JCP World Championship Wrestling 3/15/86

Tully Blanchard vs Don Tuner

Tully is the new National Champion, having stolen it from Dusty Rhodes. Everything about Tully is better than Flair. Even his strut is better. Love Tully. Such a great guy to watch. He also has far more of a mean streak than Flair and will knock someone's dick in the dirt. He runs poor Turner into the ground. Tully gets the easy win with the slingshot suplex.

TO THE TONY. JJ and Tully brag about their victory and puts Dusty over as someone who will at least actually fight you, unlike  Don Turner. Fans are ALL OVER Tully during this entire promo. 

Jimmy Valiant vs Bob Owens

Fuck Jimmy Valiant. He's by far the worst part of these shows. He's terrible. He wins with an elbow drop. I hope he doesn't have a promo.

TO THE TONY. Tony is with Magnum TA, who is fed up that Nikita Koloff has yet to sign a contract to face him for the US Championship. And the US Championship looks so dope. better than the WCW and WWE version. Magnum is a no nonsense type of dude on promos and if you had seem him even two years prior, his difference in demeanor and confidence is pretty staggering.

Jimmy Garvin vs Bill Mulkey

It was always interesting to me how the Israeli flag was so prominently displayed in the studio. Bill gets demolished. Jimmy lays him out with an elbow and wins with the brainbuster.


TO THE TONY. Baby Doll lets Jimmy know that Wahoo McDaniel, good friend of Dusty Rhodes, is coming for him.

TO THE TONY. After the break, Jim Cornette is there to talk super fast. As the world champs, the Midnight Express should be the number one seed in the Crockett Cup. LOD can't get a title shot until they get some credibility. RNR are cowards and will never get the belts back.

Midnight Express vs Phil Brown/Lee Peak

Stan Lane has yet to joined the team, which is great. Bobby's flying elbow is immense. Midnights just play with their opponents, treating them like a cat treats a dead bird. This is more hardcore than most LOD squashes. Midnights win with the Rocket Launcher.

TO LOUISIANA. David is on special assignment to reveal the Crockett Cup trophy and the location: The Superdome. The Crockett family are in attendance, with Jim's widow sending in a video message. Bob Johnson, EVP of the Superdome, also sends in a video message about his excitement for the event. Details on the event are given, including Bill Apter revealing the top ten seeds. Bill Watts was also on hand to announce that Ric Flair has pulled out of the tournament in order to defend the NWA Championship against Dusty Rhodes. Ronnie Garvin and Tully Blanchard will replace them in the tournament. 

TO THE TONY. Arn lets everyone know that Flair's decision was a family decision. He's also pissed that he was only 4th seed. He shits on Dusty for not defending the TV Championship on TV.

Arn Anderson vs Mike Jackson NWA TV Championship

Arn seems embarrassed to be facing a dude so clearly below him. He offers to let him leave to avoid the unfair beating to come. Mike surprises Arn, though, and gives him quite a bit of competition. Fans are losing their shit. Arn is so good he's got the studio convinced this jobber might actually win the title. Arn eventually gets the win with the gourdbuster, but it took him almost the entire time limit and with a lot of effort. Title retained.

TO THE TONY. Dusty and Babydoll! Dusty might come out in his birthday suit just to get some attention. Arn Anderson is next on his hit list, after he already severely injured Ole. 

TO THE TONY. Precious and Jimmy Garvin have returned to ask people to not smoke when he wrestles, as it gets in his hair. He still wants Wahoo, who has yet to respond to Jimmy's shit talk. Until today, when he sent in a video package. Jimmy didn't seem to be impressed. 

TO THE TONY. The RNRs are planning on winning the tag titles before the Crockett Cup. Morton calls Flair out for talking shit about the "teenyboppers" and if Ric has something to say, he should say it to them.

Manny Fernandez vs tony Zane

Manny just fucks dudes up. He wins with the Flying Burrito. 

TO THE TONY. Arn, Tully, and JJ are back out. Baby Doll comes out challenges JJ to a match RIGHT NOW.

James J. Dillon vs Babydoll

This was all a set up to get Magnum and Dusty to ambush Arn and Tully. Dusty attempts to break Arn's leg, and might have succeeded. Tully runs off.

TO THE TONY. Raging Bull and...Jimmy Valiant. Fuck.

Ron Garvin vs Kent Glover

Garvin's squashes are great. He chops the shit out of dudes and puts them in the most painful looking holds. They're as close to shoots as you can get.

TO THE TONY. Arn, Tully, and JJ are back again. NO MORE MISTER NICE GUYS. Arn's leg isn't broken, so that's good. All three of these guys are such great promos. For as bad an inept JJ seemed in late 90s WCW, he was a great manager in the 80s.

TO THE TONY. The Koloff's respond to Magnum. Nikita brought a towel for Magnum to wipe his tears. Lol. Nikita will only face Magnum when he wants to.

Black Bart vs Carl Styles

Bart is weird. It's obvious to anyone that he's never going up the card, yet he got a ton of TV time with squashes. He also wasn't that good. He spends the whole match working the arm just to win with a guillotine leg drop.

TO THE TONY. Ronnie Garvin returns to continue his smack talk of Ric Flair. He's goal for the year of 1986 is to take the world title from Flair. He's very excited to wrestle for one million dollars with Magnum TA.


Typical fun JCP show. The best squashers and promo guys in the country at that time.