AWA SuperClash '85: The Night Of Champions

Interesting that there were so many giant events in 1985.

Brad Rheingans vs Steve Regal AWA Light Heavyweight Championship

Brad helped trained Brock Lesnar and Vader, which is interesting since he's light heavyweight. This Steve Regal is the guy that that Steve/William Regal stole his name from. He made a stop pretty much everywhere in the 80s, and somehow ended up as an executive at GM. Regal has a weird as shit mullet. Steve is the heel, and apparently the biggest cunt in wrestling. This is not a particularly interesting match, especially for a light heavyweight match, which you'd expect to be a bit more fast paced than your normal match in 1985. But, nah. It's just two smaller guys wrestling a boring mid 80s match. And there are scattered boring cat calls from the crowd. At some point, Jimmy Garvin comes out and costs Brad the match. Well, that was a match. I guess. Title retained. I guess I should mentioned there were pre and post-match promos. None of them were good.

Sherri Martel vs Candi Devine AWA Women's Championship

Before the match starts, Brad Rheingans body slammed Steve Regal in the infield. Kind of odd seeing Sherri before she was scary. I thought the pre-match promos had Sherri as a face, but she's clearly the heel in this. Larry Nelson talks an awful lot about how attractive the women are. Candi really should have been disqualified for sending Sherri over the top rope. This match is weird. Strange stalling from Sherri, ref not following the rules, Nelson talking about how attractive the women are constantly. And Sherri keeps trying to get a count out win, even though she's the challenger. Sherri got the win with the worst Superfly Splash I've ever seen. New champion. Sherri beat Candi with the title after the match.

Bill Irwin/Scott Irwin/Harley Race vs Jumbo Tsuruta/Giant Baba/Genichiro Tenryu Asian Six-Man Tag Team Championships

This is apparently a made up title. Is that Bruce Hart in the front row on the field? I'd like to see Jumbo and Harley go at it and get rid of THE GOON and his bro. I'll settle for Tenryu and Harley. Just get the Goons out of there. Here is Jumbo, likely a top ten ALL TIME performer, in the ring with shitheads in jeans in a baseball park in Chicago. The GOON did do a pretty decent bicycle kick, at least. And then his bro hit a good high knee. This has been the best match so far, 40 minutes in, because shit is actually happening. It's not just headlocks and stalling. Tenryu is taking a beating. Baba pins the GOON with a big boot. Fake titles retained.  At least there was some action and most of it was good looking.


Little Mr. T vs Little Tokyo NWA Midget Championship

At least they're actually wrestling instead of doing nothing but comedy spots. "He bopped him right in the jaw." There is some awful camera work in this. And then they get distracted by a plane or shooting star or something. This is also weird as shit. Never mind, they've gone into comedy spots. Tokyo got the win with a thrust to the throat. Title retained. This show is bad.

Mil Mascaras vs Buddy Roberts IWA Heavyweight Championship

This is another fake title. Or, it was a real title at one point, but the company went out of business and Mil just kept defending it to make himself seem like a bigger deal. Buddy Roberts is on his own tonight, as Hayes and Gordy have a match with the Road Warriors later. This is basically just a showcase for Mil to do his wacky lucha stuff, but like...the most basic of basic lucha stuff.  I've never been much of a fan of Mil. He always seemed like he was sandbagging dudes. He didn't sell shit for Buddy. Mil gets the win with a flying crossbody. Fake title retained.

Kerry Von Erich vs Jimmy Garvin WCCW Texas Championship

Precious gets all up in KVE's grill. Nelson calls her a "little rooster". I'll tell you this: Kerry's strut leaves a lot to be desired. For some reason, this was really short. I guess WCCW probably didn't have a ton of coverage in the AWA area, but Garvin was a popular heel in the AWA as well. And for a short match (under 7 minutes), there are an awful lot of rest holds. Kerry got the win after Jimmy jammed his balls on the turnbuckle. Title retained. After the match, Kerry almost lost his cool on Precious. Jimmy attacked him, but got put in the claw.


A young lady cries in the stands, allegedly due to her love of Kerry. I know she's crying because of how much she paid for this shit show. I feel the same way, girl. And I didn't even pay for it.

Nick Bockwinkel/Ray Stevens/Larry Zbyszko vs Curt Hennig/Scott Hall/Greg Gagne

Greg Gagne's belly shirt is the worst. You can't wear one of those when you don't have abs. On the other hand, Scott Hall's hair and mustache are tremendous. This should be interesting, at least. Vets vs rookies deal. Bock and Perfect begin the match. Something happens in the stands that causes the match to stop for a bit. Hall is SO HUGE. He looks like a giant, and is so jacked. Lots of great stooging from the vets. Hennig is the FIP in this, which is probably a good idea, because Hall was the big (medium) mayne, and Greg Gange sucked. Perfect finally gets the hot tag to Gagne, who looks about as believable as Andy Kaufman. Nepotism is a great thing if you're a scrawny punk who isn't that good. Eventually, things break down with all six men brawling in the ring. Hall hits a powerslam on Ray Stevens to get the win for his team. There wasn't a ton to this match, but it was very enjoyable.


Fabulous Freebirds vs Road Warriors AWA World Tag Team Championships

Freebirds are in their Stars and Bars paint tonight to counter LOD's paint. "The South is gonna do it again!" The South didn't do it the first time, Michael. I pray that Hayes gets fucked up somewhere during this. Lol, Hayes decides to go run into the stands, and as he's walking out there, you can see Harley in his suit and suitcase leaving the show. Freebirds have crazy heat. They must know Hayes is a cunt, too. Here's the deal: LOD are LOD. Hayes is awful. Gordy is awesome. Hawk KIND of sells a piledriver, which is amazing. I don't think I've ever seen him sell one. Buddy Roberts cracked Paul Ellering in the back of the head with a chair outside. Hawk beats his ass for it. In the ring, Animals press slams Gordy. The bell rings, so I think the match is thrown out. Hayes hits Animal in the head with something. Gordy pins him and the ref counts, so I guess the match wasn't thrown out. New champs. Verne Gagne comes out and replays the finish. The decision is reversed. Titles retained! 

Ivan Koloff/Nikita Koloff/Krusher Kruschev vs Baron Von Raschke/The Crusher/Dick The Bruiser NWA World Six Man Tag Team Championships

I am curious as to how Baron ever turned face. Kind of like how I wonder how Fritz Von Erich and his kids turned into state heroes when Fritz started out as a Nazi character. Ivan is busted open within the first 30 seconds. I kind of want to see Nikita and Scott Hall stand off. The face team are all old as fuck, but AWA legends, so fans are still into them even though they're really not believable. Dick's saggy old man balls are extremely distracting. This is pretty bad. You can't expect that much, I guess. The average age for the face team is 53 years old. So strange to have a crowd pop huge for a German doing the goose step in a match, but they do, more than anything I've seen on the show so far. Wrestling is weird. They love Baron, his goosestepping, and DA CLAW. Things break down in the Impact Zone and somehow Ivan ended up pinning Baron, which got a loud BULLSHIT chant. How that pin happened isn't known. It literally wasn't shown. They showed some action on the field and then Ivan was pinning Baron. Right before that, Ivan was in the claw. They didn't show a replay. Titles retained.

Sgt. Slaughter vs Boris Zhukov AWA America's Championship

Sarge was in between WWF runs here. He's also in full GI Joe mode and hypes the cartoon and toy-line before and after the match. Boris would join the WWF in a few years, teaming with Nikolai Volkoff. Weirdly enough, before he was an evil Russian, he was Private Jim Nelson, who trained under...Sgt. Slaughter. There is another commotion in the stands, but this time they actually cut to it. This is also not a good match. Boris is pretty bad. For some reason, he's wearing cowboy boots, too. The ref gets bumped. Sarge does some really terrible blading on a weak ass elbow. This is just bad. Sarge then got posted and the ref threw the match out. I assume disqualifying Boris for throwing him in the way of a clothesline. 

Kamala vs Jerry Blackwell Body Slam Challenge

I'm sure it is a coincidence that AWA did a body slam match between two big men (more fat than tall, though) at their giant supershow a few months after Vince did one at Wrestlemania. This is just the worst. Blackwell slams Kamala. Adnan Al-Kaissie attacks him with his scabbard. Hey, you have a fucking sword. STAB THIS MOTHER FUCKER. Christ. Why not just bring a piece of wood? Use the sword like a sword you fat fuck. Some jobbers try to make the save and are dispatched. I think one of them was Rick Steiner.Baron Von Raschke runs the heels off with a baseball bat.

Stan Hansen vs Rick Martel AWA Championship

Give me something, please. Stan hits the ring like a tornado, throwing chairs and ropes and swinging away. Now they're fighting on the field, knocking fans out of the way, smashing each other with chairs. The seems to call the match off, but then they get in the ring and the match actually stars. More chairs. And those awkward, hard as shit molded chairs. Then a regular one. Stan Hansen is just a ball of crazy. The match is thrown out, but they continue to fight. Stan wraps his rope around Rick's neck and drags him towards the dugouts. Then to the other side. INTO THE DUG OUT! Police, security, and Verne Gagne have to pull it apart. It wasn't really a match, and it wasn't very long, but it was a lot of fun. Lots of hatred. I want to see them have a full blown match.


Magnum T.A. vs Ric Flair NWA Championship

Flair got his start in the AWA, so he's kind of like the returning hero. Larry Nelson really likes Magnum's boots. He talks about them every 45 seconds. You'd think I'd be happy to see a prime Flair and Magnum match after this shit show. But, Ric being Ric, has another one of those matches where he works the arm for 10 minutes to set up the figure four. Drives me bonkers. Magnum hit the belly to belly, but the ref got hit with Flair's feet. And by "hit" I mean didn't even get grazed and went flying anyway. Flair ends up getting the win with a handful of tights. Title retained.

This was a bad show. To be fair, Wrestlemania 1 and Starrcade '85 (outside of Magnum/Tully) are pretty shitty too. For this show, both six man tags were pretty fun, and Martel/Stan was a great brawling angle. Everything else was trash. Lots of bad, boring wrestling. Each match had 15-20 second pre and post match promos. Larry Nelson did the whole show by himself. This is the WWE 24/7 release, which appears to have jumped up the match order and skipped some stuff for some reason. The skipping part I get. I wish they would have skipped it all. Not sure why they changed the match order, though. 

Wrestlemania 1 was in March of 1985. This was something of a response to that, with AWA, JCP, and WCCW putting on a giant joint show in Comiskey Park. Then Starrcade would be in November as a JCP only show. I guess this was the year of shitty supershows.