Championship Wrestling From Florida 6/27/87

Our show begins with footage of Dusty Rhodes defeating Tully Blanchard for the NWA TV Championship, which could date this to March/July of 1985, or could just be clips.

Gordon Solie brings us James J. Dillon, who is hyping the first ever War Games that will be taking place in the Fourth of July at the Great American Bash in The Omni, which dates this for sure to June of 1987.

The Sheepherders vs Crusher Conway/Ron Bass

Fucking Bushwhackers. God damn it. I don't think the names on the opponents are right, but there were no title cards and the audio is really bad so I can't quite tell what Gordon said. Bushwhackers win in a thankfully short squash. 

TO THE GORDON. Johnny Ace is the guest. That's really a special mullet on Johnny Ace. People Power! As Johnny Ace is talking to Gordon, the Sheepherders start yelling for him. They've been trying to convince him to join them for a while now.

TO THE GORDON. Dusty Rhodes is there to hype up the GAB on Tour, and we again get footage of Dusty defeating Tully. However, Tully put his foot on the ropes AFTER he was pinned, which Tommy Young saw and continued the match. At the same time, JJ had stolen Dusty's bag of $100,000 and ran off. Magnum T.A., still recovering from his car wreck (which he'd never recover from) couldn't stop him, so Dusty ran out to the parking lot. He was counted out, giving Tully the win and money. Dusty will get his money out of Tully's hide.

Mike Rotunda vs Colt Steele

IRS wins in about 30 seconds with the air plane spin.

TO THE GORDON. Blackjack Mulligan makes his return. I've heard a lot of Blackjack promos, but I can't say I've heard him do a Dusty Rhodes impression for the entire promo. Complete with the lisp. Very odd.

Kevin Sullivan/Dory Funk Jr. vs The Mulkey Brothers

Dory being part of the Devil Dudes seems pretty fucking weird to me. Sullivan is very bothered by Blackjack's appearance. Dory gets the easy win with spinning toe hold. He then confronts Blackjack. Dory eventually beat the shit out of Blackjack with a chair until other wrestlers, including Ron Simmons, came out to get him.


TO THE DUSTY. As these shows were actual DVD releases in the early 2000s, they have drop-ins from Dusty. Here, he tells a story about being on the road with Dick Murdoch, then gives us a special treat from the past...

Johnny Valentine vs Paul Jones (1973)

I've never actually seen a Johnny valentine match. Heard a lot about him being a real hard ass in the ring, but just a few clips are all I've seen. Physically, he looks just like his son Greg, but taller. Lots of clubbering from both guys. It's a clipped match, so it's kind of hard to get good grasp on the story, but it appears to just be a slugfest. Johnny had this sledgehammer to the chest that was known as the Hammer, and also did big elbows like Greg would do. Valentine ended up getting disqualified. 

TO THE GORDON. The Sheepherders. :(

Ed Gantner vs Louis Estaya

Gantner has a good look, at least in comparison to his opponent, who is a skinny fat guy in a green singlet. Ed gets an easy win with a running powerslam, but not without toying with his opponent a few times. Ed talks with Gordon after the match, talking about Oliver Humperdink and Kevin Sullivan, which would make him a face. Weird, because he sure seemed like a heel in the ring to me.

Bugsy McGraw is returning to the Florida area, so a hype video set to Steve Miller's Abracadabra airs for the new comers who might not remember him. Almost all of it appears to be footage from WCCW, not Florida. 

TO THE GORDON. Dory and Oliver Humperdink have returned to promise revenge on Blackjack Mulligan tomorrow night in Orlando.

Cuban Connection vs Johnny B. Good/Jimmy Backlund

I don't know who the Cubans are. I don't know who Johnny is. Jimmy Del Ray again takes his 360 lariat bump, which seems to be his specialty bump, as I've seen him do it in every squash match of his I've seen. This is not a good squash. The Cubans get the easy win. 

TO THE GORDON. JJ is back, and he is not pleased hat Dusty is accusing him of being a thief. The Horsemen will also be in full force Tuesday night, so Dusty better watch his ass.

Mike Graham/Steve Keirn vs Tejo Khan/Tahitian Prince Florida Tag Team Championships

The Tahitian Prince is Samu of Samoan Swat Team/Headshrinkers fame. Keirn continues his tag team career as Stan Lane left him to join the Midnight Express. Mike Graham is the son of Eddie Graham, the creator of the territory. When Eddie died, Mike took over, and as of this point, he sold out to JCP, as if you couldn't tell. Mike Graham gets Tejo to tap out to a figure four in very short order. Titles retained.

Rick Rider/Robbie Idol vs Two Kevin Sullivan Dudes Who Weren't Named

Very quick squash, but I don't know who did the squashing. After the match, Kevin Sullivan cut a ranting promo about screaming for help and feeling a power he's never felt before.

JCP bought out the territory and it shows. Florida is basically just JCP overflow a this point.