NXT 8/26/15

The second part of Takeover, filmed before the main show. Of course, this show also starts with the "you're part of the show" fann wankery stuff again. Really think it's a bad idea to rely SO much on that, and it is so  transparent that it is hilarious the allegedly smart fans don't pick up on the corporate nature of it all.

Enzo Amore/Colin Cassidy/HypeBros vs Dawson & Wilder/Jason Jordan/Chad Gable

Holy SHIT Enzo and Cass are fucking MONSTER over here. Biggest reaction of the whole weekend. These dudes straight up got bigger reactions than Cena, Taker, and Brock. Mojo and Wilder start the match. Ryder is surprisingly not getting a reaction. Crowd ONLY gives a shit about Enzo. And Cas, I guess. But mostly Enzo. The commentary is weird, since they're acting like this is a live show or at least taped after Takeover, when they explained more than once that this stuff would be taped before Takeover. The faces bounce the heels to the floor, and then Cas just chucks Enzo at them. And it was dope. When we come back from break, Jason Jordan is in control of Enzo. Jordan is impressive. People talk up Chad Gable, but Jordan looks so much more impressive. I like Dawson. Wilder...I don't know. Haven't really seen much of him. Enzo being the FIP is a great idea. Gable's charisma in the body of Jordan would be a huge star. He's smaller than Enzo. WE WANT CASS chant. Note: No one has made noise for Ryder or Mojo. Cass finally gets the hot tag. He's definitely cutting right now, after bulking for what felt like a year. He's looking like a monster. Things break down with everyone hitting their finishers. Enzo gets the pin with the Rocket Launcher.

TO THE BACK. As Regal talks about the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic when Neville walks in to ask for a spot in the tournament. 

LAST SATURDAY. Exclusive post-match interview with Finn Balor.

A  special look at Emma. 

TO THE BACK. Devin talks with Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Becky is weird.

A special look at Becky Lynch. 

Eva Marie vs Carmella

Holy shit, Eva's music is amazing. Also, the heat for her is intense. What's funny to me is that the NXT crowds now love Carmella, when they treated her the same as they do Eva when she showed up. And for the same reasons. NXT crowds are such assholes for booing people who aren't good when they're in NXT so they can improve. It's still a developmental place. People can't get better until they get TV time. Would you go to a minor league ball game and expect the level of competition as the pros? Would you go to a local or college production and expect the same level of quality as a Broadway play? Probably not. If you did, you'd leave very disappointed, and that wouldn't be the fault of the performers. Eva throwing elbows and sentons like it ain't no thing. LOL at her mocking all the Cass/Enzo sayings while working an abdominal stretch. Eva wins with Sliced Bread #2. Solid little match. Nothing blow away for sure, but the improvement of Eva is pretty staggering. She's definitely competent and has some flashes where I could see her getting pretty good with more experience. Which is what NXT is all about.

TO THE BACK. Breeze cut a promo on Liger, saying their feud is long from over, but he's got a bigger idea to put him on the map. Elsewhere, Devin spoke with Emma and Dana Brook. 

A special look at Dana Brook.

TO LAST SATURDAY. Bayley gave her tearful comments after winning the title. Her mom was there with her. And then the rest of her family showed up.

TO THE BACK. Devin finally gets the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic news out of Regal...until Baron Corbin shows up before he can announce the first match. And now it appears Corbin and Rhyno are going to be a team, facing The Ascension in the opening match!

BullFit promo airs.

TO LAST SATURDAY. KO gave his comments after losing the ladder match. He promised to break Cesaro. 

Elias Samson vs Bull Dempsy

What the fuck is Samson? He's "the drifter", but dresses like a country music Fandango, complete with guitar. YES look at Bull's new Dr. Death like robe. I'm down. He's allegedly in good shape now. Lol. He's been working on his ab, though. And in fact, Elias focuses on the ab. HE'S BULLING UP! I never would have guessed that Bull would be a pretty enjoyable face, but here we are. Vader Attack. Bull gets the win with the whoopee cushion in a match that probably went a bit long, but was a good showcase for the new Bull.

Holy fuck MORE RECAPS. Jesus Christ. MORE VIDEOS. MORE MORE MORE. Fuck. 70% of this show has been recaps and hype videos. Why the fuck is this show 90 minutes if they were just going to use the extra time for nothing but recaps? Just brutal. This feels like a Christmas episode or something.

Emma vs Dana Brooke vs Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

Dana wearing Chuck Taylors doesn't really fit in with her gimmick. Or more accurately, it just seems weird.  Becky and Charlotte bounce the heels so they can go at it. I can't believe how terrible Charlotte is at the Flair Strut. It's almost hilarious. It's SO bad. This is a little too showcasey for my tastes. And then it turns into a mess. This whole show, really. This is what the baseline for NXT should be. People should be expecting shows like this, not ones with amazing matches every week. Just very basic shit, with people who aren't great, but are improving. That Charlotte and Becky look so awkward in this leads me to believe that the reason the big women matches have been so good is due to good agents working extensively to lay something out that makes sense for each woman and the over all story. This feels like an absolute mess with Becky and Charlotte (both proven capable of great matches) looking no better than the rookie Dana Brook. Emma ends up pinning Becky, looking completely shocked and trying to pull up off the pin, so I'm inclined to believe someone fucked up. Charlotte beats her up and hits her finsh after the match, then pins her. So the match ends with Charlotte's music. Lol. What a mess. 

Not a very good show. They added an extra 30 minutes, yet it was all for recaps and hype videos, which makes for a pretty not fun viewing experience. Match wise, only the 8 man tag is worth watching at all. Everything else ranged from bland to terrible. The main event was just awful. I think this match probably explains why the Divas Revolution matches aren't doing much for people: No focus. Eva/Carmella was a much more enjoyable match than the main event. Which is crazy, considering Carmella and Eva have both been wrestling for a few months, effectively. But it had a story and purpose for both women, where as the 4 way was just a mess of showcase spots that looked bad and everyone looking confused. And then they completely screwed up the finish, with the wrong person winning because someone (likely Charlotte) missed their cue and Becky didn't think to kick out anyway. It was just a bad showing from all involved.

Over all, this is what NXT would look like every week if it weren't for the top indie/Japan guys being brought in. Expectations should be set to a show like this.