UWF The Professional Bout 8/13/88

A bit of a change of pace: This show is a mix of shoot style pro wrestling, shoot boxing, and a special rules fight. The company moved out of small arenas and into the Ariake Colosseum, which has the retractable roof open for this event.

Katsumi Omura vs Ri Sogi

Shoot Boxing

I'm not exactly sure what the rules of shoot boxing are, but it seems like MOOEY TIE where throws and upright submissions are allowed. Omura wins in utterly dominating fashion. He dropped Sogi at least 8 times with various knees and kicks, rocked him with punches, hit him with judo throws, hit multiple shoot back drops like it was nothing. The ref should have stopped it 3-4 minutes before he did. Sogi showed a lot of heart not staying down, but god damn, what an ass beating. When you get hit with multiple shoot back drops, you had a shitty night.

Makoto Ohe vs Hideokazu Mikake

Shoot Boxing 

Ohe wins in another dominating performance. He initially seemed like he had a game plan of throws and take downs, but when they didn't work, he just knocked Mikake's head off. Repeatedly. I believe Mikake's corner threw in the towel. Shit was getting hard to watch. Shout out to the SHOOT flatliner in this.

Shigeo Miyato vs Tatsuo Nakano

The rematch. Has to be hard to follow just non-stop waning' brawls with 20 minutes of fake brawling. They did a pretty good job at it. Cutting 11 minutes from their previous match certainly helped. Miyato won with a half crab after getting busted open from a headbutt while attempting a suplex. Miyato is no joke despite his small stature.

Norman Smiley vs Yoji Anjo

Norman is back! This was a mostly mat based affair, with Norman getting a surprise arm bar locked on right after being suplexed. Norman wins! 

Kazuo Yamakazi vs Nobuhiko Takada

Takada is really cunty in this. Yamakazi is great at selling, which brings a nice underdog factor to this match, even without the ranking difference between the two. Much of the focus is on Yamakazi's leg and his refusal to give up. Then he hits a double head kick and KO's Takada. Crowd lost their shit. Big upset. 

Caesar Takeshi vs Paryhap Premchai

Shoot Boxing

Caesar is the creator of shoot boxing, so good luck to Mr. Premchai. Caesar wins in 2 and a half minutes with a kick that either broke a rib or was to the liver. Based on the delayed reaction, I'm going to go with liver.

Akira Maeda vs Gerard Gordeau

Different Style

What that different style is, I'm not quite sure.  I assume it's some weird blend of kick boxing and wrestling rules that aren't the same as shoot boxing rules. I also don't know if this is worked or not. I'll assume yes unless something stands out that tells me otherwise. Both of these dudes are a bit known for being cunty cheaters, but Gerard seems to be the cuntier of the two. Gordeau more or less worked heel, with lots of cheap shots and the fans obviously wanting their countryman to win. Weird for me because Maeda is such an unlikable piece of shit. The match was mostly centered around Gordeau completely outclassing Maeda as a striker, but Maeda constantly going for submissions to counter act them. Eventually, it worked, as he won with a modified ankle lock in the 4th round.

Great show. Shoot boxing is awesome. The shoot style matches were dope. Maeda/Gordeau was at least interesting. High quality from start to finish.