Stampede Wrestling 6/15/79

Tom Stanton/Tiny Tim/Cowboy Lang vs Butch Cassidy/Billy The Kid/Barabas (?)

A mixed tag between midgets and average sized guys. Excuse me. "The little guys." This is mostly a comedy match. Which isn't surprising. I don't think I've ever seen a completely serious midget/minis match. It's not interesting at all. The face team wins, which was Stanton/Cowboy/Tiny Tim. 

TO THE ED. Ed Whalen speaks to Stu Hart in the ring, who hypes some of the upcoming talent that will be doing some shows in the coming weeks. Stu Hart is borderline unintelligible, is leaning heavily on the ropes, has trouble remembering the names of the stars coming in. Was he drunk or just super awkward? He was only 65 at the time, so I doubt it was a mental issue. It was odd, though.

Bret Hart vs Jim Neidhart

Hart Foundation EXPLODES. This match starts about 10 minutes in, with Anvil in firm control. He's unrecognizable, what with his kind of shaggy hair, lack of of beard, and stout but not fat body. Bret is a string bean with amazingly poofy hair. Both guys are rookies, Anvil with only a few months of experience, and Bret with a year at the most. You can see flashes of the Hitman, though. Like his dropkick, pinning style, and bumping style. Bret got the win with an amateur style cradle pin. It was sloppy, but interesting to see Bret so early into his career having a lot of his trademark style already down pat.


TO THE ED. Ed talks with Bret about his win. Maybe Stu wasn't drunk and instead the Harts were just really awkward people.

Jerry Morrow/Gilbert Gallant vs Mr. Hito/Mr. Sakurada

Sakurada is better known as the Japanese Kendo Nagasaki. Both Hito and Sakurada are who Bret credits the most for his training. Instead of talking about this match, Ed talks about John Foley, also known as JR Foley, who was a big heel manager in Stampede. The Japanese team controls most of the match. Hito has that dope backdrop backbreaker that I most associate with Bobby Eaton. One thing I've noticed about wrestling up to like 1993, if you were a face, you better have a solid dropkick or you ain't shit. Vicious double stomp from Kendo. Mean as shit.This isn't that interesting. Gallant gets a hot tag and cleans house, showing the most fire and energy of what I think is like 20 minutes into the full match. Kendo hits him with a dropkick to the back of the neck for the win.


TO THE ED. John Foley is in the ring with Big Daddy Ritter (Junkyard Dog) and the Dynamite Kid. So weird seeing JYD as a smooth heel. "Salt and Pepper team of the world." Dynamite is asked why he's ducking Bret Hart, but he's not. Bret just doesn't deserve a title shot. 

Hercules Ayala vs Keith Hart

Both Harts tonight have been far outsized, but I would expect Keith to get the win, too. Just a hunch. Especially since Hercules is begging off despite being maybe 80 pounds and 5 inches bigger. Herc remindes me of Cornel West. I think it is the 'fro with a gray streak and beard. What the fuck, Hercules wins with a BUCKLE BOMB. In 1979. How bizarre.

TO THE ED. Ed is with Terry Sawyer and Jake Roberts, who will be facing JYD and Dynamite in the main event. Jake looks so strange with short hair and trunks. His shirt has a snake on it, though, so I guess he had that nickname already. His promo style is so straight forward. It's all strange.

Terry Sawyer/Jake Roberts vs Big Daddy Ritter/Dynamite Kid Tornado Tag

This is also joined in progress around the 10 minute mark, which starts with Dynamite missing a diving headbutt. There are no disqualifications in this style of match. The ref isn't even in the ring, but on the floor just to count a fall. Dynamite of course bumps like a maniac, flying in and out of the ring with reckless abandon. The thing most interesting about this (besides JYD as heel and Jake as a normal guy in trunks) is that heavyweights and junior weights mixed together, but treated as equals. Dynamite wrecks Jake frequently, and JYD sells for Sawyer as he would Jake. JYD pinned Jake after using an international object, which was legal, so I don't know why Ed is getting pissy about it. Dynamite left the match with a busted nose as fans threw trash at the heels.

TO THE ED. Ed talks to the losers. Jake wants JYD, title match or not. 

TO THE ED. After the break, Foley, Dynamite, and JYD come back out.  JYD really seems to want a match with Stu. Dynamite is such a little cunt.  

While I wouldn't say this was good from an entertainment and or great wrestling standpoint, it sure was interesting. Seeing Bret and Anvil as rookies with completely different looks, with Bret showing little hints of greatness already. JYD as the smooth talking, sharp dressing heel with his little buddy the ultra cunty Dynamite Kid. Jake Roberts as a normal guy in trunks with a full head of hair, doing straight promos, and not having the DDT. And of course a dude winning a match via a buckle bomb in 1979.