Stampede Wrestling 1/1/88

Goldie Rogers vs Jonathan Holliday

I really enjoy Ed Whalen. Very good actual commentator voice, since he was a real commentator for other sports. Goldie Rogers looks like some kind of bootleg Jimmy Valiant, which sounds awful, right? Holliday has weird yellow and white striped tights. It's like mustard and mayonnaise. Nothing really happens. Goldie wins with a pretty nice neckbreaker.

TO THE FEDORA. Makhan Singh gets to brag about the 3 battle royals he's won in recent weeks. All that extra money. He's going to make Jason the Terrible's mushy brain even mushier tonight. He also gets very racist over "Orientals", who are "humped up little rice pickers". 

TO THE ED. Ed speaks with Bruce Hart. He's been out with an injury, a new shoulder injury unrelated to his previous ones. It's a touch and go injury. Ed implores him to not get into the ring too soon.

After the break, Ed speaks with the Great Gama and his friend, Garfield Portz. They call Bruce (injured) and Pillman (out of the country) pussies for not being on the card tonight. 

Phil LaFleur vs Garfield Portz

LaFleur is Philip LaFon/Don Krofat. He's pretty jacked. LOL at how blatant he is at trying to cover his mouth to call spots. Portz has been controlling the match for the prior 10 minutes before we joined in. He's still in control. Ed takes some time talking about soccer hooligans and how those people are not true fans of the sport, just trouble makers. Ed goes on little flights like that from time to time. Phil has a dope Finlay Roll, but is hit with a blatant low blow while attempting a leap frog. The ref, Wayne Hart, missed it. He also missed the blatant choke earlier in the match. Maybe he's just a shitty ref. Garfield wins with a piledriver. After the match, he shits all over Bruce and Owen Hart, and Brian Pillman.

Bad News Allen/Jerry Morrows/Steve DiSalvo vs Mr. Hito/Brick Bronski/Biff Wellington

DiSalvo is my dude. That jacked mother fucker. He's massive, even if he's pretty short. I guess I can understand why he didn't get a real chance in WCW or WWF due to the height, but god damn he has a lot of muscularity. I was pointing Bad News would be better in Stampede than WWF, but he seems like he was physically pretty broken down even before his WWF run. Bad News and DiSalvo have a number of miscommunications during this match. DiSalvo also seems to have some shit with Morrows when he makes Morrows tag out after having the match won with a Superfly splash so he could win with a Canadian backbreaker. After the match, Ed stirred the shit, and DiSalvo interrupted the promos of both of his partners, which gets him attacked. The Mongolian Hashif Khan (aka Shinya Hashimoto) ran out to make a save. He also got a beat down. The Great Gama was able to calm Bad News down.

Great Gama vs Chris Benoit

Joined in progress 10 minutes in. Benoit is so little. So young. Looks like a little baby. The Great Gama is a reference/tribute/homage to The Great Gama, a legendary Indian wrestler known for doing 5000 Hindu squats a day and went undefeated for 50 years. That one looked manly as fuck. This one has a terrible head of hair and looks like a wimp. He's not very good. Benoit gets dominated until he gets his knees up on a splash. He's such a fiery babyface. It's very strange considering how stoic he eventually became in the ring. His technique is still rough, but there are flashes of his future goodness. Interesting finish of Benoit seemingly being disqualified for backdropping Gama over the top rope, only for Gama to get disqualified for having knuckle dusters. Benoit's post match promo has him talking about "psychology getting messed up" and wants Gama to bring his title to the match next week. Gama's promo tries to blame Benoit for bringing in the knux.

Jason The Terrible vs Makhan Signh

Makhan is Mike Shaw, also known as Bastion Booger, Norman The Lunatic, Friar Ferguson, and 100 other terrible gimmicks. He was named for probably one of 3 or 4 different famous Indian athletes with the same name. When we join the match, he's wearing Jason's hockey mask (Jason wears a standard mask underneath it) and using it as a weapon. I don't know how he became the top heel for like...3 years straight. He's not particularly good at anything. Passable promo guy, pretty shitty in the ring, terrible look. Jason gets his mask back and wins via countout after sending Booger into the ring post.

Interested in seeing where the Benoit/Pillman/Bruce team goes. And DiSalvo/Bad News to beat the shit out of each other.