UWF Starting Over 6/11/88

I guess it wasn't enough to start over once. 

Shigeo Miyato vs Tatsuo Nakano

A 30 minute draw. These dudes were both dead on their feet about 12 minutes in. Some nasty kicks in this, particularly from Miyato. Nakano has NO cardio at all. Probably because he looks like he has about 30 pounds more bulk on him than he should be carrying.

Norman Smiley vs Kazuo Yamazaki

Screamin' Norman! Holy shit is he JACKED. Dude is like 25 pounds of extra muscle on him compared to his WCW run. Jesus. What a specimin. Yamazaki wins with an inverted Fujiwara arm bar, but Norman looked like a beast on the mat. Wish he had been able to show that off in America.

Akira Maeda vs Nobuhiko Takada

I imagine this match will set the tone for the company going forward. Maeda is the clear face of the company, and the old company, and one of the biggest stars in Japan at the time. Takada is the heir apparent to the shoot style throne, but how early he over takes Maeda is up for debate. Takada got very chippy very early on to show he wasn't fucking around. Maeda won with the Tazmission in about 25 minutes. This was dope. Maeda is still the face of the style and promotion, but for how long is clearly up for debate.

A much better show than the first Starting Over. Takada/Maeda was a war.  Maeda is still the ace, but his time is almost up.