CWF 6/2/84

A run down of the show starts us off. Arm wrestling and championship matches today.

Junkyard Dog vs Mr. Olympia

This is a previously recorded match to help hype JYD's local match this weekend. He wins in about a minute with the Thump powerslam. 

More run down of upcoming shows.

TO THE DEAN. Billy Jack Haynes gets some time to talk about his match with the devil himself, Kevin Sullivan. He's coming for that butt, brother.

TO THE DEAN. After a break (and more upcoming events) Angela Mosca makes his return to Florida. He is disappointed in Mike Rotundo's actions of not signing their contract in person. Sicilians like themselves do things eye to eye. IRS apologizes as he had a prior commitment.

Mike Rotundo vs Angelo Mosca Southern Championship

One fall, twenty minute time limit. It's rare for a title match on TV, so enjoy it, folks. A back and forth grappling match. IRS isn't drenched in sweat two minutes in, so he's in top form. Mosca seems...not particularly athletic. And, in fact, this entire match seems very lethargic and awkward. IRS is very ginger with all of his moves, and Mosca just kind of stands there not doing anything. It's weird. Tempers finally start to flare, and elbows are thrown. Then Mosca just bitch slaps IRS. IRS awkwardly trips over him and falls to the floor. Initially, I thought Mosca was the reason why this match was so weird, but now I'm putting the blame on IRS. He seems very green. Once he crawls into the ring, Mosca stomps his face and pins him with a handful of trunks. Hope you like IRS's pasty ass. New champion!

TO THE LORDS OF THE RING. More hype for the upcoming event. Live from the Orange Bowl. Gordon Solie was on location with promoter Eddie Graham. This also included a promos from Flair, Dusty, and Kevin Sullivan. Dusty/Flair will be for the Lords of the Ring...ring, which cost $15,000 to make. WCW ripped it off years later. Sullivan sounded absolutely blitzed. 

TO THE DEAN. Blackjack Mulligan returns to the show, his faced all busted to shit after an attack last week. We're shown clips of Kevin Sullivan and his group assaulting Blackjack last week while doing a promo. Essentially, he's going to kill Sullivan. He's making an open call to all rednecks and hillbillies to destroy the devil.

JYD has a pre-recorded promo rambling about the recent happenings in Florida. And singing the Jackson 5. 

Blackjack Mulligan vs Golden Boy Gray

Well, Blackjack is pretty fired up, so the Golden Boy probably is about to get a beating. Because of that, he attacks before the bell and throws everything he can to finish it early. It doesn't work. Mulligan beats him around the studio, drags him back to the ring with the claw, and the Golden Pony bleeds. 

Black Bart/Ron Bass vs Mike Davis/Lightfoot

Bart and Bass are big fucking dudes. Maybe Lightfoot is just really small. The face team get a surprising amount of offense to start the match. Then Davis is beaten with a double sledge. I think that was the only move he was hit with. 

TO THE BUDDY. Buddy Colt speaks with the winners, who talk about all the bad shit Blackjack has done in the past that people seem to have forgotten about. Bass is PROUD of what they did to him. Bart seems to wish he would have kept his mouth shut.

Billy Graham vs Billy Jack Haynes Arm Wrestling Match

The obsession with arm wrestling in the 80s and early 90s is something I'll never understand. The OMG joins for commentary. It's a very back and forth contest. Billy Jack has to win this if he wants to have his wrestling match against Superstar. And he wins! Superstar and OMG attack him after the contest, with Superstar trying to break Billy's hand to prevent him from being able to use the full nelson in their upcoming match.  

Not the most engaging of shows, since about 60% was devoted to hyping other shows. But what is the point of TV if you aren't hyping up your live show?