CWF 6/9/84

Godon, Barbara, and Buddy start the show talking about the upcoming Lords Of The  Rings, upcoming arena shows, and the show today. Dusty Rhodes shows up and I guess will be joining for commentary.

Mike Davis vs Angelo Mosca

Angelo does not follow the code of honor. What a heel. Angelo really looks like a mean cunt. Mike brings it to Angelo, who repeatedly bails to get away from this guy. Angelo wins with a stiff elbow to the face, although Mike had his foot on the bottom rope. Fonzie missed it. After the match, Angelo takes over the commentary station to talk mad shit to IRS. He also had some words for Dusty.


Billy Graham vs Denny Brown

Karate Billy Graham is just the worst. Go from a trail blazing, ultra charismatic entertainer to a dull as fuck guy wrestling like a traditional evil Japanese heel. He wins quickly with a full nelson. He and Sir Oliver Humperdink talk about the match that has been set up against Billy Jack Haynes, who had his hand broken by Superstar, meaning their full nelson match had to be put on hold.  Billy shows up, Dusty shit talks. Oh shit, Billy Jack volunteered Dusty to fill in for him next week. $50K if Dusty can break Superstar's full nelson. 

Barry Windham/Mike Rotundo vs Inferno 1 and Mr. Olympia

Barry is so skinny. Then you have IRS and his weird shape. IRS briefly had some issues being double teamed, but the champs easily won in short order. 


TO THE BUDDY. Now, Mike and Barry are the US Tag Team Champions, but the National Champions, the Road Warriors, are coming into Florida rings and have made a claim to the US titles. Mike and Barry are up for the challenge. These guys are such bad promos, Jesus. But especially IRS. 

Road Warriors vs Two Guys

I believe this is probably from Georgia. Boy, it must have sucked to be a jobber for LOD in their primes.  


Ron Bass vs Chief Lightfoot

Cowboy vs Indian! Only in America! At least it isn't Black Bart in here, I guess. I really thought Lightfoot was about to hit a reverse rana. This appears to be a classic speed vs strength/size squash match. After bailing a few times to get away from the roll up attempts, Ron loads his elbow pad and wins with a lariat. 


Kevin Sullivan joins Gordon at the announce booth.

Black Bart vs Junkyard Dog

Sullivan rants about voodoo and darkness as JYD dominates Bart. Black Bart is so bad. Sullivan, Ron bass, and OMG hit the ring to take out JYD. Blackjack Mulligan makes the save. 

TO THE DEAN. Gordon Solie spoke with Don Shula in Don's office at the Orange Bowl, the site of the upcoming supershow Lords Of The Rings on the 30th.

When we return to the live show, Dusty and Blackjack are at the booth to talk about their match against Ron Bass and Black Bart. I'm still confused at why Blackjack sounds like he's doing a Dusty impression when he cuts promos. Even weirder when Dusty is right beside him.

One Man Gang vs Wild Bill Snyder

Sir Oliver did some commentary for this and called Dusty by his actual name of Virgil Runnels. Weird. OMG wins in like 90 seconds with a splash.


Gordon throws to a video for JIMMY VALIANT. FUCK. I can't get away from this fuckhead. That piece of shit showed up EVERYWHERE. For all the big stars they had, Florida probably has the worst jobbers of all the territories, which hurts their shows dramatically.