NXT Takeover: The End

Tye Dillinger vs Andrade Almas

I love how cheap Tye Dillinger's entrance is, since they just reuse graphics made for one of their countdown shows. But damn, he's over as fuck. I said way back at Brooklyn that he had a gimmick that could get him super over. Less than a year later, it seems to have worked. Almas is the former La Sombra, a famous luchador for CMLL and NJPW. Now he's in NXT, dressed as a Mexican-American Male and no longer wearing a mask. He's the new big international signing, even though he signed well before Shinsuke Nakamura did. I'm not into him. He seems kind of like a generic lucha dude trying to work with a non-lucha dude. His strikes look weak, and his flippies aren't even impressive. Nor are his OMG I DIDN'T WIN?!?! reactions, which look every bit as bad as indie dudes who do the "oh, look" face before a spot that I hate so much. Tye superkicks Sombra while Sombra was in the Ultimo Dragon head stand position. I don't think it even grazed him, but it sure made a loud noise. La Sombra wins with a running double knee in the corner that actually looks more like a tea bag. Someone is definitely going to get fucked up on that move soon. I was not impressed with Sombra at all. Tye looked better, but he's fully taken over Tyler Breeze's former role in NXT.

The Revival vs American Alpha NXT Tag Team Championships

I have zero doubts this will be the match of the night. Wilder and Gable begin. I think my favorite thing about Gable is that he does the old school flying head scissors. This so far is a lot like their last match, but with more stand offs and poses. And ankle locks. The last thing they need to be doing is more Kurt Angle spots unless Angle is going to come in to do something with them. This feels much more choreographed than the last match. Nothing feels natural like the first match. It's weird. It feels like they've been workshopping this match down to the pauses for poses for 3 months straight. Shout out to the Revival going even harder with their 80s JCP tag team shit, but man, this match is a far cry from the Dallas version. Gable plays FIP for quite a while. JJ finally gets the hot tag and throws a bunch of dropkicks and suplexes. Gable goes full Rick Steiner countering a doomsday powerbomb with a powerslam, but I'm already checked out of this match. The Revival win with the Shatter Machine. New champions. The Revival become the first two time NXT tag champions. Fucking LOL at this grown ass man in the front row literally crying over the result. After the match, two HOSSES demolished American Alpha. Precious Paul Ellering came out on the ramp, and Full Sail University, Smark City (home to wrestling experts), actually chanted "WHO ARE YOU" at him. This legendary fucking dude. Jesus Christ Full Sail is the worst. You know these fucks are sitting there like "we're REAL wrestling fans", yet they don't know Paul Ellering. Fucking Todd Phillips didn't know who he was, either. Jesus Christ. Burn it down. Paul looks like such an evil bad ass, even in his 60s. That dude is still clearly in shape. No doubt has abs. I really hope The END refers to the end of running shows at Full Sail.

TO THE BACK. Asuka warms up. Bayley shows up and they shake hands. This just encourages Full Sail to start singing Bayley songs. Fuck.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Austin Aries

I can't believe how badly they're wasting Nakamura is right now. Austin fucking Aries? Get your shit together, Hunter. Christ. Just awful. And they don't even have a reason to have a match. Austin said he was great, Nakamura said he was strong style. So they're going to have a match. Aries had damn near silence for his entrance. No one gives a fuck about him. Why is he in NXT? Dude hasn't been worth a shit in a decade, and even then he wasn't that good. This is not a fucking dream match. Come on. There could not have been anyone in the world thinking, "Damn, I'd love to see Aries vs Nakamura". Full Sail now sings Nak's theme song anytime someone grabs a hold. Fuck. Aries is so god damn short. Slouchy ass Nak America still towers over him. Aries can't decide what the fuck he wants to work, going back and forth between the leg and neck, sometimes the arm. Pick a spot, homie.  I don't like this match at all. At one point, Aries does a knee breaker to set up a neck submission. And then almost broke Nak's collar bone being so shitty with his suplexes. And there's a DVD on the apron. Come on. Why did Nak leave NJ just to do his best shitty ROH match in front of 400 shitheads in Florida? Highlight of the match is most definitely Aries eating shit on his dive. Kinshasa gets the win. Fuck this match. What a waste of a world class talent. Might as well have put him in there with Mojo Rawley or something. That probably would have been a more enjoyable match, to be honest.

EARLIER TODAY. Joey Samoey arrived.

Asuka vs Nia Jax NXT Women's Championship

Nia got absolutely killed back in London, having her half as big opponent choke her out after kicking out of six finishers, then being taken off TV for 5 months. Not sure how she got another title match, but she pretty much has to win this or she's completely done as a monster type in NXT. This could be some weird alternate universe of Vader vs Takada. Nia just fucking chucks Asuka across the ring. Holy shit that was rad. This is worked exactly how it should be: Asuka trying to hit and move with her quick strikes, Nia smashing Asuka when ever she gets in close. Asuka wins with 4 consecutive kicks to the head. Title retained. Dope match, but very short. Nia looked like an absolute monster...until she lost by KO to someone half her size. How can anyone take her seriously as an actual monster if she never beats the big faces? 

EARLIER TODAY. William Regal was talking about the show when Bobby Roode walked in behind him. So...two Takeovers in a row he shows up but doesn't do anything? Does NXT REALLY need another TNA cast off?

Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor NXT Championship Steel Cage Match

The first ever steel cage match in NXT, in a feud that has been going on for 8 months and has been pretty shitty. Can't wait for a 20 minute cage match with no blood. Just kill Balor and let's move on, please. I don't ever want to see these two in a ring together again. About a minute in, Joe is scrambling for the door, which shows you how heated this feud really is. So heated he didn't even want to have the match. Joe isn't a Tully Blanchard type who would run away from this fight. He's a big bad ass who WANTED this cage match because he wants to kill Balor. Then he tries to run away as soon as the match starts. Maybe he was just trying to end this interminable feud as quickly as possible. This is boring as shit. Balor is garbage, Joe keeps doing the same 2 spots over and over. Then they go into finisher kick outs, because of course you can't have a main event without dudes kicking out of finishers. Joe wins with an avalanche muscle buster. Title retained. Hated it.

Bad show. Nia/Asuka was the only good thing on the show, and it was way too damn short. The big new international signing was completely unimpressive, two teams that put on a great match at the last show put on a match that felt brutally choreographed and lacked any authenticity, Nakamura is wasting his time on a dog shit Austin Aries, and Joe/Balor have another shitty match. Just get rid of Balor and Aries. Send them anywhere else. Hopefully the end means the end of Balor in NXT, because fuck he's been an absolute drag since day one. 

Do you want to know what THE END actually referred to, though? HHH revealed it in a Facebook interview after the show. It meant that NXT has ended as developmental, and is now a fully fledged brand. Which is what they've been saying for a year and a half so....were they lying that whole time? This show sucked.