Championship Wrestling From Florida 2/21/86

Based on the video showing clips of the Battle For the Belts II, it is safe to assume this show is in February of 1986. BFTB2 happened on February 14th.

The show starts with highlights of Jesse Barr vs Lex Luger from BFTB. Lex won even though Barr had his foot on the ropes.

Gordon Solie and Buddy Colt introduce us to the show, giving a run down of what we'll see tonight. Gordon brings Ron Slinker to the set to explain to us what a ninja is. 

The Ninja vs Prince Iaukea

The Ninja is Keiji Mutoh/Great Muta, essentially doing the Muta gimmick without the face paint. Prince Iaukea is thankfully not TAFKATAFKAPI. I assume he's related to King Curtis, but I don't know. Bill Alfonzo is the ref for this match, who looks strange as he is yet to look like a crack head. Muta impresses the shit out of both the studio audience and Solie with his quick kicks and athletic ability.  The Prince seems like a generic pro wrestler. Nothing stands out from him at all. Muta hits the handspring elbow and follows it with a tope. He gets the win with a backbreaker/moonsault combo. Interesting to see Muta trying to figure out the gimmick. He was somewhere between Muta and Mutoh.


Hector Guerrero vs Lex Luger TV Championship Tournament

Hector was everywhere in 1986. Lex is already jacked as fuck, but also ultra green. This is portrayed as a power vs speed match, with Hector being called a "little man" even though he'd be as tall as Lex if he ever stood up straight. Super strange to see Lex doing chain wrestling and mat work. He has this pretty neat move of having a guy in an arm bar on the mat, then picking Hector up to slam him while still holding onto the arm bar. Lex is a pretty good heel. Lots of using the ropes both to save himself and as a tag partner. Lex won with a handfull of tights on a pin. Lex advances in the tournament. 

TO THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD. King Curtis has come 15,000 miles to give us the FUTURE. He rambles, name dropping various Asian cities while randomly screaming. He has the bones of Brother...some name I didn't get. Lol, those are clearly chicken bones. That fat fuck probably just ate. The bones tell him that Lex Luger will be the next disciple of Kevin Sullivan. 

Tommy D'Amata/Jim Backlund/Mike Allen vs Kevin Sullivan/Maya Sighn/Purple Haze

A young Luna Vachon and King Curtis are at ringside with the evil folk. Jim Backlund is Jimmy Del Ray. Maya Sighn is Bob Roop, a real sack of shit who took great pleasure in beating the shit out of guys during training. This is a complete squash, with the only notable thing being Backlund taking the 360 bump on a lariat. After the match, the Devil Dudes take over the announce desk. Sullivan points out that Gordon Solie was one of three men who knew who the Chairman of the Board was, meaning that he has some skeletons in his closet. I guess. His skeleton was being drunk on TV frequently while calling matches, but it wasn't in a closet.

Kendall Windham vs Mark Benedict

Wow, Kendall is SO skinny. He might be the skinniest wrestler I've ever seen. He looks like he could snap in half at any second. It's kind of weird that the son of Blackjack Mulligan would be such a scrawny dude with a curly blond mullet. Kendall gets a quick win with a crossbody, which looked like his opponent forgot to kick out of. 

TO THE COLT. Buddy was supposed to have an interview with the Devil Dudes. Instead, Blackjack Mulligan is out there. Sullivan did send in a taped promo, though. They're going to get Superstar Billy Graham back into the fold soon. Mulligan then throws us to a bizarre Billy Graham promo. It's a static image of Superstar tied on the ground in the desert, while he does a voice over that sounds like he's inside an empty concert hall. 

Gordon gives a tribute to NWA wrestler and referee Bubba Douglas, who passed after reffing a show last weekend. He then shows us clips of Barry Windham vs Ric Flair at the Battle Of the Belts II. The match went about 40 minutes until both men were counted out. 

Blackjack Mulligan vs The Marauder/La Amenza Roja

Blackjack was such a big fucking dude, it's amazing that both of his sons were so scrawny. Barry at his biggest wasn't even close to being as big as Blackjack. Blackjack easily wins with a back elbow to the Marauder. 

There were the dying days of Florida Championship Wrestling. Most of the top talent had long since joined JCP or the WWF. The company would close down for almost a year to the day from this show. As you can tell, the Mulligan family were the top stars at this point. Blackjack was in his mid 40s, Barry was 26, and Kendall was just 20. Blackjack would soon return to the WWF as part of the Masked Machines with Andre The Giant and Ax, while his sons would join JCP by the end of the year.

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