UWF Starting Over 5/12/88

This is actually the second version of the UWF, technically known as Newborn UWF. After the original UWF died off and was reabsorbed into NJPW, most of the same guys decided to leave again, restarting the UWF. This was their first show back.

The show begins with an introduction to the roster, and a speech from Maeda. You don't need write ups of dudes pretending to have MMA fights. You just want gifs. All I want to make are gifs. So here are gifs.

Nobuhiko Takada vs Shigeo Miyato

Takada was basically already the heir apparent to Maeda, as we'd see when UWFI shows up with him as the top star. This was technically a time limit draw, because it was an exhibition, but Takada won multiple times.

Tatsuo Nakano vs Yoji Anjo

The days before Anjo got his ass beaten by friend Hickson. Nakano wins with an inverted triangle.

Akira Maeda vs Kazuo Yamazaki

Good luck on beating the top star on the debut show, breh. Maeda won with a god damn Tazmission.  

So, UWF is back. I feel like shoot style matches pretty much invariably fall apart once they get to around the 15 minute mark, and that was especially the case in the Maeda match, as those dudes were SO blown up yet still went another 10 minutes. Hot crowd, dudes hitting each other hard, and clean finishes. Pretty much what UWF is all about.