Lucha Underground 2/3/16

TO THE GYM. Prince Puma is getting his SWOLL on, working out to forget the memories of losing the title to Mil Muertes. PENTAGON JR. arrives and speaks. They're going to team tonight. Pentagon wants to continue breaking bones to please his master. And the next person on the Prince Puma. They get into a fight, complete with slow motion and sound effects, which is what I want out of this show so much more than normal wrestling.

Johnny Mundo vs Killshot

Killshot coming out in a denim vest is weird. Looks like a goof in that thing. We get out first dive about a minute in, with Killshot hitting a Fosbury Flop. Then gets smashed with a spear on the floor. Vampiro implies that God does not have power in the Temple. Some real fuckery in this match. Including a ref bump, which seems completely unnecessary for an underground fight club. Does LU have disqualifications? Mundo wins with the Starship Pain, now known as The End of The World. He still can't hit it right. After the match, he calls out Mil Muertes. CAGE comes out to shit on both men. Johnny Nitro is still awful on the mic. Cage challenges Mundo to a match right now. Mundo passes. Then he attacks from behind. SWERVE. Cage runs him off and flexes.

TO THE COCOON. The Mothman has Sexy Star tied to a chair in what might be a storage container. He says some cryptic things about someone coming back with Sexy Star.

A hype video airs on PJ Black, which shows him fighting with bikers (who happen to be luchadors) and training in the ring.

The Mack vs PJ Black

PJ is the former Justin Gabriel. Vamp has no idea who he is. Matt Striker drops references to Porkchop Cash, which seems super duper out of place on this show. Striker also says that LU invented the capoeira offense seen by the South Africans. I am not into this AT ALL. Weird strike battles, PJ just seeming like he's underwater, super jokey commentary. Mack wins after catching a springboard move with a stunner. Kind of. It didn't look good at all, and the camera cut actually made it look worse. And then Matt Striker ends the segment making reference to WWE's Wellness Policy. 

A hype video for Kobra Moon, a new luchadora, airs. She appears to be quite proficient in both lucha and Wing Chun.

Disciples of Death vs Prince Puma/Pentagon Jr.

Pentagon's music is so rad. Striker keeps trying to trigger Vampiro about Pentagon. Vamp went through a lot of therapy to get back to normal after being associated with Pentagon, but Strike just keeps pushing Vamp about it. Pentagon makes it clear he has zero fear of Mil Muertes. Pentagon and Puma seem to be trying to one up each other right from the start. I hope Vampiro snaps and tries to kill Striker at some point during the season. Puma is the FIP, and Pentagon seems pretty content to let Puma get his ass kicked. Pentagon comes in without a tag and cleans house. Then Puma gets in his face and the DOD get back in control. Get your shit together, guys. Pentagon tags himself in as Puma hits the 630, getting the pin for his team. Good. Pentagon's music is so much better. Pentagon and Puma get into a fight after the match. Pentagon attempts to break Puma's arm, but Puma fights it off.

A familiar voice talks about the legacy of the El Dragon Azteca. Originally, the speaker was to inherit the mask of the Dragon, but it was not his destiny. He's pretty happy with the mask he picked.



I enjoyed everything about this episode except for the Black Mack match, which was bad all around and was Matt Striker's return to form as a jokey, inappropriate referencing sack of shit. A Puma/Pentagon feud is going to be awesome, and LU managed to get me hyped for Rey Mysterio in 2016.

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