WCCW 8/22/86

Bill Mercer gives us a rundown of tonight's show. A double main event! 

Buzz Sawyer/Matt Borne vs US Express

This US Express is not Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda, but infact the Batten Twins, who were covered here on a WWC show. Buzz Sawyer was basically everywhere in the 80s. I think he hit every territory. Twice. I'm not a fan of his. The Battens aren't impressive either, but Doink is rad. The story of this match is armdrags. That's apparently all the Battens can do. Armdrag after armdrag after armdrag. And then an armdrag. Borne does a suplex out on the wooden floor, which looked and sounded pretty hurty. The heels then do a pretty dope double team back breaker. My favorite part of this match is that Bill has no idea which Batten is which and frequently calls both "The Express". The one good thing Buzz had was his powerslam. Borne gets the win with the Whoopie Cushion. 


TO THE MERCER. Percy Pringle and his man, Jos LeDuc. Jos got them crazy eyes. Jos is Percy's answer to Abdullah The Butcher.


Jos LeDuc vs Perry Jackson

Leduc has a giant scar that goes from just above his navel up to just under his collar bone. Was that a lumberjacking accident? He has brutal chops and his punches are thuddy as fuck. But he's also old and out of shape. He was deep into his 40s at this point I believe, and looks even older. He wins with a bear hug in an extended squash.

Dingo Warrior vs Rick Rude

Ultimate was a good trade in for Dingo. This is kind of weird, since it seems like both guys are heels, and Gary Hart and Percy Pringle are just trying to outdo each other as the best heel manager in the company. Rude has a better look here than in the WWF, but nothing tops his WCW look. Warrior has pretty much the same build as he did in Mid South, although now with a mustache and very odd mullet. He has the face paint and tassels, but it isn't really Ultimate Warrior level. Rude slams warrior. Warrior then just walks around the ring screaming in response. Warrior does a press slam, which makes Rude bail. Gary Hart then suggests they do an arm wrestling contest, which Rude seems to support, as long as Hart will put down $5000. Warrior doubles it. I guess they're going to do this on the mat. Rude, of course, uses this as a ploy to cheap shot Warrior. There is so much fuckery in this match. Gary and Percy are constantly almost getting into a fight on the floor, an arm wrestling contest, tons of stalling, promos. Anytime a move actually does happen, Rude sells it by bouncing to the floor. Rude hits what appears to be the Slingblade. He might have accidently inveted that move right then and there. Hart and Pringle DO get into it. Gary throws Percy into the ring, which casues the match to be thrown out. Warrior just starts throwing shit around ringside.


Lance Von Erich vs The Grappler

Lance is the fake Von Erich that Fritz brought in to have more "family" to headline shows all over Texas. He was billed as Waldo Von Erich's son. He of course was not, nor was Waldo actually related to Fritz in the first place, and fans in the area knew it. It didn't go over very well. After Lance left the company over money issues, Fritz went on TV and straight up said he wasn't a member of the family and would never be mentioned again. Lol. The Grappler is Len Denton, who worked in various territories. He was part of the Dirty White Boys team and was the man Jake Roberts claims he was in the ring with when he accidently invented the DDT. I don't know why anyone would possibly believe Lance was related to the Von Erichs. Look at his face, and then look at how ugly all the Von Erichs were. Am I to believe that he got all the non-ugly genes in the family? Lance wins with a sunset flip. Warrior/Rude should definitely have been the main event.

Warrior/Rude was a fun load of fuckery. So much shit going on to get around the fact that Warrior couldn't work a match. But it worked. Fans loved it, I loved it, Paul Bearer got to make a ton of great faces, Gary Hart took his shoe off. A lot of fun to be had in this match.

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