Lucha Underground 1/27/16


If you are unfamiliar with Lucha Underground, all of it's vignettes and backstage segments are shot like a movie. There are no interview in the back type segments. Everything not in the ring is like a scene from a movie. There is also the patented Robert Rodriguez piss and grain filter over everything. 

After a long hiatus, Lucha Underground returns. Vampiro is now in the Youssef Floro Clinic in the psychotic break division. He is 181 days without incident. Flashbacks to the Cero Miedo match with Pentagon Jr. have driven Vampiro crazy. He's lying to his doctor. Vamp must promise to avoid the people and places that trigger his violent outbursts if he is to be released. So he tries to kill the doctor and orderlies. SWERVE,  the murders were all just a fantasy. LOL Matt Striker is the one to pick him up, trying to look all cool in the desert. They've been invited back to the Temple. It is a much darker place since Mil Muertes has taken over.

TO THE TEMPLE. Catrina is in the office. Fenix, holder of the Gift of The Gods Championship that entitles him to a title shot, wants Mil Muertes. Mil Muertes is watching. ON HIS FUCKING SHAO KAHN THRONE ABOVE THE TEMPLE JESUS FUCK THAT'S BALLER. 

And here's where the disconnect comes from me. Once this turns into an actual wrestling show instead of awesome telenovela, it starts to lose me. Like, Vampiro going from that opening vignette to his normal goofy, hyped self surrounded by chanting wrestling fans feels very off to me.

King Cuerno vs Fenix Gift Of The Gods Championship

GOTG championship is similar in purpose to the MITB, but it has to be defended until you cash in your title shot. King Cuerno is a hunter who wears giant antlers to the ring, not that dissimilar to Barbarian. He also wears the entire deer head on his head. Traditional wonky ass lucha opening and stand offs. Fenix's flying is fucking bonkers. I don't even understand how he physically is able to do some of this shit. In a very back and forth match, Cuerno gets the win a genuinely ridiculous tombstone variant that made no sense at all. New champion. 

Angelico, Ivalesse, and Son of Havoc make their way to the Temple. Catrina informs them that Mil wants them to face each other. The winner getting a title shot. And it's up next.

Catrina seductively whispers something to Melissa Dos Santos.

Catrina congratulates Cuerno on his win. Cuerno promises to uphold his part of the deal.

Son of Havoc vs Angelico vs Ivelisse Number One Contendership

These three spent most of last season trying to get on the same page, and now Catrina is punishing them due to her distaste for Ivelisse. Angelico fucking crushes Ivelisse with a flying knee in the corner. He seemed to feel bad about it, but mother fucker, you're in a wrestling match. Treat her like your opponent you scrawny fuck. Vampiro makes a lot of weird sexual comments about Ivelisse. This was an awkward match, with what seemed to be a LOT of editing. Ivelisse in particular looked lost and was clearly talking out spots the whole match even with the editing. So of course, she scored the win with a la magistral cradle on Angelico, making her the number one contender. 

375 miles away from the Temple, three dudes are looking for it. Angela Fong helps them find it.

Mil Muertes vs Ivelisse Lucha Underground Championship

Man, Mil descending from his throne. Fucking rad. Mil is probably 150 pounds or more heavier than Ivelisse. The Disciples of Death take Angelico and Son of Havoc away before the match.  "Forget the gender roles, the lines are blurred." They definitely are not, Matt. This is very clearly a giant man vs a tiny woman. Mr. Super Smart Striker can't pronounce, "Krav Maga" properly. If you've ever watched wrestling, this is exactly what you'd expect from the giant champ and underdog challenger. Mil dominates, but Ivelisse gets a few hope spots and nearly wins. Catrina distracts her, but Mil accidentally spears her. After the match, Mil continued his assualt, only for Prince Puma to make the save. Then PENTAGON arrives. Oh shit, he broke Mil's arm! 

Angela and the men arrive at the Temple. Dario Cueto invites them in. They'll be fighting tonight. But that isn't the real temple.


I want to love LU, but the disconnect between the vignettes and wrestling is so hard for me to get over. And I'm not really a fan of lucha. So, everything except the wrestling is fucking rad. Hour long show, cool ass storylines/characters/shooting style. I'm even willing to deal with Matt Striker. It's just, the show starts and the Vampiro shown at the beginning was a completely different dude from the Vampiro calling the matches, and what was shown at the beginning wasn't acknowledged at all. It's just a weird disconnect for me. But still, LU is something almost completely different from any other wrestling TV show on the market, so for that alone I have to give it props.