WCCW International Star Wars 1983

Jose Lathario/Chavo Guerrero/Chris Adams vs Bill Irwin/The Fishman/The Mongol

What a weird mix. Lucha dudes, World of Sport, AWA, and a white guy pretending to be a Mongol. By the way, The Fishman is a luchador, not a fish gimmick. There is some lucha fuckery to start the match. I was always confused at why Chris Adams spammed the superkick so much when that was his big move. Dude used it about as often as the Young Bucks. I'm talking 30 seconds into his time in the ring and he's throwing them. Feels like 60% of his offense in any given match is the superkick. I would prefer is Fishman was actually a fish gimmick. I'd also prefer that the Mongol was actually Mongolian, but you can't always get what you want. Mongol is pretty bad. Imagine King Kong Bundy with a racist gimmick. I didn't even notice that there are two refs in the ring for this. That's kind of crowded. Six wrestlers and two refs is too many people. Chavo pinned Mongol with a surprise crossbody, that somehow took the camera man out as well.

TO THE BACK. The Freebirds cut a promo on Iceman Parsons. They're going to make the Iceman bald tonight. Clips were shown of both Iceman and Buddy's hair being cut.

Jimmy Garvin vs David Von Erich Texas Heavyweight Championship

The belt is held up heading into this. Lol, Mercy calls Garvin a dandy and fop. David is, of course, insanely over. Women just screaming non stop for him. Very traditional wrestling match. Arm work from Jimmy, leg work from David. I wouldn't say it's bad, but I also wouldn't say "wow you should see this". David had a pretty good jumping knee. Garvin was lucky that he was in the ropes when the claw was applied, but David was also an idiot because he had to know he was too close to the ropes to begin with. Garvin got the win when Sunshine held David's foot down during a pin. New champion. The match wasn't impressive, but the crowd reactions were. What a HOT ass crowd. However, the ref reversed his decision due to NWA officials letting him know what happened. The belt is now held up again. This is now the FOURTH time the title has been held up.

EARLIER TODAY. Bruiser Brody got some promo time. Brody's voice is not what you'd expect. Kerry Von Erich is such a good friend of his that he HAD to come back from Japan to help him with his battle against the Freebirds. 

Buddy Roberts vs Iceman King Parsons Hair vs Hair match

The Freebirds have a special secret cream that will remove hair immediately. Maybe Nair hadn't been invented in 1983. Buddy attacks before the bell. I'm not sure Iceman would really not look better without the hair. His hair is basically like Hawk's, but with the little mohawks braided. It's a weird look. God damn, Iceman's chops look DEADLY. Right in the god damn throat. Mother fucker looked like he was trying to chop Buddy's head off. Iceman is over as a mother fucker, too. Almost as much as the Von Erichs. Buddy won with a roll up with a handful of tights. ESPN tastefully censored it. Then the ref decided to reverse the decision and continue the match. Oh, I guess the match didn't restart. They just kept wrestling, but the match was over. The cream gets dumped on Buddy's head. Michael Hayes runs to the ring and gets put on his ass, but bails before he gets creamed. 

Kamala vs Tora Yatsu/Mike Bond/Armond Hussein

Kamala ain't 400 pounds, breh. But he does have to beat all three men to win the match. Tota Yatsu is future Jumbo Tsuruta partner Yoshiaki Yatsu. I don't know the other guys. Kamala wrestles all three guys at once. This is...terrible. Kamala easily wins. Bruiser Brody runs downs and decks him. Will Brody finally be the one to stop Kamala? 

Kevin Von Erich vs Harley Race NWA Championship

Ric Flair had recently lost his title back to Harley, which was disappointing to Kevin and the fans. I'd be disappointed, too, because Harley is much more likely to beat the dog shit out of you than Ric Flair. Kevin nearly gets the win about 30 seconds in with a top rope crossbody. So close. Kevin seems to be controlling the entire match, actually. Harley is just getting knocked all around and out of the ring. The claw! Within five minutes, Kevin has nearly won four times. A snapmare through the ropes breaks the claw. This is really kind of weird. Kevin injures his arm taking a hard bump through the ropes, bouncing on the time keeper's table on the way down. He can still jump, though. Still, Harley sees his opening and goes right after it. He's a seven time champ for a reason, brehs. Kevin has a facinating and bizarre way to protect his arm: He puts it in his trunks as a makeshift sling. THE CLAW! Kevin is going to do it! Oh. Nevermind. He got thrown to the floor again, this time landing on a camera/camera man. David came out to check on him. Harley booted him in the head for it. David couldn't let that stand, which caused his brother to get disqualified. Well, that was kind of shitty, David. Title retained.

EARLIER TODAY. Michael Hayes got another promo, this time to talk about Kerry and Brody. You see, Brody isn't a man of his word. Everyone knows that, and the Birds can't believe Brody actually showed up to his booking.

Fabulous Freebirds vs Kerry Von Erich/Bruiser Brody North American Tag Team Championships

Holy shit, Kerry and Brody come out to THE STAR WARS THEME.  Gordy and Kerry begin, but I'm still not over Kerry and Brody coming out to god damn Star Wars music. Kerry makes a hot tag to Brody super early into the match, which tels me this is going to be very short. God damn, one armed slam to Terry Gordy. Brody throws Kerry into Hayes for the win. New champions. Very, very short. 

Not a particularly good show. Not really bad, either, but the only thing that I'd suggest you maybe watch if you have time and aren't doing anything is Harley vs Kevin. Kevin was such a weird wrestler. Just everything about him was so strange.