CWA Championship Wrestling 2/25/84

A lot of stars, a lot of action, and a huge announcement from Jimmy Hart.

TO THE RADIO STATIONS. Jimmy Hart has signed Randy Savage to the First Family. It was such big news that radio stations were breaking in to songs to talk about it. 

Macho and Angelo Poffo come into the studio. Macho's wearing his dope as fuck snakes and dragons robe. Holy shit that thing is amazing. "THE WORLD IS MACHO MAN COUNTRY, YEAH IT IS!" Not sure that makes a lot of sense, Randy. He wants Jerry the Queen Lawler to know that he's very intense.

Randy Savage vs Ken Raper

What an unfortunate last name for Ken. There was an Indiana/Ohio camper dealership chain called Tom Raper RV. Who the fuck is buying RVs from a dude called "Raper"? Macho has so much charisma. And he's so...frenetic. He's never, ever stationary. Macho doing ax handles to the floor even in studio. It's amazing he was able to walk by 1990. Angelo distracts the ref for some reason. Randy didn't even cheat during it, so I don't know what the point was. Pretty sure top rope moves aren't illegal. Anyway, Randy easily wins with the flying elbow drop.

TO THE LANCE. Austin Idol requested some time, and that time was granted. He tapes all of his matches and saw something strange a few weeks back. Angel, Rick Rude's valet, gave him an extra look. Footage of it was shown. She might want to fuck him. he then plays a work out video set to Bonnie Tyler's I Need A Hero. He's way bigger than Rude, who is all cut up, but very very lean and has TINY legs. Like, Rude always had small legs, but at this point they were absolutely scrawny. It was hilarious. Idol is significantly bigger. 

This brings out Rude and Angel. This is, I believe, the first time Rude has actually cut a promo in Memphis, as Jimmy Hart had done all of his talking from what I've seen. He claims he was born with his body and never has to work out, that he has no gimmick, and he's calling Austin Idol out. Rude was about 25 or 26 here, and his voice sounds so young. Idol comes out and tells Rude to get into the ring. Rude backs off, saying he looks up to Idol and wants to look just like him. Idol slaps Rude, who walks off like a punk. Rude returns once Idol is gone, continuing to blame Lance Russel for letting all this happen. This is fucking WEIRD. His voice cracking and shit. He's not leaving until Idol comes out to apologize. He won't return until he gets that apology.

The Black Ninja vs Robert Reed

Hard to say who the Black Ninja is. Muta competed under the name, but this guy looks too small to be him. He's also completely covered head to toe so I dunno. Maybe he'll do a move that looks familiar. Ninja very quickly wins with a horrible looking cobra clutch called a Japanese sleeper. It seemed to kill Bob Reed. Sources on the Tweeties tell me the Black Ninja was actually Sabu (not that Sabu), who was on the shows like 3 weeks ago still in the Sabu gimmick. Weird.

TO THE LANCE. Harley Davidson and Dirty Rhodes are the guests. Harley Davidson is Hillbilly Jim, who had previously wrestled in Memphis under his real name, but came back into the territory with Jerry Lawler revealing to the world that he was embarrassed of his REAL name, but King thought it was great and could make him some money. So Harley Davidson is his worked shoot name. Dirty Rhodes is a shameless Dusty knock off, who may or may not be Dusty's cousin. He's only there because he kind of looks like Dusty. They don't really say much.

Dirty Rhodes/Harley Davidson/Scott Shannon vs Mad Dog/Pink Panther/Lou Winston

Shannon is from England and is jacked. He starts the match and his first move is almost a dead lift German suplex. Dirty Rhodes can get fucked. Can't believe this dude is a face, and a reasonably popular one at that. Hillbilly Jim is very bad. Bootleg Dusty wins with the Bionic Elbow. Fuck off, Dirty.

Clips of Idol/Lawler vs Zambouie Express from the Mid South Colosseum are shown. I will never stop lolling at giant dudes pin balling for Lawler. I saw LOD doing it for him.  LOD! The dudes most known for not selling for anyone. Yet, there they were in Memphis, bouncing all around the ring for King's punches. King Konga would interrupt the match and cause a DQ.

TO THE LANCE. King and Idol are out to talk about their match and bringing in a partner for a 6 man tag: Wildfire Tommy Rich. This Tuesday night! During this, JJ Dillon sent in a promo. JoJo is a dude who I hated in WCW, but god damn, he was wonderful in every territory I've seen him in. Just an excellent promo guy. On last week's show, King and Konga (Barbarian) had a match in the studio that ended with the ZE doing a run in and the entire heel locker room barricading the studio doors so King couldn't be saved from a beat down. All part of JJ's plan. There was also a promo from Jimmy Hart in this. There is a weird thing going on where JJ and Jimmy are feuding, so King will actually be doing Jimmy a favor by running JJ's guys out of the territory. 

TO THE LANCE. The ZE and Barb make their response. What's weird to me is that they frequently build up King Konga's heritage...of being from New York street gangs. The entire rest of his career, he would get talked up for his Tongan background, except in Memphis, where he was from the mean streets of NYC. Every promo I've heard from the Express directly brings up slavery and how it has taken them 200 years to get to where the are. All of JJ's promos for them mention it as well. Kind of weird for that to be something to get heel heat over, right?

King Konga/Zambouie Express vs Keith Eric/Doc Donovan/Jim Jameson

Complete domination. Barb wasn't even doing big boots yet. That's how early into his career he was.

Lance talks about the Fabulous Ones, who recently left the territory with no explanation, despite being arguably the most popular act. Jackie Fargo sent in a taped promo to explain. They no longer wanted to do what Jackie said or wrestle in the South. Jackie said they could go, but they couldn't be the Fabulous Ones anymore. He's going to find two new guys to be the new Fabulous Ones. Now, the real reason they left was over pay. They missed a show (this was mentioned on screen, so I'm not sure if it actually happened or was just an on screen reason to strip them of the titles) and a tag tournament was started to crown new tag champs. About a week after they left, Jimmy Hart started bringing out Rick Rude to Everybody Wants You, and even did a knock off Fab's video for Rude. The Fabs did not leave on good terms.

TO THE LANCE. Joe Leduc comes out to make crazy faces.

Joe Leduc vs Jim Jameson/Keith Eric

A very quick squash.

That stuff was Rude was the weirdest shit. He sounded like a little kid, right down to his voice cracking when he raised it. So strange. The complete opposite of what you think of when you think of Rick Rude. No bass or gravel in his voice, no swagger, and being completely embarrassed by a bigger man.