Smokey Mountain Wrestling 3/27/94

TO THE CAUDLE. The RNR Express are the guests, who let everyone know that this show is pre-taped and already happened, and then spoil results. Weird. Then Sunny cuts a promo with Skip and Chainz. This is all pretty odd.

Larry Santo/Mike Sampson vs Thrillseekers

So odd to have the RNRs in a promotion while also having their younger knock off/replacements. Jericho's father being a pro hockey player is briefly touched upon. Well Done come out to scout. Lance Storm's bleached rat tail is the worst thing I've ever seen. Someone fucked up a finish. I think the dude just forgot to kick out, so they just continued the match like nothing happened. Thrillseekers get the win with an assisted reverse super powerslam.

TO THE THRILLSEEKERS. A special chat with the team, talking about their personal lives in what appears to be a cheap hotel room. Shades of RF Video. Basically talking about their sports histories prior to pro wrestling. Jericho hypes his bands he's in while Lance says he's a boring dude who just stays at home when not wrestling. So...nothing has changed. They also make it clear they aren't gay for each other. When it comes to girls, Jericho likes them as long as they are breathing. There are a lot of tag teams that don't really feel like friends outside of the ring, but you can tell these two were really bros, which is neat.

We're shown some clips of Bullet Bob being given an award for his work in Marietta, Georgia. Bob then talks to the other Bob about how much he enjoyed the award and the upcoming match against Cornette. I believe he called Corny "a sack of Scandinavian snake feces". 

TO THE BOB. Cornette responds. Fuck Cornette. 

Brimstone vs Mike Furnas Beat The Champ TV Championship

Furnas is, I assume, the brother of Doug Furnas. Or named Furnas due to his resemblance to Doug. He won the title in his first TV match and definitely looks like he's only had one TV match. The gimmick with the TV title is a challenger is pulled out of Dutch's hat each week and the winner, instead of a title, gets $1000 for each win. Furnas retains in a short match with a shoulder tackle.

TO THE DOWN & DIRTY.  Dr. Dutch's guest is the first lady of Smokey Mountain Wrestling, Tammy Fytch. Sunny definitely got some work done before she went to the WWF. The Dirty White Girl has been wanting a singles match, and if she comes out, she can get it. DWG DOES come out. Oh, the singles match wasn't with Sunny. It's with...some biker lady with a mullet. Dutch tries to break it up and gets body slammed. The Dirty White Boy comes out to save his girl. "Would he hit a girl? He probably would!"

TO THE BOB. Sunny explains who this woman is: Peggy Lee Leather. 

Bobby Blaze vs Prince Kharis

Karis is a giant mummy, managed by the Sinister Minister in a Fez, chanting in faux-latin. Bobby Blaze is best known for somehow making it into a WCW video game despite being a jobber on Saturday Night. I guess it is kind of neat that James Mitchell basically was the same character from SMW to WCW to ECW to TNA. Oh, we're claiming this guy is a legit 3000 year old mummy. Lol. He has a gimmick where he apparently "twists" his arm, assumingly loading it as guys used to do with their boots, then hitting Blaze with a clubbing blow, which knocked him out.  Imagine the YETAY but even lower rent, wrestling in an elementary school gym.

TO THE BOB. The Dirty White Folks are the guests. TL Hopper is not pleased with the events that happened earlier. DWG challenges Peggy to a match.

Chris Candido/Brian Lee vs Rock N Roll Express

Can you believe the RNRs were teen heartthrobs once upon a time? They were ugly dudes even in 1984. Now they're paunchy and balding. Skip is very puffy, as if he were perhaps on some kind of gear. Just speculating. Chainz just looks weird in general. I haven't liked that dude in SMW, ECW, WWF, or TNA. Can't believe he got fairly significant runs in all of those companies. This is your traditional RNR match. They hit the double dropkick, but Sunny gets on the apron. Morton kisses her, which Dutch accurately calls as sexual assault. Skip hits him with Sunny's purse to get the win.

Kind of a whatever show. The whole point of SMW is being outdated and cheap, but man.