WWE MSG 10/3/15

WWE returns to MSG for their big yearly house show. This time, it happens to have cameras on it because of Brock Lesnar. But still, it's definitely a house show, so expectations should be set to that. If you've ever watched the Old School MSG shows up on the Network, you should have a solid baseline for what to expect.

Rusev/Sheamus vs Dog Ziggler/Randy Orton


Rusev should be headlining every show. For some reason, MSG doesn't seem to give a shit about him. They do love Orton, though. Both of these feuds desperately need to end, especially Rusev/Dog, because it is dragging Rusev down so much. Rusev is just the best. Orton poked him in the eye like 5 minutes ago and he's still selling it. Dolph is FIP for a while. Fuck Ziggler and his wonky ass selling. OH MY BACK HURTS SO BAD I CAN'T STAND UP (but I can easily slam Sheamus and Rusev and jump 10 feet to make my tag). Rusev takes the Neastea Plunge off the apron after a superkick. A superkick/RKO combo on Sheamus gets the win. After the match, Rusev yells at that "stupid non-American" Sheamus for ruining the match. "You are so useless, more than Lana!" "Pack your suitcase and leave!" "Now, to you, Cold Fish Lana, I'm gonna get*BRO KICK*." Rusev 4eva. 

TO THE MEAN RENEE. DOO Korporate Kane is the guest, giving an update on his leg. It's feeling pretty good. It's a good opportunity to overcome obstacles. I believe that Kane BOLIEVES.

Stardust vs Neville

Neville has a real cape and a dick cape. Lots of capes in this match. I'm immediately thinking about how much I loved Dusty/Superstar matches. The peak of the entertainment side of 1970's sports entertainment. Neville shows that he don't mind a little bump and grind. He also shows that he'll do a phoenix splash to sell a lariat. Stardust seems really into Neville's cape. He also has an actual game plan of going after Neville's legs. Which doesn't really work out for him that much, but the idea is what matters. Neville is definitely going to explode a knee some day doing that Asai moonsault. You don't have to land on your feet, breh. Stardust recently started doing the Side Effect, and it looks janky as shit. Like a wonky THQ animation. Stardust runs around with the cape on to the confusion and non-reaction of everyone. Neville gets the win with the Red Arrow.

TO THE MEAN RENEE. It's Paul Heyman! He talks about the importance of MSG and calls Show a "bivot" (aka a big ass divot). 

Team Bella vs Team PCB

Kind of weird that Paige is still teaming with Becky and Charlotte after two weeks of the shit she has said. Zero reaction for Becky and Charlotte. None. Bellas and Paige got big reactions, though. More capes, this time ass capes for Paige and Brie. Becky and Foxy start the match. JBL has all the McMahons in MSG stats to read off with no enthusiasm whatsoever. Kind of wondering why they put JBL on the team for this show. Maybe just leave it at the young crew of Rich and Saxton. WE WANT SASHA chants break out pretty early into this. Becky plays FIP for a while. She gets the hot tag to Charlotte, who chops her ass off. I get that she does the chops because of Ric, but chops between the women always look weird since they're trying hard not to just blast each other in the tits. Charlotte gets Nikki in the figure four. Paige tags herself in and promptly gets the Misawa Elbow to the grill. Best strike in WWE. I do like Rusev's big jumping superkick thing, though. And Bray/Harper throw some mean ass lariats. But that elbow is dope. Becky and Charlotte both short arm Paige, leaving her to get hit with the Rack Attack. Team Bella wins. After the match, Paige whined on the mic, cutting a hypocritical promo about how she can't believe they did that to her and she'd never ever do such a thing to her partners.

Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens WWE Intercontinental Championship

from hell.gif

I'm sure this is a cool night for KO. Defending the IC title in MSG against a fellow Canadian superstar. What the fuck, Jericho is a 9 time IC champ? This is also his 25th year in wrestling. He made his debut on October 3rd, 1990 against Lance Storm, who is sitting in the front row with Jon Stewart. Oh shit, Cyrus is next to them. Tremendous. KO is pretty firmly in control for the opening moments. I think he should have more fat guy offense. He does the senton and corner cannonball, but he needs more. Take advantage of his body type. More like Bray does. One thing KO needs to drop immediately is that shitty package piledriver tease into an awkward slam. For people that know about Kevin Steen, it's a tease for a move that will never happen. For those who only know KO, it's just a dumb looking move. KO counters the Lionsault and then hits the cannonball. Jericho gets his knees up on the swanton. I can't believe KO does that spot almost every match. That has to be brutal on your back. Codebreaker OUTTA NOWHERE. Jericho is too worn down to make the pin. Papa Powerbomb is countered into a rana. The Liontamer is then countered with a roll up for the win. Title retained. There was a thumb to the eye somewhere in that exchange. 

TO THE BACK. Big Show stares grumpily.


New Day vs Dudley Boyz WWE Tag Team Championships


Before the match, New Day points out some of the dumb shit about the Dudleyz, such as Bubba shoving D-Von for no reason, making 90s TV references, wearing glasses with no lenses. All valid points. D-Von and Kofi start the match. I do like seeing Big E. stiff Bubba. It's about time someone gave it back to him. This is pretty much the match from NOC, just without the big bumps. It even had the same finish of Xavier breaking up the pin on Kofi after a 3D to cause a DQ. And X got put through a table with a 3D. Again. 

Big Show vs Brock Lesnar

This is the only reason this show has cameras rolling, and the only reason anyone cares about it. The last time Brock was in the Garden, he and Goldberg were booed out of the building and he left flipping off the crowd. Time heals all wounds. Brock starts the match going for a double leg, only for show to just chuck his ass out of the ring. Show is actually dominating. It takes 3 chokeslams in a row to even get Brock to stay down on the mat. German suplex! German suplex! German suplex! Brock attempts the F5 and just kind of drops Show into a fireman's carry. German suplex! F5 for the win. This was a lot of fun. Perfectly done. Brock leaves and then returns to fuck up Show some more with a belly to belly and another F5.

John Cena vs Seth Rollins WWE US Championship Steel Cage Match


Man, fuck Rollins. I don't want to see this dude ever again. He's anti-enjoyment for me at this point. He has terrible pacing, terrible promos, terrible psychology. I have no idea how he became the hardest pushed guy since cena's original big push. Being a solo guy really exposed him as a guy with full on indie mentality who cares more about cool moves and popping the crowd than telling a story or using psychology in his matches. What I'm saying is that Seth Rollins ain't shit. Kind of weird for WWE to run a cage match a few weeks away from HIAC. The most basic of cage matches. As Rollins is about to climb out, DAEMON KANE comes out. This makes Rollins decide to do a frog splash from the top of the cage, which he misses. He immediately pops up and is hit with the FU. Cena wins. Title retained. What a dumb bump to take at a meaningless house show. It also didn't make sense within the context of the match. "Oh, Kane is here? I guess I should jump off the cage." Kane hits a chokeslam and tombstone and ends another show standing over a dead Seth Rollins.

This was a house show in the same market that WWE ran 3 nights in a row just over a month ago. There was only one match that was promoted on TV, and as it turns out, that match was the the most fun on the show. If you were disappointed or upset about the quality of this show, you only have yourself to blame.