Mid South 2/4/82

Tremendous show tonight. Tremendous! Mid South is expanding it's television coverage and is bringing you high quality matches you can't get anywhere else.

Bob Orton Jr. vs Ken Woodby

Is this one of those matches you can't see anywhere else? Poor Ken never gets out of the blocks. Bob dominates and wins with a piledriver. His Vader Bomb forearm was kind of weird.


TO THE PAUL. Ernie Ladd has taken over the show. He's pretty miffed about Paul talking about Dusty's and JYD's big money contracts while failing to mention the big money contracts he has had and that he's been able to get for his Samoans. Bill Watts gets involved, asking if Ernie is in league with Skandor Akbar, who is in the ring with the Wild Samoans. Ernie ain't having none of this shit. Oh wow, the Wild Samoans have dropped Ernie for Akbar. Ernie attacks him, then brawls with the Samoans. The One Man Gang hits the ring to join the Samoans. Oh no, OMG did a top rope splash on Ernie's legs! 


Ron Cheatham vs Ted DiBiase North American Championship

Man, Ron Cheatham looks like a redneck version of pre-heel turn Chono.  Ted out wrestles him for a bit, then pounds him for good measure. Ted easily wins with a powerslam and figure four.

Akbar storms the booth to demand that the Samoans get their tag title shot NEXT. 

The Wild Samoans vs Junkyard Dog/Mike George Mid South Tag Team Championships

You don't really realize how big the Wild Samoans were until you see how much bigger they are than the very large JYD. JYD gets controlled for a bit. Lol at Mike George being able to fight both Samoans off when JYD couldn't handle one of them. A wild brawl breaks out. There's a ref bump. Afa hits Mike with a chair. JYD takes it away and uses it. Akbar tries to throw a fireball, but JYD blocked it and sent it back with the chair! In all the confusion, Afa hits Mike with a Samoan drop on the chair. New champions! 


Bob Roop vs Frank Monte

I bet Roop fucking hates Monte for actually being in shape. Bob quickly wins with a shoulder breaker.


Mr. Olympia vs Paul Orndorff

Weird that a match this big would be a stand by match. Fucking Bill Watts. Dude is putting over the Ted/Paul match from a few weeks back, then goes on a LONG tanget of name dropping some super NCAA athlete he played racket ball with. He was naming off accomplishments of this dude for like 2 minutes straight, completely forgot he started out talking about Ted/Orndorff, and then never got back to it. Orndorff is so dope. Wonderful, even. And Olympia is pretty good, too. Wonderful is beating the breaks off of Olympia. Olympia starts firing up. Sleeper! Paul goes out! Olympia wins.


Ed Wiskowski vs Brian Blair

Huge size difference here. There are only about 4 minutes left in air time, so they're scrambling to get the win before time runs out.   

Hot show. The Akbar powerplay. OMG debuts and puts Ernie Ladd out along with the Samoans. Samoans steal the titles. Orndorff/Olympia. Wild Samoans about to run this territory.