Still looks very cheap. Fans are hot, as WWF shows in the UK generally are. Brain says a lot of racist stuff. Lots of stalling from Skinner. "He does it without reservation. Get it?" "...I'm gonna have to knock you out." Thankfully Brain and Gorilla can make this enjoyable, because the wrestlers sure can't. Skinner does some weird ass dance for some reason. I don't know what the fuck it was, but it was bizarre. Tatanka wins with the End of the Trail in a match that seemed to last 35 minutes. I'll never understand why Vince didn't scoop up the Fabulous Ones when they were so hot, instead of waiting to hire Steve until he was past his prime and as a gator farmer, and until Stan was retired. 

TO THE MOON. LOD are in the UK to talk about splintered sphincters, busted bladders, and broken bones. 

Legion of Doom vs Dino Bravo/Col. Mustafa

What the fuck kind of team is that? I had no clue Dino Bravo was still around, nor do I have any recollection of him dropping the bleached hair and French Canadian stuff to go back to black hair and generic Canadian garb. Bizarre. Sheiky looks SO fat. Christ. This is even worse than the last match, but at least it was half as long. LOD win when Hawk hit a flying lariat on Sheik. Of course he wasn't going to take the Doomsday Device bump.

TO THE MOON. It's SID! He talks about the fear behind Taker's pale face, and a book he read called "Night of the Juggler", which had a killer that would rip out the throats of his victims before killing them. It's also a movie starring James Brolin.

TO THE LORD. Paul Bearer and Taker get to respond.

Sid Vicious vs The Undertaker

Harvey Whippleman threatens to slap ring announcer Mike McGuirk for looking at him wrong. Breh, she'd destroy you. Boy, this match is a mess. Not only are Taker and Sid fucking everything up, but even the camera crew is fucking up. Taker gets counted out taking too long to get back into the ring. Because he got distracted by the urn. This is significantly worse than their WM 13 match on all fronts. Taker ended up hitting the tombstone after the match. Sid basically rolled out of the ring and walked away right after. Lol. The picture gets all wonky for a bit, with a nice apology from I assume either Sky TV or Silvervision.

TO THE MOON. HBK will get a title shot against Randy Savage tonight. He's gonna SHOCK THE WORLD. 

Shawn Michaels vs Randy Savage WWF Championship

Should be neat. And, thankfully, the picture issues have cleared up. Shawn is actually bigger than Randy, which is crazy to think that Savage got a year long reign during the height of Hulkamania and giants. Macho's leg from WM doesn't seem to be bothering him much. Sherri gets all up in Liz's face. Macho grabs Sherri and sends Liz away. This might be her last appearance with the WWF. It was all a distraction for HBK anyway. HBK doing tiltawhirl backbreakers. Weird. HBK is dominating here. Once Macho makes a come back, HBK bumps like a mad man, yet doesn't come off like a completely sack of shit like Dolph Ziggler. Ref bump! Macho hits the elbow, but with no ref to count, Sherri hits the ring and kicks the shit out of him. Macho disposes of her and returns to the pin, which HBK kicks out of. Sherri keeps getting involved, so Liz returns to bump her. Macho hits a top rope CROSSBODY. 12HEGOTHIMNOHEDIDN'T. Randy ends up winning with a Tiger Mask spot. Lol. Title retained.

This was DOPE. Can't believe it took HBK another 4 years to be the champ. Dude was very clearly main event calibur already and Macho made him look INCREDIBLE. Great match. HBK showed he could do everything, from high flying, to technical stuff, to power moves, to brawling, to stooging, to bumping. Dude was so ready in 1992 to be the top guy. Shame that by the time he actually got to be the top guy, he was a sack of shit wasting his talent on drugs and being a cunt.

TO THE MOON. Sean brings out the Bushwhackers for a live promo. Fuck.

TO THE LORD. The Mountie will face a "very very tough" opponent tonight in Virgil. Lol. 

TO THE MOON. Virgil gets to respond. #Fuckmoney

The Mountie vs Virgil

Wow, hard to think of a bigger let down after the previous match. Get fucked, Tunney. A big chunk of the match focused on Virgil trying to make Mountie shine his boots. The rest of the match focused on Virgil's broken face. Mountie won with the shock stick.

TO THE MOON. The Model talks about his title opportunity against Bret Hart. 

TO THE LORD. Bret responds. The English people don't give a shit about how you're dressed. They care about how well you wrassle, and Bret is the best wrassler. 

Rick Martel vs Bret Hart WWF Intercontinental Championship

This should be pretty good. Going to be hard to top HBK/Macho, though. Two Canadians in pink play fighting in England. Martel spends the opening minutes trying to get Bret to lose his temper, then starts throwing cheap shots. Bret keeps it on the mat, working the leg. There is a really neat spot of Bret trying to smash Martel's leg against the post, but Martel blocking it with an eye rake and ramming Bret's face into the post while he's on the mat. I don't think I've ever seen that before. The 5MOD are interrupted, too. Bret then wins with a small package OUTTA NOWHERE. Title retained.

TO THE LORD. Jim Duggan was late to his interview because he was taking a shit. Seriously.

Repo Man vs Jim Duggan

...who the fuck put this card together? Why did Repo Man wear kick pads? This is GARBAGE. Repo got DQ'd for trying to lynch DOOGUN. 

TO THE MOON. Randy puts HBK over and celebrates his win with Liz. He challenges Ric Flair to another match. FIRST TIME EVER THE CHAMPION CHALLENGES THE CHALLENGER YEAH! 

TO THE LORD. Al speaks with the British Bulldog, who looks juiced to the GILLS. 

British Bulldog vs IRS

IRS is covered in sweat before he even makes it to the ring. I get why a Bulldog match would be the main event, but god damn I can't for the life of me figure out why HBK/Macho was on the middle of the card. IC match got higher billing. Very boring match, which Bulldog of course won. 

Macho/HBK is great. Bret/Martel is pretty good. Everything else is horrific. The WWF was in such a weird spot in 1992. They had great guys like Bret/HBK in the mid card, Savage/Flair in the main events, and then garbage everywhere else. Hogan was MIA, Sid bailed right after this show, Warrior was kept out of the main events, Bulldog didn't even last a year back, most of the New Generation stars weren't even in the company yet. 1992 is probably the biggest transitional year WWE ever hard. Even bigger than 1997 and 2007.