USWA Challenge 5/1/90

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Our show begins with a recap of last week's show, which appeared to have either a big battle royal or "Texas Tornado Tough Man", whatever that is. I think it was a 6 man tag with no rules. Paul Bearer was beating up Steve Austin in it.

Tonight, we have a round robin tournament for the Texas Heavyweight Championship. Ronnie P. Gosset interrupts the run down and says he's bringing King and the Dirty White Boys to the show next week. 

Matt Borne vs Billy Joe Travis

For some reason, Doink isn't wearing boots. Billy Joe kind of looks like The Maestro's older brother. This is not an interesting match. Doink controlled most of it, with BJT focusing on Matt's back when he was on offense. Ronnie Gossett cost Billy Joe the match. Which is weird, as BJT was the heel, Ronnie was the heel, but Ronnie was I guess jealous that BJT used to team with Lawler. BJT attacks that fat man, which made King and Terence Garvin head out to attack Billy. Eventually, Bill Dundee and Jeff Jarrett hit the ring to stop the beat down. 

Kevin Von Erich vs Amos Moses

Another tournament match. This could, in theory, lead to Kevin vs Kerry for the title. The fat fuck came back out for color again. This is a complete squash, which Kevin wins with a high cradle Perfect Plex with a floatover.

Steve Austin vs Bill Dundee Southern Heavyweight Championship

This was joined in progress, which is kind of weird for a title match. Austin's gear is so amazing considering he made his mark in black trunks and boots. That hair, though. Even if he wasn't clearly balding, it would be a terrible look. At this point, Austin was a year into his career. He obviously has the body and the basics. There is a super awkward ref bump, which allows Austin to cheat with Skandar Akbar. However, it backfired when Austin's head was rammed into a chair. Dundee wins. Title retained. 

Kevin Von Erich vs Matt Borne

Wish these dudes would put some shoes on. Doink is completely drenched in sweat and blown up before the match even starts. Borne steals the win while holding on to the ropes. Matt Borne will get a title shot against Kerry Von Erich.

This is not what I'd call a good show. But you have to consider the context, which was this is the remnants of the now dead WCCW, doing half the business it was doing just a few years before, now overcome with all the Memphis talent that came in from the WCCW/CWA merger which formed the USWA in the first place. The territories were essentially dead. The peak for WWE had come at WM6 and was heading for crash. So with all that...I guess the show was okay.