Tenryu Project: Revolution FINAL

The great Genichiro Tenryu finally calls it a day, and he promotes his own last show. And since he is promoting it, it is random as fuck.

The show itself starts out with a video and a guitar player playing Tenryu's theme in the middle of the ring. My man is shredding. After his performance, the whole card gets a run down.


Kikutaro/The Winger vs Ricki Fuji/Sanshiro Takagi

From the start, this involves multiple promotions and randomness. Kikutaro is a freelancer, but Winger is from FREEDOMS, while Fuji is from K-Dojo, and Takagi is from DDT. Wouldn't be a Tenryu show without weird shit. Kikutaro (or Winger) comes out to a Spanglish version of Hotel California. I will assume this is probably going to be a comedy match considering Kikutaro is involved. He begins the match with Takagi, and it starts with a straight wrestling match. then Kikutaro starts doing Tenryu spots and has great difficulty with a figure four. Thankfully, the ref is there to help him out. Fuji looks like he should have retired a decade ago. Winger has a cool mask. Fuji pins Kikutaro with a straight jacket DDT in a fairly short and nothing match.

Meiko Satomura/Cassandra Miyagi vs DASH Chisako/Sendai Sachiko

Joshi tag to change things up. I have no idea who is who in this. Never even heard of any of the four. They all look like some bad ass bitches, though. Some strong double team moves from DASH and Sendai, which leads me to believe that they are a regular tag team, or have at least been one in the past. Cassandra seems to be the one with the weird half gear, face paint, and Something About Mary hair. That would mean her partner is Meiko, who seems like a bad ass. Her elbows have malicious intent. Looking at them, I'd assume they were the heels, but Cassanda's offense is about 90% dropkicks, which in anything but joshi would scream babyface. I like Meiko. She does not fuck around. Sendai also throws some mean ass elbows. There isn't much to this, either,  and I'm going to assume this entire show is going to basically be a fairly lighthearted sampler instead of intense matches that will be remembered. Meiko is dope. She's mean as fuck and laughs off stiff boots to the head. Really getting tired of Cassanda's dropkicks, though. 90% of her offense is not an exaggeration. The match kind of falls apart towards the end, and Sendai pins Cassandra with a frog splash to get the win.

Jushin Liger/Ryoto Chikuzen/Gurukun Mask/Shigeno Shima/Draon JOKER vs Onryo/Kuuga/TARU/FUJITA/Yasu Kubota

Now, there are about 7 different promotions in this match. I only recognize Liger, Taru, and Onryo. How long will it be before a Liger retirement show? He's in his 50s, but then again Tenryu had a big resurgence in his career in his early 50s. Hard to really do too much talking about this not knowing the majority of the competitors, but it is very "do a spot, tag out, do a spot" type of affair. Some dude in ECW font gear does a gnarly looking Boma Ye in the corner to the back of the head on a masked dude. JOKER plays FIP for most of the match. TARU's buddies to a lot of interference. Liger kicks some ass, and there are some dives. FUJITA pins JOKER with a tombstone. After the match, JOKER removes his mask.

Great Kabuki/Kai/Buki vs Great Kojia/Jun Kasai/Toru Sugiuro

The fuck. Kabuki is 67 years old. Kojika is in his 70s. Although, Tenryu is 66. Kabuki's teammates have Kabuki style face paint. Kojika's team attacks before the bell, however. The old dudes face off first. And it looks like old fucking dudes trying to wrestle. Lol, Kabuki tries to attack with a noodle bowl. I think Jun Kasai is brawling around in the crowd somewhere. Kojika actually looks in better shape than everyone else in the match. Besides the old guys and Japanese Dean Ambrose kicking Jun in the face, there wasn't much to talk about. Crowd seemed to enjoy themselves, though. KAI pinned Toru with a splash.

Yoshinari Ogawa/Kendo Kashi vs NOSAWA/Kenichiro Arai

Man, fuck Kendo Kashin. I distinctly remember him fucking up every show he was on in every country in the mid 2000s. And look at rat face Ogawa who...looks pretty much the same as he did 25 years ago. This immediately heads into the crowd. They almost get counted out, even though no one had actually made it to the ring to begin with. All four run in at 19 and immediately head back out in to the crowd. And then break the count again. Is that all there is to this match? Kendo and Ogawa get into it. They're partners. Why does Kendo have an iron on Zero 1 tattoo over his nipple? And who is this fuck head who keeps coughing near a microphone? Eventually everyone starts stomping Kendo, which I'll support, because fuck him. Ogawa won with an assisted small package in a match that was some weird blend of ECW and DDT.

Hikaru Sato/Katsuhiko Nakajima/Kazuki Hashimoto vs Koki Kitahara/Kotaro Nasu/Ryuji Kijikata

This is my first exposure to Hashimoto's kid. Also the first of Nakajima I've seen in many years. Kitahara was a staple of WAR and SWS, and also was trained by Tenryu. I'm definitely most interested in seeing what baby Hashimoto can do. Kitahara starts the match and immediately shows he is not to be fucked with. He's in his early 50s and blasting dudes like it was 1993. The dick spirit of Tenryu is still strong with him. Nakajima has definitely filled out since the last time I saw him, which was probably...2008ish? Baby Hashimoto needs to either gain or lose 40 pounds. Either would be a better look than what he has now, which is just a short dude with a pot belly. He kicks hard, though, so there's that. He definitely has that "I dare you to fuck with me" spirit of his dad. Kitahara is clearly the star of this match. He's putting dudes 20 years younger than him to shame. God damn, he is a monster in this. I 1000% support him showing up in NJPW to beat the shit out of the Young Bucks and Omega. Sato gets the win with a cross arm breaker. Kitahara is even a dick head after the match. Wonderful. 

Arashi/Shiro Koshinaka vs Taiyo Kea/Yuto Aijima

Expect ASSES in this. Damn, Kea is looking rough. Arashi now looks like Japanese Joey Diaz, cawksucka. Which is appropriate, since he did some prison time for weed possession in the mid 2000s. Flying ass! First move of the match. Arashi probably shouldn't be wrestling. He looks like the type of dude to have a heart attack in the ring at this point. Kea, as shitty as he physically appears, is actually still very spry despite being around 40. Despite the heart attack waiting to happen, Arashi wins with a powerbomb.

Yoshiaki Fujiwara/Yoshihiro Takayama vs Kazunari Murakami/Minoru Suzuki

Man, old as balls Fujiwara is going to slap the piss out of Suzuki and it is going to be dope. Suzuki and Muramaki attack before the bell. Suzuki and Takayama pair off. Takayama looks...better (?) than he has in recent years. Which is to say like something out of The Thing. He's almost more of a bummer to watch than mid 60s Fujiwara, because he obviously has brain damage and should not be in matches where he gets into elbow/slap strike battles. Is it too much to ask for Fujiwara to wear some track pants or something? Those twisted up old man bird legs are not fit for public consumption. By the way, he does slap the piss out of Suzuki. It took a few tries to do some damage, but it eventually worked. Just two shooters slapping and spitting on each other. I'm going to assume Fujiwara was not happy that Suzuki took it easy on him in this match. But Murakami makes up for it and it looks like abuse in a nursing home. What the fuck, Fujiwara is getting smashed into the buckle itselt. Hard. Multiple times. Dude. You're 66, why are you doing this?  That's not quite Bryan/Nigel headbutting the ring post tier, but it wasn't good. And all it did was piss him off. Fujiwara makes that fuck who kept trying to give him brain damage for not taking his meds tap out to the Fujiwara arm bar. Sorry brehs, I don't get much enjoyment out of seeing a 66 year old try get CTE if he doesn't have it already.

Riki Choshu/Tomohiro Ishii vs Akitoshi Saito/Ryuichi Kawakmi

I wonder how your career ever recovers from killing one of the biggest stars in the history of your country, who also happened to be your boss and biggest star of the company. Who would want to work with you after you killed Misawa? Sure, it was an accident, and it was probably bound to happen eventually after the years of crazy neck bumps Misawa had taken, but still. And I would think it would be hard to want to keep doing that as your profession after an incident like that. And if you do, how do you NOT run with "Misawa killer" as your angle and get a push teasing hitting the move on other big stars? This shit is tasteless by nature, after all. Choshu and Saito begin, and Choshu beats the shit out of Saito. Of course, Ishii tags in and immediately starts up a strike battle. What a shocker. He's doing his dumb shit headbutt spots on a retirement show. Come on, dude. He wins with a brainbuster. Very sick of Ishii's shit.

Daisuke Sekimoto/Kazuyuki Fujita vs Suwama/Yuji Okabayashi

Dope. DDT HOSSES. Whose gimmicks are completely exposed by their tag partners being significantly bigger than both of them. Suwama and Fujita seem to really hate each other. They death glare at each other so long that the DDT dudes step in to ask wtf is up, and immediately get tossed. HOSSES BERRIED. When they finally hook up, they try to kill each other. So much hatred. Lol, the DDT dudes are having a chop fest in the ring, but the ref, crowd, and cameras are busy focusing on the other two presumably threatening to fuck the other's mother in the corner of the ring. This whole thing is making the DDT guys look like shit, as they are supposed to be HOSSES, yet are small in comparison to the other guys, and they're just kind of there to be interludes to the hatred between Suwama and Fujita. I think Fujita lost a finger or something. Or it got shredded open. Yuji pins Sekimoto with a Superfly Splash. Burly dudes running into each other at high speeds and full of hate. Hard not to like. Absolutely need to see Suwama vs Fujita now.

Genichiro Tenryu vs Kazuchika Okada

Okada is in for a beating. Tenryu can barely move at this point, so I expect him to save all his energy just for punching and chopping. Lol, Tenryu hits a chop and does the Rainmaker pose. Even in his last match, he's an immediate dick head. Okada couldn't hide marking out a bit for it. This match is not good. It is sad. This is a Tenryu who looks in agony after every bump, moves like he's underwater, and nearly falls over throwing chops. He should have retired years ago. The conceit of the match seems to Tenryu just hitting Okada as had as he still can, because that's all he can do. Tenryu falls just putting Okada in position for the powerbomb. Not even the powerbomb itself. This is shit where Okada has to be damn near on the mat so Tenryu can hit the enzuiguri. And Jesus fuck when Tenryu actually does try the powerbomb and just drops Okada right on his neck. Okada wins with the Rainmaker in a very depressing match. Not only should Tenryu have retired probably about a decade sooner, but his last match should have been some kind of multi man, light hearted affair instead of him trying to do a legit ass match when he had trouble even standing without falling over. 

After the match, Terry Funk and Stan Hansen presented Tenryu flowers, and then the entire roster on the card came out to celebrate with Tenryu.

This is certainly not what I would call a good show. It was interesting from a sampler platter aspect, as I was unfamiliar with the majority of the guys (and women) on the card, and there were a few that I'd like to look into further. Everything about the Tenryu/Okada match was just profoundly depressing, even on a show with a guy the same age as Tenryu headbutting metal posts and getting assaulting. 

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