CWA 3/31/84

TO THE DAVE. Hey, where the hell is Lance Russel? Is he on vacation? Jimmy Hart is out to talk about how terrible his week has been. The Dream Machine broke his ankle. He's finally found the REAL person to take down King once and for all: OX BAKER. Lol. I was expecting Brody or something. Oh wow, one of the guys that is on Ox Baker's death list from the heart punch is Ray Gunkel, who popped up on WWE Network against Lou Thesz. Jimmy brought a clip of Ox Baker in the "hit" film Escape From New York. There was also a taped promo from Ox himself. "And like the two men that I know, their wives asked me if I apologized to them about their husbands. THEIR HUSBANDS WERE NOT IN SHAPE!" God damn. Savage. "Last week, I ripped a tooth out of a man's mouth." This is wonderful.


There is a match that looked to have one of the Nightmares, but it seems to be cut.

New Fabulous Ones vs PYT Express Southern Tag Team Championships

A clipped match from the Colosseum for the still vacant titles. It ended with the New Fabs winning with a roll up OUTTA NOWHERE, but the PYTs beat on them and the ref with the titles after the match. During the match, Tommy pulled off Koko's mask, although Koko had never hid that he was Stagger Lee. He just liked the mask and being Stagger Lee more. 


TO THE DAVE. The PYTs come out to brag. Holy shit, they now have a cover version of Thriller as their music, and it's fucking awesome. Or maybe the tape was just slowed down. It sounds fucking dope though. Actually, there's a version of Thriller slowed down 30% on Youtube. That's what it sounds like. They're gonna be getting all the attention from the pretty girls  from now on. They had a match with Art Crews/Jesse Ortega that was cut, but I'm going to assume they handily won.


TO THE DAVE. The New Fabulous Ones come out to celebrate with the women and kids. CUT LOOSE, FOOTLOOSE. These dudes are such a downgrade. Just in terms of physical appearances. Especially Tommy Rich. Dude looks like a Leatherface mask. And that he has never heard of a diet or weight bench. Tommy talks about how there was quite a bit of the audience that were booing them, and it has really bothered him. They aren't here to replace Stan and Steve, they're their own men, and the Fabulous name is Jackie Fargo's creation. Then he rambles and compares it to how he felt against the men his mother fucked after his dad left them. This is one of the most awkward wrestling promos of all time. You have to watch it. Eddie tries to recover and fumbles all over the place. They had a tag match that was also cut. 

Rick Rude vs Donnie Wilhoyt

Name might be off. This is obviously from a different source and the audio is very hallow and reverby. Since Rude is back on Memphis TV, does that mean Austin Idol apologized to him? Rude takes a break to talk with Dave. He should be counted out for sure. Austin Idol hit the ring. The jobber just left. Jimmy Hart jumps Idol, which allows Rude to attack. Rude accidentally punches Jimmy. Idol swings and misses, and Rude runs off. Idol then rants about Rude. He's going to have a STRAP ON A POLE MATCH with Rude. I do like Idol's insistence of of using "dude". "There's only one Caesar in Rome, and there's only one Caesar in wrestling, and you're looking at him. Because the DEVIL is gonna spew right outta my guts and right outta my mouth, and I'm gonna eat you alive, chump!" 


TO THE DAVE. King, wearing a bizarre black and red horizontal striped shirt, comes out to talk about his match with Jos LeDuc at the Colosseum. It looked like a wild affair, with blood, tables, and Jimmy Hart/JJ Dillon involvement. Jimmy would eventually cause a DQ. King and JJ would double team Jimmy after the match. King explains why he has made a...partnership?...with JJ. It's not because he thinks he NEEDS JJ to counter-act Jimmy, but he knows that JJ can do more damage to his ego than King can do to him physically. JJ also sent in a promo for this. I'm always fascinated how good of a promo guy JJ was in the 80s, yet how awful he was as an authority figure guy in late 90s WCW.  


TO THE DAVE. Jimmy and Jo1 come out to shit on King and JJ. They set up a table with two lit candles. They call King out, who comes out. They're gonna ARM WRASSLE, with the loser's hand being touched by the flames. As King is about to lose, he throws a fireball in Joe's face. SWERVE! 


Jimmy Valiant gets a music video. Rollin' into Mempho. FUCK JIMMY VALIANT.  

TO THE DAVE. Jimmy and Jos come back. Jos is screaming, his face covered in a towel. "I'M GONNA KILL YOU! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" Dirty Dutch shows up to talk about Randy Savage. Macho had sent in a promo talking about how in a lot of parts in the world, a man will stab another man in the belly for a lot less than $5000. Idol and Bugsy ended the show being weirdos.

Not sure why most of the matches were cut. I think they just don't exist on the sources fans have found over the years.

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