World Of Sport 12/31/16

Ring in the new year with British people wrestling. After 30 years, pro wrestling returns to UK television. IT'S BACK, DAWGS. Called by...Jim Ross? The fuck? Oh, and Alex Shane, who seems to have been involved in every thing to ever happen in UK wrestling since 2000.

Grado vs Dave Mastiff

WOS Championship

JR directly compares Grado to Dusty Rhodes, so fuck this show. I'm not sure starting out the return to TV after 30 years with fucking Grado, and a fat hairy dude is great for business. Is this TNA's production team working this show? It feels very much like a TNA show with the angles, lighting, and camera cuts. Grado dances after literally everything he does, and then he does a bionic elbow, so JR can keep talking about how similar he is to DUSTY FUCKING RHODES. Grado is the UK's Colt Cabanna, dawg. Not Dusty Rhodes. Get back to the states, Jim. Grado is terrible, and Mastiff doesn't look that much better. Although it could be who he's in the ring with. Dave's buddy shoves Grado off the ropes, allowing Mastiff to hit the canonball in the corner. There were approximately 19 cuts during that move. New champion. If the rest of the show is this good, I expect it to be another 30 years before WOS is on TV again.


TO THE RACHEL. Rachael is with MR. BEAESLEY, the GM of WOS. MR. BEASLEY. This dude is British as fuuuuuuck. Grado storms the interview complaining about being cheated. Dave and his bros who up. Security breaks them up.

TO THE RACHAEL. Mr. Bean is again with Rachael. Mastiff will have to defend his title tonight against the winner of a new match called a "battle royale". Lol. 

Highlights of classic era WOS are shown, with interviews from many of the talent involved. Rollerball Rocco, Marty Jones, and Johnny Saint are sitting at ringside.

Kenny Williams vs Sam Bailey vs CJ Banks vs Delicious Danny

Ladder Match

The winner of this match will gain entry into the battle royale later in the show. Definitely staying true to the roots of WOS. So, Danny is a Macho Man cosplayer. Bailey is the brown version of Sami Zayn. CJ is a nondescript grappler. Kenny is every ad from 1993 you've ever seen in human form. These ropes are really loose. It's bothering me. Feels like they're going to snap. There are two dives in the first minute. I'm sure Johnny Saint is so glad to have WOS back. WOS was so well known for its ladder matches to gain entry into battle royales and GMs making matches half way through the show, of course. These are painters ladders, too. And the gaps between steps are even larger on UK ladders than USA ladders, so they're essentially completely unusable on one side. Kenny gets German suplexed off the ladder, so Michael Shane makes a South Park reference. Nothing screams classic British wrestling promotion like South Park, ladder matches, and Jim Ross. Kenny wins, gaining entrance to a battle royale with a briefcase. This was a mess. Those ladders were so unsturdy that everyone was clearly afraid of breaking them. Also, it was a 7 minute 4 way ladder match. 


Another history of WOS segment. This stuff all looks much better than what has been on this show.

Alexis Rose vs Viper

The first woman's match in WOS history. Viper is 209 pounds, has a big snake, and JR compares her to Vader. He can't stop talking about how fat she is. And all of his references are from American wrestling. Maybe get an American announcer more familiar with British wrestling? Or, you know, an announcer from the UK. Definitely a power vs speed match. It's not the most well executed match, but there is a clear story and attempt here, which is more than the previous two matches. Viper won with a senton.


TO THE RACHAEL. Rach talk to Dave Mastiff about his upcoming title defense. Dave, who just had a match, is curling dumbells. Dawg, you're warmed up. He's going to see the GM.

More history highlights. They should just air old WOS instead.

Coffey Brothers vs Aston Smith/Rampage

The Coffey bros look like they're big fans of The Ascension. Well, this is fucking weird. Radio silence from the announcers, random cuts to fans. I wonder what got edited. This production is really killing me. It almost feels like a parody of American weekly wrestling. Rampage is kind of neat, I guess. When you can see what he's doing, because the camera cuts are so fucking constant that you can barely see the action. And then you get to see the fans instead. This is worked as a traditional US Southern tag, which is fine...if there weren't obvious and jarring edits every few seconds. It's really, really bad. The Coffey bros win with a lariat/forearm combo on Smith.


TO THE RACHAEL. Mastiff has Mr. Bean by the tie. Mastiff will still be defending his title. And a special guest will be in the battle royale.

El Ligero vs Zack Gibson

I don't believe Ligero is from Mexico, dawgs. That's a limey cac if I've ever seen one. Ligero seems like a mismatch of WWE people. He follows a Sami Zayn spot with a Neville spot with a TJP spot. Gibson threw him into the announce table, but you didn't get to see any of it I assume because it was too violent for day time TV. If your show is going to be edited to shit for violence, maybe work your matches in a way that won't need to have awkward editing to protect the kids. Gibson is the only guy even attempting to do classic WOS stuff, and he's getting booed for it. Great way to welcome the promotion back. A dude doing the Jim Breaks special IN FRONT OF JIM BREAKS is getting booed for it. Not enough flips, y'all. "You never want to be a bully, kids. No money in that." Ligero won with a tornado DDT.


TO THE RACHAEL. Our English Muffin is in the back iwth the 6 known competetors in the battle royale.

Battle Royale

I'm still laughing that Mr. Bean said this was a new type of match. The mystery competitor doesn't have to enter at the start of the match, which seems pretty unfair to me. The match comes down to Grado and Mastiff's men. And then...IT'S DAVEY BOY SMITH JR.! Please be excited! Bruh, you're Canadian. Get out of here with your union jack. Of course, he gets eliminated shortly after. Lol. Fucking Grado won. THREE GRADO MATCHES ON THIS SHOW. Grado is attacked by Mastiff's men after the match, so it seems like he won't be able to compete. Thank god.


Dave Mastiff comes out and cuts a promo with the crowd doing nonstop WHAT chants. Fuck.

Dave Mastiff vs Grado WOS Championship

Grado fought his way out to ringside, so Mastiff immediately chop blocks him on the ramp. A couple of minutes later, Grado wins with a Kanyon Cutter OUTTA NOWHERE. NEW CHAMPION. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS.


Terrible show. For starters, it seems like it is geared towards American fans instead of UK fans. The presentation looks just like TNA, the editing and camera work is so extreme that it makes the worst editing that online fans can complain about Kevin Dunn look like a steadicam shot. All of the matches had clear editing for violence, when the "violence" was something like punching too hard. This is just a traditionally poor American style TV show, but with UK talent. GM that makes matches half way though the show, Jim Ross, THREE GRADO MATCHES. Shit.