Mid-South Power Pro Wrestling 3/15/86

The show has changed names in order to be more accommodating for a show that is bigger than just a regional show. JR gives us a run down.

Korchenko vs Perry Jackson

This Russian fuck. Was there a single territory that didn't have an evil Russian? He wins with the Derailer in a squash.

Road Warriors vs Ron Rossie/???

This is actually a JCP match and was about 15 seconds. LOD won when Animal press slammed Hawk onto Rossie.

Rob Ricksteiner vs Koko B. Ware

The name "Ricksteiner" might sound familiar to you, since it is indeed Rick Steiner. And holy shit was he jacked. People always talk about Scott's body, but Rick had an insane physique up to like 1992. He's seriously almost at 2000 Big Poppa Pump levels of huge. He kind of has the same movements and shtick in the ring as well. Really odd. Very stoogy, claiming Koko is cheating at every opportunity. The announcer tells us that Buzz Sawyer has taken Rick under his wing, which now makes Rick's catching powerslam an obvious homage to Buzz, who did the move as his one good move (and better than Rick's). Koko wins with the missile dropkick. The territory footage is so interesting for being able to see guys with different gimmicks or in different stages of their careers. Rick as a super jacked, yet stoogy heel, Koko as a legit ass wrassler.  

Blade Runners vs Brett Wayne Sawyer/Sean O'Riley

Still crazy how big both Sting and Warrior were. Not that Warrior was ever small, but he was definitely as his most massive here. Dropping some mass definitely was a benefit to both men, especially sting. That dude was a truly special athlete before his knee injury. The announcer says Warrior seems a little bit deranged. "Could be the steroid effect." I find it kind of strange that, despite being portrayed as a younger Road Warriors, the Blade Runners do a lot of stooging around and getting upset when made fools of. Especially Sting. They win via the Hart Attack, which I'm going to call...the Ultimate Sting. Suck my dick. They are SO green. As far as LOD rip offs go, they're definitely below Powers of Pain and Demolition.

Chavo Guerrero vs Steve Keirn No DQ Loser Gets Painted Yellow

Technically, this is a lights out match, which takes place after the official card is over. The house lights would be turned off and on before the match to signify the show was over and the match wasn't sanctioned. I don't believe that concept has been used since the 80s. Everything I've seen of ALL the Guerreros was dope, particularly Chavo Sr. and Mando. But they're all good. It's kind of strange that Keirn is a heel in Mid South after being a heartthrob face with Stan Lane for the past few years everywhere else in the US. Even weirder that he eventually became Skinner. In this, Keirn is a stalling sack of shit. Chavo controls most of this match. Chavo has a really odd belly to belly/flapjack combo. I can't tell if it was intentional or not. He wins with a German suplex, which means Steve Keirn must be painted yellow. Before he can be painted, Keirn decks Chavo with an international object. Why didn't he use that during the match? It was no DQ. Keirn attacks the ref and attempts to paint Chavo. Chavo hits him with a piledriver and Stan Lane hits the ring. Wait. Both Fabs are in Mid South and they're heels? Strange. I wonder what the impetus for the turn was. Chavo (and the mat) get covered in the yellow paint. 


TO THE VAULT. JR shows us a classic segment of Jim Cornette having his face shoved in cake by the RNR. 

Pretty enjoyable show over all.