Stampede 1/8/88

Stampede Wrestling 1-1-88 & 1-8-88.avi_snapshot_00.54.05_[2016.10.31_09.57.31].jpg

Big show today. Which are rematches from last week with stipulations added. Plus an all heel tag match. 

Brick Bronsky vs Kerry Brown

Joined in progress. Brick is in great shape. Kerry is "built by silly putty". Lol. BERRIED. Ross Hart actually leave the booth to cheer for Brick at ringside. He's quite enamored with Brick's look. Look, I'm not against fat, out of shape wrestlers, but get a tan, for fuck's sake. Kerry wins with a roll up and his feet on the ropes. 

TO THE ED. ED is with Bad Company and young hockey players. Youth hockey promotion. They present Ed with a plaque for his contributions to hockey. This is as Canadian as it gets. Exquisitely Canadian. Bruce still hasn't been cleared to wrestle. Pillman shoots on lawyers, specifically the one trying to strip them of the tag titles. 

TO THE JIM. Karachi Vice! What a terrible group. Can't believe they basically ran the promotion for 2 years. Bastion Booger rants and raves against Omar and Jason The Terrible. I don't know who Omar is. Great Gama suggests that Chris Benoit should get a picture of him on the wall to pray to just for allowing him to get a title shot tonight. Oh, here's the lawyer guy Pillman was talking about. By next week, we should know if KV will be in possession of the tag titles.

Rip Rogers vs Jonathon Holliday

Ed directly compares Rip Rogers to Gorgeous George. Not only that, he basically blames George for turning wrestling "into a circus, at times". Weird tangent. Rip is the vet. Holliday is fairly new to the sport, so Rip's experience comes in handy here. Lol at the neck breaker botch. Rip hits another one to make up for it, then pulls off the pin. "Break out the mustard, gang, we have a hot dog." Rip hits another neck breaker and then makes the pin. He cut a promo after the match saying he's the best in the world, a guy you can see on TBS and USA, and he's in Calgary to win the titles. All of them. He's talking mad shit on Owen. 

Rip Rogers neckbreaker to Jonathon Holiday.gif

TO THE ED. Hell yes, Steve DiSalvo. The best muscle dude in the territory. As soon as he starts talking, Bad News Allen attacks him from behind with a stick. "This is stupid!  This is utterly idiotic!" Ed was not pleased with this. "I got a news flash for you: I don't wanna talk to you!" WAR Ed. Bad News tells this woman that he'd slap the shit out of her if she fawns over Steve's muscles ever again. "GET OUTTA HERE! GET OUTTA HERE!" Lol. Fired up Ed is pretty great.

Brian Pillman vs Garfield Portz

JIP. Portz is firmly in control of this match when we arrive. Pillman has been struggling with out his partner Bruce, and today seems no different. Pillman gets a lucky break when Portz goes running into the ring post. Brian goes for the splash, but Portz gets his knees up. And Pillman was WAY up in the air. I'm sure that didn't feel great. They both go over the top rope, and the match ends in a double count out. Pillman cuts a promo on that lawyer dude, and it sounds to me like Conor McGregor copied this promo, almost verbatim at points. Oh wait, Portz IS the lawyer. Pillman challenged him to a rematch last week. Portz got his own promo after the match 


Steve DiSalvo/Hashif Khan vs Bad News Allen/James Morrow

An all heel tag match. With Bad News Brown and Hashimoto. Ed is still HOT about Bad News. Actually, he's super pissed with Jim Davies for taking a bandanna from Bad Company. WHERE IS YOUR JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY?! This is part of a slow burn face turn for Steve, because Bad News is about as cunty as they get in Calgary. Hashimoto is the FIP in this. He looks so small. Morrow pins Hash with a Superfly Splash. From what was shown of the match, Steve had no action in the match. 


TO THE JIM. Bad News ain't worried about Ed Whalen. The next time they get in the ring with Steve DiSalvo, he's going to have more than a bad leg.

Great Gama vs Chris Benoit Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Championship

We join 10 minutes into the match. Gama is firmly in control, using a chain to choke Benoit with. Shortly after, Benoit starts firing up. he accidentally hip tosses Singh into the ref. Canadian ref bump! This allows Abu De Weazal to distract Benoit, allowing Gama to hit a low blow and steal the win. Title retained. Wayne Hart came out and explained what happened, reversing the decision. Benoit wins via DQ, so the title will still remain the champion. Benoit's post match promo is so weird. He sounds like a teenager with his voice dropping. He challenges Gama to a rematch next week: NO DQ! Gama didn't really give an answer.


Jason The Terrible vs Makhan Singh

No Disqualification

So weird that this promotion in Western Canada has a Jason Voorhees character as kind of the top face. When we joined the match, Booger was trying to stall and run away from Jason. In the most nonchalant way possible. He ends up choking Jason with a rope, and this is just awful. How was this guy the top heel for so long in Stampede? He wasn't even a good promo, which is the main reason people say he had the spot he had. This no DQ match ends in a double count out in about 4 minutes of TV time. I'm assuming next week they'll have another gimmick match. And in fact, Brian Pillman comes out and says Jason wants a no DQ CHAIN MATCH next week. Makhan agrees to it.

So, 3 weeks in a row with both Makhan/Jason and Benoit/Gama, plus another Pillman/Portz match? And you thought modern day WWE was bad with rematches.