Mid-South 3/3/86

Not only did Bill Watts push one son into wrestling, he also has his other son as a play by play guy. Bill hypes up the Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup, which was also being hyped up on JCW's show at this time. Some great teams. Two weeks from now, the name of the TV show will be changed. We're then shown clips of Dick Slater vs Jake Roberts in a title unification match from Houston. Slater won via a chain shot. Due to the rules, he had to vacate the lesser title, which caused Dick Slater to send in a promo of him throwing the TV title into the Arkansas river. Bill Watts promises a response.

We're then shown clips of Jake vs Terry Taylor. Taylor won via a small package.

Terry Taylor vs Mike Scott Number One Contendership

Mike is a burly dude. I dig the red, white, and blue mat. A thing that sets Mid South apart from other territories is that their ring was full WWF size instead of the smaller ring traditionally used everywhere else. Taylor wins in quick order with the Fivearm, which is a flying punch/forearm. 

Eddie Gilbert vs Koko B. Ware

Eddie offers Koko a spot in Hotstuff International, which Koko declines. Joel Watts is allegedly the play by play guy, but Bill does all the talking. Koko was pretty dope in everything I saw of him in Memphis. I feel like the ref might be a Watts as well, and he's significantly bigger than both guys in the ring. Bill Watts talks about his distaste for Eddie Gilbert, which is centered on Gilbert having a sugar mama. In his day, a man that lived off of a woman was known as a 4 letter word that starts with P, but he won't say it on TV. "I guess I'm just an old time chauvinist that I think the man is supposed to earn the living." At least he can admit it, I guess. Eddie has a pretty solid Baba-style hooking clothesline. Koko wins clean with the missile dropkick. After the match, Taras Bulba (?) hits the ring to attack Koko. Koko was able to fight back and stood tall.


TO THE JR. In the ring with the Sheepherders, who are coming for DiBiase and Dr. Death. 

Ted DiBiase/Steve Williams vs Gustavo Mendoza/Shawn O'Riley

Doc and Ted are the tag champs, but I do not believe this is a title match. Hoping to see a dope powerslam in this. The Sheepherders came out to distract the champs. Doc wins with a lariato and Oklahoma Stampede in short order. The champs dare the Sheepherders to get in the ring, but they bail.   

Ron Ellis vs Korchenko

Korchenko is another one of Eddie Gilbert's monsters, this one being from the USSR. With Bruiser Brody boots and a t-shirt under his singlet. He wins with with the Derailer, even though that dude definitely gave up while in the Canadian backbreaker like 5 times.

The Blade Runners vs Steve Doll/???

It's STANG! It's Warrior! Wow, Sting was huge. He definitely dropped some mass when he went to JCP. And Warrior was even bigger. Blade Runners win with the Hart Attack. Man, these dudes were so huge and green. Very surprising that they'd go on to be the stars they were if you were just judging them on first impressions.


Dick Murdock/The Masked Superstar vs Ricky Gibson/Tracy Smothers

Masked Superstar is best known as Ax of Demolition fame. Ricky Gibson is the brother of Robert Gibson. Tracy Smothers is a full blooded Italian. Superstar quickly pins Tracy with a lariat. Sadly, no brainbuster.

Definitely the Eddie Gilbert show. He had a match and showed four different dudes he managed. Dick Slater is apparently the top heel, based on being the top champion and throwing the TV title into the river, but he wasn't on the show otherwise. Watching this, you'd think Eddie Gilbert is the guy running shit. Blade Runners are so, so green. Neither guy were impressive in the ring, but physically they're monsters. Really weird seeing Sting as a generic monster heel.

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